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    Going Electric when you have an under 25 is just not possible at the moment. There are 8 electric cars for under 25 drivers. 4 are smart cars, 1VW up, and 3 Fiat 500’s. In our situation where we need our son, who’s under 25, to be a named driver and we need a car at least the size of a family car, we don’t have the option of going electric. Surely motability have got to review the rules concerning under 25 drivers. If not then in the near future people in our situation will not be able to use the scheme.

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    By the time we are only allowed EVs your son will be well over 25, Jaro.  Meanwhile…

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    EVs are an evolution on Motability, the tiny cars arrive first, then progressively larger cars.

    EVs are also an evolution with the insurance industry, they see the power output & immediately put the cars into the same groups that they’d put a petrol car of the same. They don’t factor in the power to weight ratio, which is probably what they should do, but the flip side is the way EVs drive at low speeds; very quickly off the mark.

    I can’t see the insurance groups groups dropping either, not as long as the insurance industry execs in their fossil BMWs, Audis & Mercs, keep losing out off the mark to EVs at every traffic light & roundabout. However, once those same people get EVs themselves, then the insurance groups will fall.

    Cost of the cars doesn’t help, EV prices are currently artificially high as the fossil companies cash in using their repurposed fossil designs with an EV drivetrain shoe-horned in. Once we see more EVs designed to be only EVs, the costs will be much lower & the price to prop up the fossil industry will disappear.


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    Insurance premiums are determined by risk algorithms, not execs in BMWs! As the EV insurance market matures and historical data accumulates, premiums may change to reflect changing risk.

    As far as the cost of EVs is concerned, the billions of pounds development cost has to be paid for by the people who buy EVs. That’s basic economics. Until those costs are paid, EVs will remain expensive.

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    Very sensible post @Wigwam.

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    Jaro I am in the same boat as you. Would like to have electric but my daughter is under 25. Not much choice out there for us. Toyota chr Mazda cx 30 and Ford kuga and all a ridiculous ap on them. Need heated seats and automatic. I had the chr but lease runs out in July so I have ordered the kuga. But they will have to change the insurance rating in the near future.

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    I’d love to see the insurance info that shows that EVs are more likely to cost them money. It’s a cash grab pure & simple.

    Bodywork repairs cost no more on an EV than any other car when in fact many EVs are identical to their ice cousins in that regard.

    In fact in many cases I can see EVs being cheaper to repair far less moving parts no engine damage to worry about, engine mounts gearbox mounts and so on.

    It’s not about small cars on the scheme big cars are already on the scheme, it can’t be about price either because the ZS & 5 are some of the cheapest out there & neither are suitable for under 25s. None of the MGs have launch control type silliness & they aren’t exactly boy racer fast either. Imho there needs to be a serious rethink about car insurance especially when it’s related to under 25s on Motability. Maybe a compromise is needed under 25s if they sit some course like the minibus test I did at Norfolk county Council (not C1/D1).

    At the end of the day what’s coming is no one under 25 will be allowed on the scheme at all for any car

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    Regrettably, it’s a fact that under 25s crash cars more often than over 25s.  Accidents cause damage to other cars and property and injury to people. The cost of repairing the insured car is only one factor determining premiums.

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    The latest gov figures for 2020 say that the most collisions, as opposed to accidents, are the 30-35 year olds.

    I think the most annoying thing is the inflexibility, my son has been driving for 4 years now with no accidents and can only drive up to 120 bhp. Yet someone who passes their test on their 25th birthday can drive anything yet has no experience as such.

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    I would kindly suggest repair of Evs is significantly more than equivalent to managing repairs to Ice vehicles, managing batteries through accidents seems to cause lots of excitement. My I3s is plastic, carbon fibre and aluminium and looking at the ways the doors are put together they same way more engineered to a similar ICE car.

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