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    Mark Holland

    Today we had the charger fitted by Pod Point it wasn’t a standard fit but was all done fast and efficiently. Now a chat with fitter Craig determined that any one having trouble with BP or think that their car manufacturers don’t deal with pod point this is untrue they are dealing with all manufacturers and Motability. So don’t hesitate in calling them directly if everything is going aray with the method you are using.
    we only have an issue with the complete lack of knowing when we might get a car, but we have a charger and that’s good.

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    Interesting. I rang Motability 2 days ago and they told me for my mum’s VW ID3 (on order) we would have to use BP Pulse. I asked f I could use PodPoint and if they could reimburse my mum, but they said ‘no’.

    Our area is Uxbridge, Middlesex. I rang Podpoint too and they didn’t mention anything to me regarding taking over the job. The reason why I asked them was just to see the difference in cost and to see whether they require an isolator switch installed. Cost is several hundred pounds and they reckon they can use the spare slot on our current CU. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter because if the BP Pulse is free, then that is the way we will go.

    For the moment, I have booked in smart meter install for gas and electric, and the company, SMS, will install the isolator switch at the same time for free, which BP Pulse have asked me to have installed before they install their own mini CU and EV charger.

    Contacted our DNO (SSEN) few days ago and asked for ‘load survey’ / Fuse upgrade to 80A/100A (whatever they see fit)  as our mains fuse doesn’t have anything written on it and looks a bit old (possibly 60A)…waiting to hear from them.  Not sure if it matters which is first, Fuse upgrade or meter + isolator switcch install.




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    Mark Holland

    This is odd as ours was free via Motability and Vauxhall PSA group they organised DNO arranged for groundwork and installation maybe we were lucky no idea but straight forward for sure

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    I can second what Sammy has experienced, also getting an ID.3, after hearing horror stories about BP I asked if I could use Pod point. I also was told no by Motorbility.

    Tbh BP contacted me on the Friday, I completed the forms and photo’s and by the Monday I had an installation date of this Monday coming. So just over a week from application to install, if all goes to plan!

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    Great to hear. I am guessing you already had a 80a/100A mains fuse at your place?

    Please let us know how you get on. If they use your current CU/fusebox or if they install a ‘mini’ one of their own.

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    Yes I was fortunate enough to have a 100a mains fuse already.

    I will definitely keep you informed of the installation process, be it good or bad!

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    Mark Holland


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    I am having hypervolt fitted paid for by motability after the debacle with BP.

    If BP have given you a date, dont hold your breath I had 3 dates from BP and each time they cancelled due to i dont know what excuse after excuse always someone elses fault though.

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    I am not counting on them turning up tomorrow, 8am start allegedly. Let’s see what comes out in the wash. The hypervolt looks far better than the BP!

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    The plot thickens, the sub contractor has arrived, nice chap. Turns out he is a commercial electrician who has watched a 50 min video as his training on how to install a Ev charger!

    The company he works for have no work so they have picked up a contract with BP, to clear the backlog of outstanding jobs! He also confirmed that in the 2 weeks he has been doing installations for BP, that all the customers have complained about the service provided by BP! Be it delays, or lack of communication.

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    Hello how would I post a new question please on here.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Hello how would I post a new question please on here.

    Click here and scroll down the page https://forum.whichmobilitycar.co.uk/forums/forum/mobility-car-main-forum/

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    I went to chase up our DNO today (SSEN) and they say a load survey/fuse upgrade has a waiting time of several weeks. I then rang BP Pulse to ask if they needed an 80A fuse or a 100A. The lady on the phone said an 80A, “should be okay”.

    I will contact the company doing the smart meter install (and isolator install) tomorrow, but I’m not sure whether to tell them to install a 100A isolator switch or a 80A.

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    Just spoke to the company, SMS, who will be installing our smart meters and isolation switch on behalf of Shell Energy later in the month, and the lady over the phone has noted down a 100A Mains isolation switch for the installer. She said he would change the cables to the CU/fusebox too – I sincerely hope so. Fingers crossed.


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    Out of interest, has anyone had one of Shell’s “New Motion” home chargers fitted, with assistance from Motability?

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