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    You would think motobility would want as many EV cars on the scheme as possible because it would look good for them, and they would be very popular with us, and we would be doing something for the planet.

    Maybe they might make an exception for the Tesla 3 because it’s not that far away from the cap. Although when you look at the AP on the ZOE the Tesla’s would probably be 10k and a kidney.

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    I am beginning to think some people on here work have shares in motability.

    I know I can use the scheme or not, and fortunately I do not have to, and I can afford not to, but there are some disabled people who have no choice. That’s the point, it’s not about me personally, it’s about the scheme.

    All the cars should be cheaper. not just some of the cars with advanced payments,

    Personally I don’t want a Jazz, they are good practical cars but it’s not type of car. My wife is not into cars so as long as it’s practical she does not care.

    I got her to test drive a Volvo XC40, but she said it was impractical for our needs, and I was not the one who has to park it, which I had to admit it was. Plus the dog would have needed a tail lift to get him in the boot.








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    When I got the enhanced motobility I thought great, I can now join the scheme and have worry free motoring, but imagine my disappointment when I saw the cost. Especially if you consider that they are getting the cars a lot cheaper than we could get them, so they should be a lot cheaper than they are. If Motobility are there to help the disabled then why are all the cars not good value, that is the main point here.

    I initially thought they might have made a mistake with the Honda price, but then looking into it more made me realise that it wasn’t.

    I have just been on to a different leasing site and increased the mileage to 15k a year and the price is £154.42 per month.

    My brother leases his cars and they expect normal wear and tear on the them. I said to him when he first started leasing that they will make you pay for the smallest thing, but he says they don’t






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    I was recently awarded enhanced mobility so I have been looking at the mobility scheme and after doing some number crunching I have been shocked at how much the cars are.

    I assume motability get the cars vat free and they get good deals from the manufacturers so basically they will be paying a lot less than I would have to pay.

    My wife has a Honda Jazz (great small car but big on the inside with the magic seats), the Labrador takes the boot so you need space for a wheelchair, flip up the magic seats and you have yourself another large area.

    Motability want all your allowance for a Honda Jazz 1.3 i-VTEC S, which is obviously £244.80 a month. I thought that was a lot for a Jazz, so I looked at the lease price. I can lease the same car for £158.58 a month, with one advanced payment of £158.58, and then 36 payments of £158.58 at 5000 miles per year. I know you get insurance, servicing, tyres and breakdown included with Motability, but that is a saving of £86.22 a month £3103.92 over 3 years, which would more than cover the extras. I could maybe get it cheaper still if I shopped around, and some deals come with breakdown cover.

    I can see why they were able to pay their CEO a salary with perks totalling 1.7 million, and stockpiled 2.4 billion, and when it came out in the press the CEO resigned, and they also spent 26 million on their HQ refurbishment with art displays etc. Nothing seems to have changed since this came to light unfortunately.

    So considering they are there to help the disabled it, seems their first priority is helping themselves.

    I saw the Zoe prices too, and thought they are taking the p***.




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