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    Mike 700

    I was wondering where you were wigwam lol. Brexit is done, no turning back, no matter how much I wish we could, so its now full focus on getting the best deal possible. The EU got a bit of a fright on Friday, by all accounts, but how much of a fright. They are willing to move forward on legal text and one or two other items but I just can’t see them move far enough to let BJ call the deal a victory.



    You are so right, Brydo, we ( both sides ) really must focus on getting a deal.

    as I see it, if there is no deal, during the first few months  the French will have plenty of time on their hands at the ports, as the EU has apparently favoured Dutch & Belgian ports for receiving Ireland’s trucks etc.

    So, the French and Spanish farmers will likely block the ports and the police will have to put out their Gauloises , and get the Water Cannons out – yup it’s going to be very interesting as the Euro takes a nosedive at the same time.

    Where are the German and French car manufacturers going to stockpile the thousands of cars and trucks due originally for sale in the U.K., but no longer affordable – do I see a fabulous opportunity here for Nissan,and Ford and other manufacturers with production in the U.K. to fill the void?

    What about the Hoteliers in Europe and the amount of lost trade , what is the French and Spanish translation for ‘bankruptcy?

    How the hell are our Hotels going to cope with the increase in people holidaying at home again for a year or so?

    Full English breakfasts may become three quarter English for a while, whilst our farmers produce / make up any shortfalls of foods from the EU.

    By the way, all of the air corridors will remain fully open under international agreement as they are NOT under EU jurisdiction.

    Airport delays initially may happen, but how do the other hundreds of non EU countries cope – very well of course!

    Project Fear will be consigned to history, BoJo as long as he can survive the Coronavirus crisis, will reign supreme and be the most popular PM since Winston Churchill, and certain people will still be selling negatively but only to those with the time to stop to listen.

    just my opinion!

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    Mike 700

    Mike I agree with almost everything you say but there would be a discussion on whether BJ was voted in on his brexit stance or on an anti Corbyn ticket (its likely a bit of both). With regards to brexit it I agree its done and dusted but the repricutions of the vote may not be over. As you know I am all for Scottish independence and the polls up here are routinely over 50% in favour. If the SNP get an overall majority in next years elections a vote on independence will follow. The reason for the increase in those supporting independence are Brexit and BJ. BJ, to use a good English word, is a “twat” and many up here can’t believe he is PM, I include myself and all of my family in that, all of who are anti Scottish Independence. So in the mean time a stance was, and needed to be, taken so well done Dominic Cummings for forcing BJ to stand up for the uk. I am really looking forward to the next six months as it is a momentous time in our live but I dare anyone to say they know what’s going to happen. I would like to say welcome back to the forum Mike 700 I’ve missed your insightful contributions and well thought out positions.



    We all have an opinion of course Brydo, equally valid no doubt, but from the exit interviews on election night I really did get the impression that BoJo ‘ s LARGE
    Majority was mainly due to his stance on Brexit.

    As you confirm, Brexit is done, it is a likely once in a lifetime decision, and it is futile to reopen old wounds which does seem to be happening – it would be much more interesting to read opinions on how we can open up the future outside of the EU, rather than read negativity over a decision made 4 years ago

    My preference would be for a free trade deal to be made , not so much for the free trade bit (albeit the importance of tariff free trade is huge, but after a lifetime of dealing with businesses, I have every confidence in the ability of our businesses to successfully sell their wares throughout the world ) but for all of the peripherals that go with it, such as passports, air travel etcetcetc.


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    Mike 700

    What happened to Brexit – well it happened, it’s done,we are an independent nation again.

    No point in us dragging up any remain or leave arguments Brydo,that ship has sailed, Brexit happened in January this year, and we are quickly coming to the end of the ‘Transition Period’,which some described as the soft landing zone, during which arrangements would be made for the different relationship.

    The big one of course was negotiating a free trade arrangement , but obstacle after obstacle has been put in the way, and the deadline for arranging this free trade deal’ has passed without agreement .

    Therefore, the PM (and we must remember & acknowledge , without bringing party politics in to it ) with a huge mandate, primarily because of his support for Brexit, has stated that unless the EU is more flexible, we will leave the Transition Period with no deal.

    The media vultures of course are circling, desperate for
    something ,anything,to report (or usually exaggerate ) upon, so we will likely see lots of conflicting stories from (mysterious) sources’ within the EU’ and insiders in no 10
    all of which need to be taken with a large Pinch of Salt ( before they impose some ridiculous tariffs on it )

    The French demand , (note not ‘request’) for the continued rape and pillage of our coastal waters( 84% of the ‘cod catch’ in the English Channel for instance ) is undoubtedly the major sticking point ( it is more symbolic than valuable , compared to overall trade , on both sides ) but French greed could see them being refused access in a no deal scenario, – so,no deal with 0% of fish quota is better than a bad deal ( in the EU eyes ) of 84% albeit reducing over time , is it?

    The EU top brass can’t seem to grasp that we have reverted to being a Sovereign State and that it is our choice to allow or not allow access to our waters, not something they can demand.

    However, we all realise that there is no such thing as a free lunch, nor of course a free ‘free trade agreement’ and that we will have to pay, ( probably partly in fish )
    , but as the EU are now frequently quoting themselves ‘not at any price’ !

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    Mike 700

    As a former Regional banker Brydo, I am quite conversant with trade and finance, and I am a great believer in free trade and the freedom to trade wherever ( in the World ) that may be, but I know that there will be a price to pay for that freedom, not necessarily directly by me, and not necessarily in monetary terms.

    However, I will buy British if the home produced products are competitive , but not because it is ‘the thing to do’ .

    My pension needs to be spent wisely, and along with that,  on things that I want, not those that I am forced to buy irrespective of quality, so, I will buy French or Dutch butter if it is competitively priced, or Swedish or German cars, but I will also gladly buy Welsh butter or a ‘Dai’atsu car ( that’s Welsh isn’t it?) if ‘the price is right!


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    Mike 700

    Get well soon Pops

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    Mike 700

    Don’t agree with the thread going down the political road, however this is a British trait, so I suppose that I should buy into it?

    I do agree with us buying British wherever possible, subject to the goods being equal to or better than imported goods but , if every country went down the road of only buying ‘ home grown’ we would never be able to sell our goods abroad, and the consequences of that do not need explanation.

    So, with our hard  earned money or pension we should be free to make our own sensible choices , and not put the barriers up.



    Mike 700

    We take drugs that are prescribed to us without question, in the main, even though there may be a list of potential side effects, albeit they will invariably have had a longer testing period, because without them we would be vulnerable, to whatever ails us.

    Part of a poem I wrote some time back explains why my wife and I will take the vaccine –

    popping pills is now my life

    without them there would be such strife

    so the moral here, though not quite Hamlet

    if you want to live ‘ poor Yorick’ take the Tablet



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    Mike 700

    We had our flu jabs today – let’s hope they help?

    For the last couple of years we have been going to Boots , but they couldn’t help this year, so for the first time we attended our Health Centre clinic – no problems with adverse reaction or anything  – thus far.

    Best to get it done – just put the masks on and take anti bac gel with you, and take in a bit of fresh air and scenery, &  enjoy the day.





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    Mike 700

    Sorry guys,


    should have included. ’ this site gives clear info compared to most!

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    Mike 700
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    Mike 700

    I’ve had my Tiggy R-Line since December and trust me, it’s worth the wait. Phenomenal car.


    Even after owning/leasing 4 superb Volvo AWD’s( 70, 90 & 2 x 60’s) and one Volvo two wheel drive (estate), I concur that the Tiguan is well worth the wait.

    I normally changed my cars every two years, but my Tiggy is now nearly 28 months old and I am looking to extend my contract with Motability for another two years following the end of the contract – yup , well worth the wait!

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    Mike 700

    Nobody would be completely happy regardless of the figures, make no mistake the only reason the choice on the scheme is as large as it is now is down to it being successful. Reduce costs, loose staff, reduce APs then take away all the money they have in reserve and then see how reduced the choice is.


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    Mike 700

    I really like the xc60, best car i`ve ever had, pity there is nothing close to it on the scheme but things can change.



    Just looking through some older posts and came across this one from you-

    I have had two XC60’s , both R design, geartronic, Etc Etc, as well as an XC70, XC90 and a V60, and I must agree, that the XC60 is the best car ,overall, that I have ever owned.

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    Mike 700

    Competition Competition Competition .

    It’s a strange old world this Forum World, whereby competition is lauded for getting a better deal on a vehicle, but frowned upon when trying to employ the staff with the necessary skill levels to ,guess what ‘get a better deal on a vehicle ‘?

    I agree that having offices in London is not only extremely expensive, to provide, but extremely expensive for staff to get to, and means that a premium must be paid to attract the right staff.

    So, moving away from London MAY, be a way of reducing costs especially as most actions relating to the business can be done ‘ on line’?

    Having had 150+ staff working for me, I can relate to having to provide a competitive employment package to attract /keep the right staff.

    IT is an oversimplification to assume that reducing overheads would have a direct effect on AP’s and or monthly payments – over the long term there may be some transfer of funds from the organisation creating a reduction in AP but probably not monthly payments.

    None of my comments are designed to support overpricing, waste or to pooh pooh cheaper or better products for us!

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    Mike 700

    Mike lol. Of course every company should have a “stash” but it should be commensurate with the companies exposure to risk. Having £500,000,000 salted away, on top of what they still have in the bank seems a bit, how can I say this politely, cautious. It is in fact an absolute disgrace especially when we have people on the scheme really struggling to get a car that meets third needs.


    In 2017, the net result of the cost of providing the scheme, after allowing for the income from PIP / DLA, Advanced Payments etc was a net profit, after tax, of £93.5m.

    As with all such organisations, Motability Operations also build up ‘reserves’, which in layman’s terms, are accumulated and unspent profits to cover unforeseen eventualities – These total £2.3bn (yes, Brydo that’s billion, which seems excessive ), but , and this message needs to get ‘out there’, this has been built up over many years, since the last audit in 1996, some 22 years previous when the reserves were £61 m. So,most reasonable people will understand that the annual surplus is not excessive.

    It has been accused of hoarding a fortune from Benefit cheques, but this is a blatant disregard of the truth, in that the Mobility benefits are granted to the disabled to assist them with their lack of mobility, which they receive WHETHER OR NOT THEY HAVE A MOTABILITY VEHICLE, in other words it is theirs and they can choose how to spend it how they please, including on a MOTABILITY VEHICLE!

    Motability’s bulk buying power allows it to negotiate far better deals with car manufacturers than individuals can get , and the same applies to insurance , adaptions etc.

    It is a fantastic scheme for the disabled, allowing them to contract hire a reliable vehicle ( or mobility scooter) very often at a low or even no advanced payment, in order for the ‘disabled person’ to become/ remain mobile.

    We need people to ‘defend’ the Operations side of Motability, against scurrilous newspaper reporters and ‘opportunistic ‘ politicians and ensure the continued provision of decent transport for the disabled .

    The National Audit Office report on Motability says-

    “The Motability scheme delivers an excellent service to its customers, earning remarkable satisfaction levels. Motability Operations’ management deserves credit for having turned the business around and investing in features that have enhanced benefits for customers.

    It’s good to have this sort of debate from time to time, just to remind people how good the Motability scheme is for the disabled!

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    Mike 700

    What I would like to see is a company who actually put surplus money back into the scheme rather than hoarding it and paying staff bonuses for doing a job a monkey could do and paying the others far too much for the job they do. £500,000,000 back to motability charity last year, why not to us?


    You have the spoon, I’ll send you the pot, so that you can stir it up properly, ( you devil)!

    As I explained previously, it is prudent, and indeed may be a legal requirement to maintain a pot of money ie Reserves, to cover potential future difficulties, and in any event, the level of motor car together with the insurance /maintenance available via Motability for the payments we make would not be available privately – just take a peek on line.

    So, expecting a cheap deal and a refund is just like Nicci wanting Independence and still expecting the Barnet Formula payment -nice?

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    Mike 700

    There will always be a place for Motability the charity however Motability Operations may not fare so well in the next 10 years. We could either see competition or the car manufacturers cut out the middle man, I think it should be taken over by the government that way with profits going back into the purse would at least silence a few.


    Silence a few no doubt JS, but if any profit/ surplus is syphoned off to the Treasury it is likely to be used for , well ‘anything’ in vogue or which needs topping up, at the time , not ‘ kept for funding the transport needs of disabled people , whether this be private cars, or public transport/ taxis as some have suggested – is the nature of the political beast?

    Any government of the future which implements this policy, will be not only seen as taking back/raking off some DLA/PiPs via the back door , but also will quickly be accused ,and attacked , for driving car manufacturers to other markets. , and removing choice!


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    Mike 700

    The biggest problem with ev’s and even taxi’s I think is uncertainty over ongoing subsidies, tax breaks etc., and whether or not this or a future Government, irrespective of political party, will keep them , either at the current level , or go to a lower level, or perhaps even cancel them, and how it will affect resale values?

    I have family in Denmark, and visit regularly, and EV’s ((Teslas mainly ) were extremely popular, selling some 2738 cars in 2015, ( mostly in Copenhagen ) including official government cars, but, after confirming that subsidies were being cancelled , and the 180% car tax ( that petrol & diesel cars suffer ) was to be imposed on electric cars, sales dropped to 176 in 2016, and resale values have gone thru the floor, apparently?.

    However, Copenhagen does have a car hire scheme, Ev’s, where you pay an hourly fee and pick up a car off the street, drive it to your destination, leave it for someone else to use and pick up another for your next journey and so on, and they did have at one time, some 400 BMW i3 cars in the scheme –

    ( Drive Now advert –

    Use one of our cars, when you need to roam in Copenhagen. You find the nearest car in the smart phone or tablet app, get in, and drive. You only pay for the minutes you drive, and there are no recurring costs such as subscripition fees or parking. When your rental is over, you leave the car anywhere in our business areas)

    In neighbouring Sweden electric cars sales are booming, due to ongoing decent subsidies!

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    Mike 700

    Mike I don’t think motability will be disbanded I think they will be priced out of the marked as very cheap alternatives persuade customers to move away from it.


    That is always a possibility of course Brydo, if and when competition becomes ‘real’ competition, which is unlikely to happen frankly

    – what everyone tends to forget about Motability is ‘that there is no credit check,search, assessment’, whereas,every other lease ie competition, is likely to require one .

    This lack of a credit search is a tremendous advantage for a great many ‘ lower income’ families , some of whom could be ‘amongst the disabled ‘?

    Frankly, without Motability, it could mean a much lesser / cheaper vehicle being available to the disabled , which will have a knock on effect on the manufacturers, sales outlets etc. etc., so, for this reason alone, I foresee a continued role for Motability.

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    Mike 700

    Motability is a business, and like any other successful business will have built up reserves over the years ,the greater the reserves the stronger the business and the greater the protection from unplanned future eventualities such as the rapid demise of deisel engines, and the additional costs of EV’s

    Not only is it prudent to have reserves, it sometimes is a legal requirement, and in the case of Motability Operations, we should all be aware that it faces the possibility of huge losses over the next decade, as the resale value of diesel cars falls through the floor – as we already know, electric vehicles come ‘ at a price’?

    Motability Operations which run’s the ‘vehicle scheme ‘is a stand alone organisation, owned by four banks, & funded by a variety of sources such as the resale of vehicles on the scheme ( most funding up to now) issuing of bonds etc .etc ., and significantly, it does not receive any funding from the Government / tax payer, other than the receipt of the mobility allowance directly from the DWP, and which is the disabled customer’s choice to spend on a vehicle rather than anything else.

    I quote directly from the annual report;

    “We do not receive any grant or funding from government”.

    There are bound to be skewed political opinions , from both sides of the political
    divide, expressed in a topic such as this, where so much is reliant on politicians, and government input, but no government would want /dare to scrap the scheme purely for political reasons, so it is more than likely that as higher production reduces costs of EV’s just as it did with computers ,tv’s etc , Motability will still be operating.

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    Mike 700

    My number 1 son, who lives in Copenhagen, has recently started renting Minis when he is over in the UK on business., and also when he and the family come to Stay.

    He likes them so much, that he has now given up his 5008 , seven seater and Has leased a new Mini drop-head, and there is plenty of room for the three kids in the back seat.


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    Mike 700



    I have children and grandchildren living in Denmark, and I visit several times a year, car tax is huge-


    You pay vehicle registration tax for the first time when you register a vehicle. From 1 January 2016, electric cars are no longer exempt from tax. Hydrogen-powered vehicles, however, are exempt from tax.
    You will be charged vehicle registration tax if you import a vehicle.
    If you buy a new car in Denmark, the car dealer usually handles vehicle registration tax and number plates

    Rates of vehicle registration tax
    Vehicle Vehicle registration tax
    Cars 85% of the taxable value up to DKK 185,100 in 2017 and 150% of the rest.
    Motor bikes DKK 0 of the first DKK 9,600 in 2017 of the taxable value, 85% of the taxable value between DKK 9,600 – 58,400 in 2017 and 150% of the rest.
    Cars and vans (up to 4,000 kilos) DKK 0 of the first DKK 58,000 in 2017  of the taxable value and 50% of the rest.
    Exception: Open vans (pick-ups) or box vans with no window in the left-hand side behind the driver weighing 2,501 – 4,000 kilos: DKK 0 of the first DKK 38,200 of the taxable value and 30% of the rest. If the vehicle weighs more than 3,000 kilos, the maximum registration tax is DKK 56,800.
    Vans and lorries (of more than 4,000 kilos) Generally, lorries are not subject to vehicle registration tax

    The vehicle registration tax is calculated based on the general rules for cars, motor bikes, vans and busses.
    Vehicles registered in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 will be charged 20% of the calculated vehicle registration tax, it will be 65% in 2021, 90% in 2022 and 100% in 2023.
    In 2016, 2017 and 2018 the vehicle registration tax will be reduced additionally with DKK 10,000. In 2019 and 2020 the vehicle registration tax will be reduced with DKK 40,000.
    Plug-in hybrid cars The tax is calculated according to the ordinary rules for cars, motor bikes, vans and busses.
    In 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 an additional fee is charged corresponding to 20% of the difference between the tax including and excluding the electricity consumption in the fuel consumption. This fee will be increased to 65% in 2021, 90% in 2022 and 100% in 2023.
    Moreover, a deduction of DKK 10,000 on the final tax is granted in 2016, 2017 and 2018. This deduction will be increased to DKK 40.000 in 2019 and 2020.
    Registration tax on used vehicles
    In principle, the vehicle registration tax on used cars, motor bikes and vans is calculated in the same way as for new cars. The taxable value and deductions and additional payments for equipment and features etc. will be reduced with the percentage that the value of the vehicle including tax has been changed to (vehicle depreciation) compared with a corresponding new vehicle.
    In Denmark, the taxable value of used cars is set based on the market price. The taxable value of new cars is set based on the initial price, corresponding to the ordinary price paid by a user in Denmark.

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    Mike 700



    Dressed & pressed & living at home at the time
    When I met my one & only Valentine
    We were young , fit, and in our prime back in 65
    Twisting to Chubby Checker, with the occasional jive

    At the Club Double Diamond she came on in through the door,
    Just able to see her through the smelly thick smoke,now covering the dance floor
    This vision of loveliness and her good looking best mate
    Wow, I said out loud & dived straight in & asked for a date

    Don’t be daft ‘I’m not like that ‘ said she
    Neither am I usually said little old shy boy me
    Would you like some crisps or perhaps a drink?
    ‘Snowball please’ without even a blink

    Her mate and mine went off to do their own thing
    Whilst we sat down to hear our Tom sing
    Yes, it was ‘not unusual’ way back in 65
    For him to still perform locally & live

    After that it became a fairly regular thing
    Dating, not listening to our Tom sing
    Then in October of 68, we tied that marital knot
    And names went down for a council housing spot.

    It’s ‘s been a long eventful journey since that Double D day
    Having two kids , 4 grand kids and acquiring a dog along the way
    And yup, she’s still my only Valentine , Mrs. seven zero zero
    and for putting up with me for all this time – she is also my hero?

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    Mike 700

    Sorry Brydo beat you  –  a large box of LIQUORICE ALLSORTS,


    actually I did very well ,

    glad you both did too!







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    Mike 700

    All this talk of plastic driving licences got me worrying as I have my original “paper license”. I had a look on line and found this:- “Paper driving licences should not be destroyed and will still be valid after 8 June. It’s never been mandatory for drivers to replace their traditional style paper driving licence with the photocard licence, and this will remain unchanged.” Panic over. Good to see you back Mike700.



    cheers Brydo, locked up, locked down,, locked in, locked out and my iPad gave up

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