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        Hang in there

        It should not be to long

        On pick up ask if Alarm issue has been updated

        Should have thought it would have been by now

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          Yet another benefit of leasing on motorbility

          You can do your sums from day 1 and not be concerned about how much it may or may not sell for

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            {what Is the current average waiting time In the UK? }

            Lots of factors can come into play

            A few are

            Manafacturer/country /where model of car is manufactured/particular model/any extras/adaptations/and even a popular/type of colour can extend its wait time

            First car? maybe they have one in stock they could let you have

            Sure others can advise further


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              Its about us having confidence in the people that maintain our leased vehicles

              So we can rest easy in the knowledge that we are driving a safe vehicle

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                Food for thought
                And will be taking a closer look,thanks for the detail most helpful

                My mileage is only 6500 a year so not to many hrs of charge

                I see at the moment the Octopus Intelligent tariff. rate for my area is as follows

                Unit rate (23:30 – 00:00):

                7.50p/ kWh
                Unit rate (05:30 – 23:30)  :41.11p/ kWh
                Standing Charge: 47.95p/ day

                Will look again on 1/07/2023

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                  In the past I have found

                  A Motorbility letter will simply show you have not claimed on their scheme

                  it may not be recognised by all insurers as having accrued NCB in the normal way

                  This may hinder you when trying to achieve the cheapest quote

                  Maybe others can give you more up to date info


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                    Very detailed

                    Food for thought

                    thanks 4 sharing


                      Cheers for the info Rico

                      Looks like there will be plenty to play about with

                      Perso setting will be handy as I can set up things to suit me

                      And the FAV button will also make life easier

                      Few months to wait yet

                      but doing a little homework now in preparation

                      wont hurt



                        Cheers Rico

                        thanks for explaining

                        Just maps needed so thata handy


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                          Quick delivery .. Nice… Hope u post some pics later

                          That option wasnt open to me as my order was placed 3 months before the end of my lease as I wanted to jump on this the day after the Megan E Tec price drop

                          So Factory order it was

                          Just to add so far my experience with Renault dealership is a positive one

                          First impressions count and the way I was spoken to/dealt with has been spot on.

                          There was a little initial confusion over the free paints available but I understand and appreciate why that happened

                          The uncluttered showroom layout their dress code/cant do enough attitude/coffee machine and comfortable seats all go together making any showroom visit a pleasure.

                          Poor past experiences with Seat and vauxhall dealers are now just a thing of the past.

                          This new pensioner 30 something cars later

                          is now

                          Looking forward to the age of electric

                          What did Buzz Lightyear say lol



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                            Seems a Faff that I have had to have so much trouble at stage 1

                            just getting my landlords permission for my charger install

                            I live in a city and was left with the impression that I was the first to seek such a thing ( there is no direct line of communication just confusion as everything is done through a 3rd party switch board

                            Badly managed and zero excuse imo

                            Fortunately I had previously amassed  a few contacts whilst undertaking ( during covid lock down )an 18 month quest/securing/completing ( another untold story lol ) Disabled facilities Grant application for the installation of a double brick paved driveway.

                            Driveway has been a god send as it now allows me to be able to go forward and get a home electric charger installed

                            My tone is not one of complaint as I am very grateful for all I have

                            I am simply telling my tale to show some others that what may seem like a mountain can be overcome with a little tenacity

                            My Guess is

                            Thats something that many on here already relate too.






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                              Think I will delve deeper

                              Thanks for the heads up

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                                Sorted at last ( fingers crossed)

                                Like a dog with a bone I have been attacking this ALL day

                                Stage 1 of 3 supplier B/Gas doing their bit this Mon

                                Then I have to set up a DNO visit

                                Then easy part getting installer on site

                                It was only because I was given B/Gas complaints email that I was able to be listened to

                                thanks to those of you on here and also

                                Great customer care from Easee and also @wepoweryourcar

                                What a faff

                                There needs to be a better way its not the 1930s lol


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                                  Cheers understood and many thanks

                                  {Looking in detail, your DNO will change the fuse, your supplier is responsible for upgrading the tails.]

                                  You are indeed correct and this is the first time anyone has told me this

                                  Ordinarily this would now be a simple process but the plan falls short simply because I have no way of communicating and addressing my concerns with my supplier B/G

                                  3 drawn out attemps to resolve via India is enough for me

                                  Polite people for sure but they do not have resolution training

                                  Head spinning and back to 3rd phone call to my Easee charger installer

                                  (They may have a solution and one for others to note)

                                  Been advised by Easee as followers

                                  Taking into account my energy suppliers failure to facilitate a reasonable line of communication they will contact Motorbility explain my dilema and ask if the Motorbility contingency fund ( which exists to fund/help with additional charger installation costs ) can be used to cover the cost of their installer taking on the work that B/S would need to have done.

                                  Leaving it with Easee for now and see what pans out over the next week

                                  Just to add reliable PAYG metre is quite the norm when installing a charger and will soon be no dearer than direct debit

                                  My low mileage dosent warrant a Smart metre and off peak tariffs

                                  If it aint broke

                                  Thanks for the explanations as its helped no end

                                  Will update asap


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                                    My elec bill is with British Gas who has a call centre in India

                                    The load check print out this morning was conducted by a firm called Haste in Petersfield ( been in touch cant help)

                                    They are contractors to load test by DNO Scottish and southern

                                    Been in touch with them and cant help as I do not have a direct account with them

                                    I am still in a catch 22 situation

                                    Looking like a granny lead at this rate

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                                      No granny lead supplied

                                      They are good as in they will slow charge

                                      Have not used one but heard

                                      May pay to use when supply is not too loaded

                                      If using I would personally only use when attended and awake

                                      Belt n Braces imo but each to their own

                                      Im sure others will throw more light on the subject


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                                        Black imo suits the gold blade more so than any of the other colours

                                        Reminds me of John Player F1 of old

                                        in reply to: Renault Megane paint choices #224087

                                          I had no difficulty getting in/out of the Megan E Tec and thats with all 5 lumbar discs severely degenerated

                                          Megans Seat pumps up/down quite some distance just make sure its set low enough before sitting

                                          The E Tec is so much easier to get in/out of as its 100mm taller than my Corsa F

                                          I wont miss the Corsa F windscreen and having to pull up 8ft short of traffic lights just to be able to see when they have changed lol

                                          But will miss its abilities on the B roads

                                          Update on my last post above

                                          Thanks to the heads up on here

                                          I now have an updated order of free paint ceramic grey/black roof

                                          Whilst there I looked at the Austral Petrol-electric hybrid 1.2

                                          First impression/closer inspection its not full electric/very big/ as is its boot nice looking but far to big for my needs

                                          Was told that the usual ( more expensive than usual E Tec price )paint option are at the moment being offered for free

                                          Seems the paint options on the E Tec are not fully understood by the dealer who in all fairness is dealing with models that are renamed/spec options that change overnight.

                                          Renault seems to be now getting it right at the right time imo






                                          in reply to: Renault Megane paint choices #224045

                                            Cheers for the reply appreciated

                                            Will get in touch tomorrow not sure how this will affect original order time scale

                                            in reply to: Renault Megane paint choices #224038



                                              advice Please Ordered the Megan Etec Iconic and was told at the time of ordering that the only free paint option was white so I went ahead and ordered that

                                              Having read the above posts it seems clear that others are not only able to choose a single colour of choice

                                              Are others getting 2 tone for free as well?

                                              I will be contacting my dealer but thought I would get your take on available options that are open to me

                                              Any advice appreciated




                                                Shame its not coming to the Uk

                                                Suspect if it had been it would be missing the full EU Spec

                                                Seems Renault is now in good hands and moving forward quickly imo

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                                                  Very nice


                                                  Wishing you all miles of enjoyment and fun

                                                  in reply to: The current Price Cap #221876

                                                    My soon to be £42,000 top spec Megan E Tec Iconic at £1295 with all the toys+ is one to consider imo

                                                    in reply to: Is going the EV route still an advantage? #221400



                                                      is my home town

                                                      Kettle on next time lol

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