Your top 5 tv series of all time?

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      Here’s my top 5 tv series of all-time:

      1) The Americans (2013-2018)

      2) Blakes 7 (1978-1981)

      3) M.A.S.H (1972-1983)

      4) The Office UK (2001-2003)

      5) Survivors (1975-1977)

      To my eternal shame, and as hard as i try i cannot squeeze ‘Game of Thrones’ into my top 5 list.

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        In no particular order,

        1. Dark – German science fiction thriller

        2. Threads – 1980’s nuclear war aftermath

        3. Fargo – TV series based on the Coen brothers movie

        4. M.A.S.H – One of the best series ever

        5. Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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          Top 5.

          1. The Wire.

          2. Breaking Bad.

          3. Life. (Damian Lewis)

          4. Star Trek. All the variants

          5. Stargate Atlantis and Universe. Didnt like the SG1 variant.

          Lots of good stuff over the years, number 6 would be Das Boot.



            The Wire, Breaking Bad, House, Sons of Anarchy, The Shield.

            Going to throw some in that haven’t been mentioned that are worth a mention: Top Boy (Netflix, split into top boy summerhouse which you should watch first then the series just called top boy)

            This Is Us (Amazon prime. Not my usual as there’s no drugs, guns, car chases, explosions etc. but the way the show moves through time is really good and easy to follow and I think some of the writing/acting is spot on)

            Yellowstone (watched fairly recently, it’s really brutal and the first series doesn’t make much sense but after that it’s brilliant. Hasn’t finished as I believe there’s a contract dispute of some sort but will wait and see if anything happens) – that description doesn’t sell it very well does it 😂




              Hi @Ioniq

              ‘Das Boot’ could’ve quite easily made it into my top 5.

              I’ve always loved Star Trek.

              For some peculiar reason i’ve never got around to watching ‘Breaking Bad’ despite being aware of the rave reviews.

              ‘The Wire’ is another one i have missed entirely. I MUST try harder!


                Hi @Phaedra

                I loved ‘Dark’

                As hard as i tried i couldn’t get into ‘Fargo’ I’ll deffo try again though!

                ‘Threads’ was superb!

                We are in total agreement re M.A.S.H


                  Hi @DBtruth

                  My best friend swears that ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is a must watch and now that i see you also saying good stuff about it it’ll go on my ‘must watch soon’ list alongside lots of other good stuff you guys have highlighted.

                  Never heard of ‘Top Boy’ but i’ll be sure to check it out!

                  ‘This is Us’ gets a 9/10 from me!

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                    no order and difficult to pick 5 but..

                    sherlock holmes[jeremy brett]

                    our friends in the north

                    red dwarf


                    traffik[bill patterson]


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                      A mighty fine list from you there @struth!



                        There’s a lot of tv series that I end up watching more than once if I love it. I’ve only seen sons of anarchy once and it was quite a few years ago now. I do remember at the time, getting to the end of season 1 and being so excited to watch season 2 that I finished work early the next day so I could come home and watch it!

                        I’ve just thought of the tv series “Bosch” on Amazon Prime too. I really enjoyed that and also the spin off series called “Bosch Legacy” was good too. If you check out the IMDb ratings for that, the episodes have pretty consistent high ratings. It’s one of those detective shows where each series relates to one case so you can get right into rather than something like criminal minds where the case has to be opened and closed in one 45 min episode


                          1) the Sopranos

                          2) breaking bad

                          3) band of brothers

                          4) friends

                          5) still game


                            Going on what I’ve watched more than once:

                            Band of Brothers

                            Game of Thrones

                            Sons of Anarchy


                            Reacher – the series not the films


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                              In no particular order.

                              Rab C  Nesbitt

                              Red Dwarf

                              Star Gate

                              Last of the Summer wine

                              Star Trek


                                Based on tv that I can always watch again if I happen to stumble on it when surfing channels.

                                The Wire


                                Blue Planet

                                Breaking Bad

                                Dad’s Army


                                A bit eclectic but you like what you like I guess!



                                  Sons of Anarchy

                                  Breaking Bad

                                  The Champions

                                  The Sweeney

                                  So many to choose from!

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                                    Breaking Bad

                                    The mentalist


                                    Battlestar Galactica

                                    Stargate Atlantis


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