You don't sweat much for a fat guy

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    Guys that’s exactly what my wife said to me this morning, not kidding, so after my curry nan bread and pakora tonight, I’m on a diet. So every Friday I intend to post my wait loss or gain on this thread, I won’t post my actual weight, just the change, if any. If anyone wants to join in feel free.

    She’s got me worried there’s something up with me, what could be wrong with a fat guy who doesn’t sweat lol?

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    Since I started this thread I have put on 4 pounds in weight, I think this forum should have a health warning, joining this forum can make you fat, or as my put it “fatter”.

    Anyone know a good divorce lawyer lol?

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    There are various factors that can attribute to slight weight loss / gain, weighing yourself at the same time of day can help give a truer reading, even then slimming world will allow +/- 3lb difference.

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    Guys put on 2 pounds up from 12 stone 11 to 12 stone 13, this diet is rubbish lol. Thats it started in earnest now, lets see what next friday brings.

    Just cut and pasted that from last friday but changed the weight,.

    I think the wife has a vodoo doll of me and is feeding it on the sly as ive been very good this week.

    Ive had two very good curries, one very good chinese and a very good hamburger supper from the chippy lol.

    Right enoughs enough and i will be serious from now on, i have to lose weight next week as ive put on four pounds since i started this, anyone would think im one of motabilities fat cats lol.

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    That weight means nothing Brydo without knowing your height, 6′ 6″ isn’t it???

    I’m 14 stone 4lb at a height of 6′ – no change this week – yes i’m classed as overweight, but this time last year when i was diagnosed as diabetic i was 18 stone 13lb!

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    Guys 12 stone 12 pounds, lost a pound this week yahoo

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    Well done Brydo… i seem to maintaining at the moment which i’m happy with. As the weather gets warmer, losing weight becomes a little easier… wear layers and sweat it off! lol

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    Hi Brydo

    Keep it up, a pound a week loss, is a shade over three and a half stone loss in a year, just think of that!!


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    You might find this of interest Brydo –

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    So mine might not be good, but it’s better than most! silver lining and all that lol

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    Trev i won im 30 yes lol.

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    I think that BMI calculator is being a bit pessimistic as i am bang on 30 so overweight but the calculator says i am obese, or it that a beast i don’t have my specs on lol.

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    oppps, how many curries was it this week? lol

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    was there a trifle in the way of the screen? lol

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    No my wife says i am really trying, sorry have been really trying hard lol, no curries since my last one and no more until my next one lol.

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    lol i can imagine you being very trying lol

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    Yes indeed Trev lol.

    I actually don’t think I eat much, take today I had porridge with blueberries and raspberries for breakfast with a pint of water, lunch, after a two mile walk, was a cup of tea, no sugar, with a biscuit, dinner was salmon with oven chips and veg with a pint of water, I have just had a cup of tea with a biscuit and I will have a pint of water before bed.

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    I wouldn’t say you would put on weight with that days meal, but probably not lose any either… a lot of milk there, have you tried 1% milk? Biscuit is a big no-no, and chips are chips i’m afraid oven or fried. Perhaps replace biscuit with a piece of fruit, and steamed potatoes instead of chips, also increase ratio of veg to meat/fish.

    I don’t have any milk these days, wife has 1% and only 1 cuppa in the morning – only water for me.

    Have you considered slimming world? I did it, and found it to be an education, like a class at school, you can learn a lot about your lifestyle choices. I still use parts that i learned and will continue to do so.

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    Typing that reminded me how i got on to slimming world. I got to a point in my life when i purposely only wore slip on shoes as i couldn’t bend down to tie laces, and to put the slip-on’s on i had to use the stairs so i could reach…. my stomach just wouldn’t let me bend i was that bad. So went to the docs for advice and they signed me up to a scheme which game me 12 weeks free membership to either slimming world or weight watchers. They would keep in contact with me and wanted to see evidence that i was losing weight as a condition of the scheme… great motivation.

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    Trev remember it’s the bitches beautiful wife’s idea for me to lose weight, I think I look amazing but that’s only my opinion.

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    Meant to add lol after bitches lol

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    … perhaps you need to take her to specsavers! lol

    I would say it’s how you feel about yourself that’s most important Brydo…plus losing weight isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, the expense on having to buy all new clothes for one! That’s another thing i’ve thought of, all my xxxl tops, and 42″ waist bottoms that i put in the clothes bank….. who the hell uses them, i mean if they are that size they’re not exactly poor enough to go without food….. unless they made in to tents or something!?!? lol

    I don’t regret for one minute the weight i’ve lost, i’m very thankful how it’s improved my lifestyle, but to do it slow is the right way… just little changes over a long period isn’t that difficult, you don’t have to change everything all at once.

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    Trev you have done absolutely fantastic and you should be proud of yourself, so many people make excuses for the way they are or make up reasons why they can’t lose weight or stop smoking or drinking but ultimately its down to the individual and you have done it so well done.

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    Cheers, but you are quite correct Brydo, only the individual can decide what they want to do – it just doesn’t work when trying to give up something for the wrong reasons.

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    Guys 12 stone 11 pounds, lost another pound this week yahoo

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    well done Brydo

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