XC40 vs Q3

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    If you have recently got one of these cars (as the q3 just came out on the scheme again) what made you choose one over the other, both are on our list but I can’t seem to decide, also what colours did you pick, thank you!

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    The Xc40 tech equipment and engine is far superior to that on the Q3 in my opinion

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    One is a Geeley from china laden with Covid 19 and the other is a thing of craft from Germany, sorry Hungary!

    As a owner of 2008 v90 d4 auto and xc60 d4 auto on the scheme you would have thourght i would have opted for the xc40. But i went for the Audi q3 tsfi black in pearlesant Grey.A bargain for £2150, considering the car would be £38000.

    Happy to answer other questions from you SUVguy.


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    I don’t think you can go wrong which ever one you go for as both are very good cars. We got our xc40 inscription pro for £2200 and with £900 back as a good condition bonus it will be £1300. A bargain in my mind. I think the inscription pro has more goodies than the Q3 like heated seats, an absolute must for me. In fact I can’t believe they don’t come as standard in the Q3.

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    Good summary of the best medium sized suvs here…

    Forum wont let me post the link, Google What Car Best family SUVs 2020

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    72 dudes

    We went from the previous Q3 (17 plate) to a 20 plate XC40 9 months ago.

    When we chose the XC40 the new Q3 was no longer on the scheme.

    The interior quality of the new Q3 has gone down, as it has in the new A3, but it’s still a very nice place to be.

    The Q3 felt a smaller car, but it did handle better on the twisty bits and on roundabouts. The sports seats held you in place better too, although we now have leather seats as we have an Inscription.

    However, everything else about the XC40 is better in my opinion, especially ride and refinement.

    Although we had the 1.4 TFSi S Tronic with cylinder deactivation, economy wasn’t great, average over 3 years was 36.1 MPG. The newer 1.5 should be a bit better in this respect.

    So far we are averaging 33.2 MPG in our T4, which is noticeably stronger than the Q3’s engine, so not too disappointed.

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    The T4 is very thirsty then!

    Getting 33/35 mpg in todays market is very poor. The wltp figures from Parkers for the audi q3 35 tsfi auto is between 39/41 mpg.

    If you were to buy both today the difference in price is £1000. Granted, you get a 2.0 litre engine for your extra outlay and heated seats, but the trade off is a smaller boot.

    It would have been great if Volvo were to include other models onto the scheme, ie new xc60.In recent years they have taken all models off bar the xc40, such as shame.

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    Had a test drive in both now, and q3 black edition all day long for me , volvo also a lovely car, had a q3 before but when got took off the scheme opted for the 2.0 sel tiguan , great car also. Q3 now has folding mirrors,power tailgate which the Mrs wanted and also more comfortable for her now,boot also was a bonus as thought maybe been smaller this time,but yeah both great cars,though the Q3 is a much better looking car imo,roll on February get the old Q3 back again, can’t wait  lol.

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    It is great that we’re arguing over two very good cars either of which most people in the country would bite your hand off for lol.

    So to continue this discussion it would be good to compare equipment levels, space, engine size etc of the highest AP model of each of the two on the motability scheme. We can then be a bit more specific.

    I am pretty busy today and not at my computer but if I get the chance I will do it later.

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    One thing I’m worried about with the Volvo is that it’s coming to that time of its life where a facelift usually comes out, doesn’t need one on the outside but updated tech inside is always great even tho it’s current tech is good

    i didn’t even know the 197BHP engine was on motability so I’m swaying more to the Volvo now, anyone know if an adult will be able to sit between two car seats in them?

    the Audi interiors dash is great, the way it faces you as well, lovely stuff

    and yeah Brydo I agree it’s great to be arguing over these two cars, as I always say, I’m sure all of us would trade health over the car but that’s not possible so having a car especially these two with great tech etc can sometimes take your mind off the bad things

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    This is the sportback so not quite a direct comparison.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    An adult can fit between 2 car seat but it’s tight, ive got 2 booster seats in mine so I’m not sure about baby seats.

    I’ve got the B4 engine so 197bhp, I wouldn’t call it a quick car but I wouldn’t want anything less otherwise I feel it would be underpowered for my liking and after 1000mile I’m averaging 27mpg mixed motorway and town driving

    i haven’t driven the q3 so can’t comment but it looks ok

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    Azzy that’s shocking mpg and will put many off the car. Are you heavy on the foot?

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    I’ve only done 150 miles in my xc40 b4 but getting 36+mpg on average at the moment. Very much depends on your driving style I guess. If you keep the revs under 3500 for most of your driving this is easily achieved. If start revving it out it will drop quickly. The 197bhp feels pretty nippy to me and would not call it under powered, its plenty for this type of vehicle.

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    That’s more like it shaine but what if people where getting mid 20mpg when 40mpg is quoted. Would motability allow you to change to another car?


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    Unlikely that would be deemed a good reason to change cars Brydo to be honest. I would think most people would be able to achieve low to mid 30’s mpg using A and B roads, in town it’ll probably be at its worst even with the mild hybrid system as its just an improved stop/start system really.

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    I don’t have a heavy foot at all, 90% of the time I’ve got the kids with me.

    I suppose being start stop in London doesn’t help at all. I picked up the car 2weeks ago today and have done 1000miles already, the miles will now drop off due to lockdown but when school starts back it will be back to normal.
    28mpg is shocking but hopefully it improves, I’m not worried to much at the moment

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    Azzy what did you have before the Volvo? I’m afraid that London traffic is not going to give you great mpg, you would do better in a hybrid I think.

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    does apple car play come as standard on the xc40 r design pro? Some videos have suggested otherwise, also I’ve seen some Volvos with a white roof but it doesn’t show on the website configuration, I’m guessing the uk doesn’t get it or am I missing something?

    we will be ordering this coming week but I’m still not sure if we should go for the q3 black edition in blue or the xc40 r design pro, I’ve watched all the videos and I’m still undecided, sadly the dealerships are closed to no test drives, if we got the Audi I’d get the comfort sound pack, Volvo no packs

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    72 dudes

    Not sure re Apple play on Pro versions, but I think it’s standard.

    The white roof was only available on early Momentum models, but was discontinued in 2019. Possibly because it wasn’t popular, but the ones I’ve seen (especially when paired with the baby blue, also discontinued), looked good.

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    Tony Langford

    I ordered my xc40 just before Xmas and I can tell you for sure apple car play is an extra! I ordered the inscription pro (top trim) and it’s still £300 extra for apple car play! However, the inscription pro is very well loaded with kit. I test drove both the Q3 and the XC40. Q3 was quicker and more nimble, however, felt very small in cockpit. The XC40’s engine was enough for the job, felt more luxurious, had more kit and was far more comfortable for my disability, so only one choice for me. But each to their own, and I reiterate how lucky we are to have such a difficult choice!

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    Ah I see 72, would’ve been nice in red with a white roof

    Tony happy you’re enjoying your car especially just before the new up’d prices, think I’ve decided to go for the q3 black edition

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    Does the Q3 come with keyless entry by any chance?

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    By that I mean keyless start too…?

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    Lou it does in the US and Ireland but doesn’t in the uk, weird

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    Meant to say England not UK

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