XC40 T4 2.0 Auto – real world mpg?

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    Hi all, so now the XC40 has been around for a while, I was hoping that those that have opted for the T4 auto, either in 2WD or AWD form, could share your real world experiences of fuel economy, and what if any niggles have you found with the car, as well as things that work well.

    Cheers all.

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    I was doing a little reading up on the Volvo On Call package. Apart from the remote start and warming / cooling, if someone tries to break into the car it sends you a text to alert you, and if its stolen it tracks it and feeds that to police, even if its on a trailer.

    Clever aint it?

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    Personally I would never choose a black car, but this photo just captures the car in motion really well and it does look damn good …

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    Hi everyone,


    I ordered a XC40 R design pro in October I have been told to expect in the first week of February, I got £500  off. I am worried about the mpg now, my current car is golf GTD and the mpg is  38mpg, only consolation is I do 7000 miles a year

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    Chris, i’ve read mixed accounts on here from drivers. I do 5000 a year but yer know what, I aint too bothered about the mixed mpg reports.

    We’re gonna check the car out on the road when theres an R Design Pro auto demo available, and see how it goes from there. In our case my wife was snarled up in a bad car accident as a passenger some years ago. It was so nasty that it affected hef mentally as well as physically and now she needs to ‘feel safe’ in a car. Volvo’s are synonymous with safety and so i’m thinking a lot about that side of the XC.

    Try to chill out, and when the motor lands then just enjoy it.

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    I think if you do fairly low miles and I mean below 10k per year then the Mpg doesn’t really matter ( to me anyways )

    the main thing is that you love the car, the way it looks, they way it drives and how it makes you feel 👍🏻can’t ask for more than that 😎

    obviously if you’re using your car to commute to work and travelling long daily distances you maybe look at it differently,

    But I guess I’m a “Recreational Driver” 🤣 so I tend to do more miles during the warmer months to get out n about a bit more, certainly compared to the lower miles I do over the wintery months

    saying that , when I was working etc I never ever, ever – ever – ever picked a car based on its mpg figures

    had a couple of thirsty petrols back in the day that got to high teens, never grumbled it was just the price you paid for having a quickish car

    so any potential xc40 owners out there who don’t do double digit thousand miles per year , I wouldn’t be put off!  if that’s the car that floats your boat and ticks your boxes I’d be on it like a tramp on chips 🙌🏻

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    Yes those are my thoughts, my Tiggy is 2 years old and i’ve covered 9k so MPG is not really important to me. I have around 9 months left before i can start looking and re order but if it’s still on the scheme then it’s the car i’ll be ordering for sure.

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    That’s my intention too Stuart, have about 9 months before I can order, but if it’s still there that’s what I would like!

    Sheila (XC60) was fantastic, wouldn’t have sold her and got a mobility car, if they had sorted the ‘turtle’ out, still some having problems with it, loved the car, felt safe. After having a test drive in an XC40, feels very much the same. Local garage have said when they get a new demonstrator in, we can have it for the day.

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    Fingers crossed the hybrid makes an appearance. Joined an XC40 forum and reading through the posts on there is quite interesting, a guy with a T5 is averaging 32mpg with highs of 38, he also posted a screen shot from the onboard computer, considering what people have been saying about the T4 on here that sounds brilliant.

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    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    When I was working my daily drive was a Landrover Defender 300tdi, the average mpg was about 24 and I never used to think about it, I would cringe now.

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    Those guys that have already got the XC40, when you ordered were you required to put a substantial deposit down?

    I ask that as the first volvo dealer i visited this week was talking of needing a £2000 deposit 😲.

    When we ordered our Santa Fe in 2016 we haggled an AP of £2750 for the car and extras but the dealer didn’t ask for a penny deposit, so this volvo position was a little shocking.

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    Apart from anything else, at Q4 AP’s, if a T4 R Design Pro auto was ordered the dealer would essentially be asking for the whole AP, plus a pound, up front.

    That would just be rediculous. 😂

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    Ordered one last week, dealer asked for £500 deposit, invoice showed towards extras, not AP, fair enough.

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    Yeah agreed, that sounds reasonable.

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    Only ever pay a deposit towards extras and never for the AP, I would also insist on it being a refundable deposit and only for a small percentage of the amount(you might end up changing your mind nearer the time if something else comes on you want) plus if the dealer goes bust you would lose it all with no chance of getting it back.

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    We paid a £250 refundable deposit for our Tiguan which is fair enough as we specced heated seats at £285. When we ordered the Alhambra the dealer wanted £500 non refundable! They got told where to go…

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    The hybrid has 258bhp so surely can’t come onto the scheme.

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    Ouch, showing just under half a tank and a range of only 90 miles, what does it run on,,,antimatter?

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    Well, I had a live chat with Motability yesterday to see if they could tell me if the T4 R Design Pro auto was staying on in Q1, and if the T3 R Design Pro auto would appear in Q1.

    Short answer, they couldn’t tell me, but they did say the hybrid will be on soon.

    From the horses mouth and all that.

    Crippledad, its interesting you’ve posted that photo as I was gonna ask if the car has an ‘eco’ mode. Mad thing is the eco mode looks anything but economical 😳

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    Mike, daft question maybe but as yours is knocking out 37mpg, do you run it in ‘eco’ mode or not?

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    37mpg fair, not great, not bad.

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    When you consider its a chunky heavy car, with a 2 litre turbo petrol lump, thats great in my view. Shame not all owners are experiencing this at the minute.

    As I understand it. This car is meant to be a competitor for the X1 and Q3 but it seems a good size compared to those pretty compact SUV’s.

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    To me it seemed both a little larger and higher up plus a bit more “chunky” if that’s the right word than both the Q3 and X1, such a shame that the boot wasn’t big enough for me as it was a stunning looking thing(also the extras that only come as part of a pack that costs thousands put me right off as well)

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    The only extea that I would ideally want is Adaptive Cruise but it comes in a pack with other stuff including Pilot Assist that i’m just not interested in, and I will not pay £1500 for it. Standard Cruise would still give me a useful tool.

    I like the fact the car does not come with a sunroof as standard as I hate the thought of paying for one that I would never use.

    From what i’ve seen so far it ticks a lot of boxes for us pre-test drive.

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    If the boot is big enough for you with the seats not folded then  it’s definitely worth test driving unfortunately we took one look and quickly ruled it out and it wasn’t quite big enough. The same with the X1.
    We chose a Tiguan which feels very similar in quality and safety plus the way it drives but the boot is just a bit bigger and all the tech you need and more comes as standard inc the panoramic roof, which I agree I wouldn’t pay £1000 for.
    mpg wise I get average 50.2 with mixed driving pretty much spot on what Vw state.

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