XC40 T4 2.0 Auto – real world mpg?

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    Hi all, so now the XC40 has been around for a while, I was hoping that those that have opted for the T4 auto, either in 2WD or AWD form, could share your real world experiences of fuel economy, and what if any niggles have you found with the car, as well as things that work well.

    Cheers all.

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    Cheers guys, we’ll get her fixed up. She’s on the urgent surgery list for a bit of maintenance.

    So we thinking positively. The car will wait for now, no panic.

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    Everything can wait Mecca as without our health we have nothing, I hope everything goes well.

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    Hi all, well we’re a few months down the line now, and a lot has happened. Depending on what Q3 pricing looks like, we may start to think about the car situation again.

    Although the XC40 runs a B4 now as opposed to a T4, I’m curious to know how you folks running T4’s have gone on with fuel economy. Have you seen any improvement at all as time has gone on?

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    72 dudes

    Overall, our T4 is running at 32 mpg, with 40.4 on a recent 170 mile round trip.

    However it’s only done 900 miles as we got it 10 days before lockdown.

    It can easily drop to mid 20’s around town.

    But given that we only do about 5k a year and our previous Audi Q3 1.4 TFSi S-tronic only returned 36.1 over the 3 years, then I’m reasonably happy.


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    I can add a little on the T3 auto, which I’ve now done about 600 miles in.

    On a 3 mile run to the village shop from cold I’m getting around 30mpg.

    Last week I did a 30 mile round trip for the recall/software update and it achieved 48mpg.

    That’s all in eco mode and speeds up to 55mph.

    Really happy so far.

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    Several months later for me, I’m at 27,7 MPG. 2.5K miles done.(T4)

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    Well, some mixed experiences there guys.

    Crippledad you don’t seem to be doing so well with yours. Obviously we don’t know your driving style but if it’s fairly relaxed in eco mode, and you’re still getting sub 30mpg, you may want to have a conversation with your dealer and share other forum members experiences. It may just be worth having it checked over.

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    I got my T4 Auto 2WD 2 weeks before lockdown so it’s mainly only done local journeys on the Wirral with one return journey to Abergele before they closed the border (!) and I am usually getting 30mpg with 1077 miles on the clock. All my driving has been in normal mode.

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