Xc40 rear fog lights 1, 2 or failed bulb

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    Hello got a Volvo xc40 inscription pro, only got one rear fog light on, should both working, I can see a bulb in there but don’t light up.🧐

    It’s going in for the recall listed on Volvo & Gov.😳

    Hopefully they will sort it, also getting a image of rear lights after the intel check when starting but it goes after about 20 seconds..

    Had a few times where the car won’t start, dial go around with no noise to start.. 😳
    Got to get out lock unlock sometimes 3 times before it starts.🤨

    I’m using the orange key if that causing the problem, not sure .

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    According to the manual, there’s only one rear fog light, ajn, in the bumper on the driver’s side.

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    Thanks wigwam, it just with this recall (something to do with a wiring harness wrongly positioned), I don’t want them skipping through the recall missing anything,(which they had no recollection of😳)

    I read somewhere to it can cause problems to stopping.

    Took four days of emails (14 sent) in  the end I had to send screen shots from the Volvo & Gov.  sites to even prove the recall.

    The wasted time now means the next available slot with courtesy car in commencing 10th May.

    Our car will be taking us to Scotland on the 8th, so I’ve just asked them to log the time scale of when I first inquired of the recall..


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    Bit of a boring update unless like me unaware….

    As wigwam rightly pointed out the rear fog light consists of only one…

    I made a few mistakes here as follows,

    1, I typed in rear “fog lights” in the Volvo app online car manual, however  it’s classed as rear fog “LAMP” not a “LIGHTS”😳

    2, Nothing was was found in my search of the online app manual due to my incorrect search of rear fog lights thinking there would be two…

    WRONG again only one and it is classed as rear FOG LAMP..

    My first ever car to have only one rear fog light, again hence my confusion.

    3, After driving off and the initial intelligent safety check doing it’s thing, I’m getting an image of the car appears on the dash with illuminated rear lights, so after the obvious get out hands on hip look at all rear lights 🧐found one side rear fog light out..

    Hence my question to another Volvo owner to maybe check.

    WOW they say you learn some thing new daily..👍

    The car must go in to Volvo for a recall about wiring harness problems to the rear lights oh and lamp 😂 anyway so hopefully everything should be put right afterwards, also the car have might need some update stuff so iron out non communication to start up, again software updates new to me also🤨.


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    These companies seriously need to consult with Google on how their searches work. Those results are a joke.

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    I used the search in the XC40 on-line manual which is the same as in the car. Typed in “fog light” and the first item was Fog Lamp.  Best just to keep searches simple!

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    I just used the Volvo online app, for the actual car, the car manual is in there.

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