XC40 R Design Pro …. ordered 😎

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    Well guys after our second drive in the XC40 on friday it was a no brainer to get one on order and replace the current Hyundai Santa Fe after 4 great years in that car.

    So we ordered an XC40 R Design Pro B4P auto.

    The colour? …. Fusion Red

    The interior? Well, we were really thinking we would add full leather but following a 2 hour test drive on a hot sunny day, we assured ourselves that the half nubuck / half leather interior was fine

    And the deal we agreed?

    Well, published Q3 AP is £1999 for this model, we settled on a discounted AP of …. £1599.

    The order was placed with zero deposit.

    We’ll take delivery in October (Q4) and we have agreed that if the published AP in Q4 drops then we’ll pay the lower cost less the £400 discount that we have agreed. But if the published AP rises then our deal is capped at the Q3 published AP less the agreed discount.

    The car will also come with £20 of fuel for the road.

    So on the whole, we’re very pleased with that deal. It’s not a deal that the dealer is openly advertising, I negotiated this deal on the basis of us being existing customers of the motor group that the dealership is part of.

    We’ve had 4 years of excellent service from the group and were keen to continue the relationship, so its encouraging that they brought their A game to the party too, and were keen to keep us as group customers.

    Our current Santa Fe is in superb condition and so if we can keep it that way until October then the £700 good condition bonus will reduce our outlay to just £899.

    What’s not to like about that 😁

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>What does it say when you jump in the motor to go to the shop a mile down the road, and end up out for 40 minutes? …. well apart from telling me I’ve gotta get out more 😂 , I’m very much liking this motor.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It’s only got 88 miles on the clock and already knocking out 35mpg, and it’s only gonna get better. So any concerns on fuel consumption are definitely put to bed.</p>

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    72 dudes

    @Macca, I’m the same with our XC40 7 months in!

    So many things to love about the car. I particularly like the economy graph you can call up on the centre display, quite addictive.

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    A world apart from the XC60 we tried in 2016, Volvo have come on a hell of a lot in just 4 years.

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    Guys we really need an XC40 tips and hints thread, our XC60 is definitely old school tech.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    @Macca. It is poor mate. But in my almost 40 yrs of buying, not once have I had a dealer call me for anything other than to tell me my new car’s ready to pick up (ergo they want cash). As far as I’m concerned, dealer updates is a myth. 😐

    And tbh, when I ring to arrange another pick up date at the end of this month, I’m fully expecting to be told of another slip to 2021. I’m reading a few orders doing this now.

    I’m looking forward to the remote start. TBH, with all the bumpf I’ve read, I wasn’t sure that the MY21 had it. So that’s good to read. And I’m looking forward to the mood lighting as well. My X1 only has two colours but it’s in the doors, dash and foot wells and is amazing. I hope it’s as good in the Volvo. I’ve read it’s only a couple of LED’s chucking out light. Is that right?

    And, oh, the seats and ride comfort in the XC40. Sublime.
    Thanks for the mention on the stereo. That’s good to hear. I’ve always paid for top of the range but this time, I’ve not bothered. The past few years, I’ve just not felt like listening, or rarely anyway. I paid a lot for the HK in my X1 and it’s not that good imo. The best by far I’ve had was the B&W I had a few years back. That was incredible.

    Right, I’m suitably jealous now so bog off.

    Drive safe mate. She looks amazing. I so very nearly went for the red.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I agree Brydo, all modern cars are like electronic devices these days. I can give a few tips with regards to generic Volvo experience as Mrs B has a current generation XC60 and it has most of the same functions.

    1) the control for climate functions are in the iPad type device in the centre console and it takes a lot of practice to know where the buttons are without taking your eyes off the road. To avoid this you can use voice control by pressing the ‘listen’ button on the steering wheel and telling it what you want. This includes heated seats and wheel. For me it wasn’t intuitive to use speech but you soon get used to it, and it will alter most of the car settings. Also, on climate settings you can use the button at the top of the temperature display to synchronise the temp across the car.

    2) The car has an auto handbrake which engages when you stop. It disengages when you press the accelerator again. It’s a great safety feature but is really annoying when trying to park in smaller spaces as it keeps applying brake then requiring a blip of throttle to release. This can be awkward when in tight spaces. You can turn it off but that stops it working when you actually want it. Instead, I learned to keep the car moving ever so slightly so it doesn’t engage. It’s worth practising the technique as without it you’ll be swearing at the car!

    3) The start/stop function can be turned off but there is a little trick to allow it to stay on and still not be unnerved by it. When you stop it will engage but if you quickly blip the throttle it starts again leaving you with a running engine. It won’t turn off again unless you move and stop again. It’s especially useful if you want to momentarily leave your car but don’t want it turning off. If you blip it before you get out it stays running, if it’s in stop mode and you get out it turns off. Very annoying if you have a post box at the top of a track!

    4) The manual is built into the iPad device and can be accessed at any time. Very useful when you’re bored and waiting somewhere, or there’s a function you don’t understand.

    5) the auto headlights are activated by pushing the toggle on the indicator stalk up the way. It stays engaged until you manually adjust the lights. The system is quite effective and knows the difference between reflections and actual headlights. It dips with street lights too! Neither of which my Ford can manage 🙂

    I’m sure there’s loads more but aI can’t think of them right now!

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    Wayne’s post reminded me of another point. Make sure your dealer sets up the Volvo On Call system as without it you can’t use the remote facilities. They didn’t do this on our existing car, and they need it in the dealership to do it. Also Wayne, don’t get too excited about the mood lighting, it isn’t that dramatic. All you get are 2 little led’s, one in front, one in rear, that change colour. The trim lighting is white and can’t be changed. It does give a nice little reflection off the glossy bits but it’s definitely not overwhelming, unlike the one in new Beemers.

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    One more! The lane keeping assist can be turned off! You’ll understand when you experience it 😀.

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    As far as the mood lighting goes, I wouldn’t know how many led’s are in there, there’s a noticeable difference between the high and low settings. The thing I’m a bit puzzled about is that there’s a bunch of colours to choose from, but I’m not really seeing any difference between them, that said I am colour blind, so it could well just be my shonky eyes 😳.

    It’s in the dash, doors, footwell, and centre console.

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    Bowly101 any news on the delivery date of your xc40, also would you say the bmw is a better overall vehicle than the Volvo..


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    I like the fact that it tells me the speed limits on the road i’m on, and gives a speed camera warning a good way in advance.

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    Macca glad your both happy with the choice on the xc40, nothing worse than doubt after purchase and 3 years between change.

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    We’ll happily run this for 5 years, pip permitting.

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    Have to say I’m disappointed with Volvo! I either have to find another £900 or settle for a t3, but finding proper reviews of the engine is not easy, thought about a T-roc r-line but it’s second best and reviews say it’s plasticky oh dilemmas again just when I thought I had it sorted!

    So pleased for you all that managed to get one ordered, enjoy 😊

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    No, no news, but I’ve got a dealer like Wayne’s! 😆. The last guesstimate I had was 20th October. I ordered exactly the same car as Macca, with the exception of the upgraded hifi, and he was about 3 weeks before me in ordering, so I’m hopeful!

    As for Volvo vs BMW I found the XC40 a better bet for me vs. The X1. The ride was a fair bit harder, but the sway for me was the cost of extras to make it up to the Volvo spec. Way too much! I have to say though, I’m a bit jealous of the lucky buggers who can get in and out of the 2 series grand coupe. It’s a lovely thing, inside and out.

    Vinnie, I did drive the D3, which has slightly less hp and slightly more torque and found it didn’t struggle with the weight of the car. It felt sprightly of the line and around town and only slightly underpowered accelerating on the dual carriageway. It wouldn’t have put me off having one if the B4 wasn’t an alternative. All of that said the T3 might be a very different beast from the D3. My experience of these smaller 3 cylinder turbo engines in other makes has been good though. Mrs B had a fiesta zetec s with a 995cc eco boost 125hp engine and it was brilliant. The only thing was that you needed to keep it in the rev range for the turbo to be engaged and it was properly powerful. I bet the Volvo is similar in this respect.

    Macca, it’s just the one single led around the interior lights buttons above your head in the front. This one (and one in the rear) changes based on your settings. All the other lighting stays white (dash, doors, footwells). Tbh you only really see it as reflection in some of the glossy trim. Blue or purple seems to be the most visible. This is the 60 I’m referring to but all I can find about the 40 seems to suggest it’s the same.

    I remembered one other thing regarding functions. The hill decent control doesn’t have a button anymore (unlike the older model Volvo’s), but is engaged when you select off-road from your drive mode settings. It’s really useful if you have slippery conditions and steep slopes. It does all the work to control the speed and slip, you just point it in the right direction. Hopefully!

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    Always found Volvo hgv,trucks and everything else they build these better choice for comfort.

    My Daughter got a bmw m5 2019, yeah it’s responsive however I find it uncomfortable, to flashy to low however I did copy her in cream leather interior on a xc40.😁

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    @Bowly101, thanks for the clear up re the lighting. It’s as I thought.

    , I’m coming from an X1 to the XC40 and if comfort is high on your list then the Volvo wins out. It’s a much better ride than the BMW and soaks up bumps much better. And I mean significantly better.
    And my choice, the Inscription Pro comes with power seats as std.
    I um’d and ah’d a lot over another BMW but the cost to add seats and adaptive damping (still harder than the Volvo) knocked it off my list.
    pluses for the BMW is that all have just had yet another update with some excellent additions whilst the Volvo has just had quite a significant downgrade.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Our extended family has had quite a number of Volvo’s over the years. Xc70CC, XC90, C70, both last and current XC60’s and they’ve always been good cars. That said, my parents had last generations XC60 and we currently have the new generation and the old one was better in many ways. It felt better screwed together in general. I had an accident in the last gen where a fiesta pulled out in front of me in a 30mph zone. I braked but didn’t have enough space to stop so I guess I hit him at about 15mph. The fiesta was a write off and the Volvo had a scratched bumper. In our latest one I managed to hit an unfortunate pheasant earlier this year and it cracked the bumper. The new model looks nicer, especially inside with the fancy screens etc. but it’s just not quite as good. It’s still a very decent car though and obviously hasn’t put me off the brand!
    As far as M5 beemers go, well my heart would love one, but my wallet, head, and dodgy physical condition would win that fight! Cream leather looks amazing, and really suits Volvo’s for some reason? Unfortunately I made poor life choices for allowing cream leather into my car. Live in the proper sticks, grubby children, and hairy mutt who likes being as dirty as possible. I’d have sh*tty brown leather after a few months 😆. And I was banned from having red leather by SWMBO. I’ve always wanted a silver car with red leather due to lusting after one of my colleagues Alfa Romeo 156 in the 90’s. Not to be though, and mine will look just like Macca’s, and that makes me very cheery.

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    My XC40 is edging ever so close, just got another email from the dealership/salesman (every 10days) saying it looks like they will be receiving it a bit earlier, early/mid December instead of late December/early January.

    communication from the dealer has been top notch, from test drive to updates. He really doesn’t have to contact me every 10 days, once a month would be fine with me.

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    Had an update from my dealer today. Car moves to production in the next 48hrs then takes a further 72hrs to travel through the process to completion. They are hopeful that the car will still arrive this month, but the original date of 20th October will definitely be missed. Apparently (no surprises) there are hold ups on XC40 production, although he didn’t know the specifics of what they were. I’ve got a nasty feeling that my car might get snarled up in further lockdown issues, but TBH if we are in a bad enough COVID situation to need that then cars won’t be top of my list of worries. Still, it’ll be nice to have sooner rather than later. I’m supposed to get an update once the car actually exists, and if I do I’ll post the info here.

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    You really will not be disappointed when it lands, I’m loving ours. The voice control is a great tool.

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    Macca you, and the other xc40 gang, will need to give the rest of us a tutorial on the xc40 tech. We get ours in January and it would be great to get it with loads of info stored in ma heed. Lol

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    @Bowly101, I have the same horrible feeling. I’m supposed to pick mine up on Wednesday but no news.
    We’ll see eh?

    , I hope you’re enjoying yours. 😁

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Mine supposed to be end Oct early Nov suddenly became end Nov beginning Dec, ordered 18th Aug..However could be brought slightly forward..

    Leads me to believe none of it.

    End of Oct was said to be worse case, hhmm I’ve got the feeling with Xmas coming more delays.

    It may prove testing hanging onto the AP to far into Dec..

    We must admit though it’s got to be the worst ever time to join.

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    Oh sorry Macca glad your loving yours great colour choice too.

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