XC40 R Design Pro …. ordered 😎

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    Well guys after our second drive in the XC40 on friday it was a no brainer to get one on order and replace the current Hyundai Santa Fe after 4 great years in that car.

    So we ordered an XC40 R Design Pro B4P auto.

    The colour? …. Fusion Red

    The interior? Well, we were really thinking we would add full leather but following a 2 hour test drive on a hot sunny day, we assured ourselves that the half nubuck / half leather interior was fine

    And the deal we agreed?

    Well, published Q3 AP is £1999 for this model, we settled on a discounted AP of …. £1599.

    The order was placed with zero deposit.

    We’ll take delivery in October (Q4) and we have agreed that if the published AP in Q4 drops then we’ll pay the lower cost less the £400 discount that we have agreed. But if the published AP rises then our deal is capped at the Q3 published AP less the agreed discount.

    The car will also come with £20 of fuel for the road.

    So on the whole, we’re very pleased with that deal. It’s not a deal that the dealer is openly advertising, I negotiated this deal on the basis of us being existing customers of the motor group that the dealership is part of.

    We’ve had 4 years of excellent service from the group and were keen to continue the relationship, so its encouraging that they brought their A game to the party too, and were keen to keep us as group customers.

    Our current Santa Fe is in superb condition and so if we can keep it that way until October then the £700 good condition bonus will reduce our outlay to just £899.

    What’s not to like about that 😁

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    Great news @Macca  👍👍

    , same here. 12 weeks since I placed the order and I’m still waiting for my “call you in a day or so to confirm the date, although it’ll definitely be before the end of September.”
    Macca’s got a superb dealership there and well worth a trip.
    I’ve used a number of dealers in Chester (where I‘ve ordered from) over the years and all of them are the same.  By that, I mean useless.
    The biggest cowboys were Jaguar. They falsified issues, damaged my cars on a number of occasions (panel damage, wheels and even smashed a windscreen) and over charged nearly every visit.

    ⭐️ Back in the room⭐️

    At the moment I’m a month away but tbh, the way it’s all going, I won’t be surprised if it all goes later than that. I’m not out much at all right now so I’m fine with that really.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Certainly can’t complain so far, let’s hope it continues

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    Looks great!
    I’ve also finally been & gone & done it.

    Volvo XC40 Inscription Pro B4P auto (changed my mind & went for Onyx Black with Blond interior) ordered on 24/09. As I’ve commented before, the dealership didn’t offer any discounts (nor did the only other fairly local one) & although I did contact other places recommended here, they were just too far away. Ho hum…..so laid it on thick to get a tank of petrol. Nada but apparently I was eligible for Gard X protector.Sounds great, I thought. £525? No ta-I’ll take my chances.

    I’m so looking forward to delivery end of Jan. Anything sooner will be a bonus.

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    Nice one, join the club and enjoy ✊

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    Left it late to order our xc40 inscription pro, due to a couple of factors, but its done now.

    We ordered from Taggarts Glasgow, wish we hadn’t, not only was there no discount he charged us £20 for petrol, I asked if he was “having a laugh” “company policy” he replied.

    After we, reluctantly ordered I said “obviously if the AP goes down in Q4 we pay the lower AP. “No you pay the AP in Q3 no matter what happens”, ” there is no chance of the AP being lower in Q4″ he said.

    By this time Mrs Brydo just wanted out of the showroom but a disappointing conclusion to a much anticipated change over.

    Of course if the AP Q4 is lower I will be cancelling the order and going elsewhere.

    We had the choice of two other Volvo dealers but we had used this dealer five years ago for our xc60 when we got £600 discount and free alloy upgrade.

    What a difference, disappointed.

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    Bit of a sour experience there Brydo. It definitely sounds like deals are pretty much impossible to get north of the border.

    It’s quite startling the difference in dealer experiences within the forum.

    Hopefully when you’ve got it thoughts of the order process will fade away fella.

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    Same dealership as me & same experience!


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    Karen I will be looking into getting our new car serviced at a different dealership so their hard line stance will hit them in the pocket in the long run.

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    Not a dissimilar experience to me @Brydo.
    It’s as if they believe it’s us offering the service. I’ve conditioned myself to expect it nowadays but even so, I can’t help but get pee’d off when it happens.
    And I’ll probably take the same approach with servicing.
    The upside? Once you’re in it and given a few hundred miles, you’ll have forgotten all that.
    And I always make sure I leave a review somewhere. TrustPilot, Google, etc.
    I do the same if I get good service for my purchases. Which has been one in 2020. Jollyes pet shop! They always help me.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I think we all know that dealers have targets to meet on vehicle sales etc, either monthly or quarterly (or both) to maintain bonuses and various other perks – some targets include Motability sales, some not.

    What Motability’s figures published by @js on another thread show is that since lockdown ended, the pent-up demand for Motability vehicles has surged – mainly as people couldn’t order for a period and had their leases extended, but can now order.

    Motability’s recent missive about ordering during this quarter has also had an impact, with people trying to avoid possible AP increases next quarter.

    So what you have is a perfect storm of dealers having already met their monthly/quarterly sales targets, with demand still walking in through the door and thus there being absolutely no incentive for dealers to ‘work hard’ to get a sale, particularly Motability sales.

    When sales targets reset on 1st October, it could be a vastly different matter again.

    However, as a Motability customer one needs to at least consider the warning from Motability with regards to not delaying one’s order.

    Incidentally, it is not just Motability sales this affects. Our farm business wants to buy four brand new 4×4 double-cab pick-ups for two of our farms. When the dealer asks if there is any chance of delaying the order until next month due to them already having met their monthly/quarterly targets, with the lure of ‘we can give you a better deal next month’, then you know the business model of the motor trade has shifted from ‘sales incentivised’ to ‘bonus incentivised’.

    In other words, they don’t want the business – at the moment!

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    Call from the dealer this morning, collecting the car on friday, very good approach to customer service 👍

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    Way to go Macca!

    Big Dave’s post above is so on point. I have literally exhausted all our options now… much to our disappointment it is increasingly looking like we might have to get the Kia Sportage as it has everything on it we are looking for (in terms of features, albeit a much cheaper feel and ride) and I’m sure that would be the Grant department’s argument if I tried to go down that route to get the XC40 with extras! As our daughter is severely visually impaired, she functions better with as much light as possible, but Motability don’t see a panoramic roof as an ‘adaptation’, it’s a luxury! On the XC40 the roof is an extra, on the Sportage it’s included!

    Please feel free to search for #eleanorsvoice on social media to help us raise awareness and follow our daughter's journey - nothing more!

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    Hadn’t thought of taking servicing elsewhere Brydo. Great idea.  I thought the next nearest was Arnold Clark at Stirling. Motability guy wasn’t particularly helpful on the phone when I was shopping around. Where do you have in mind?

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    You can always try to grants team and see what they give you, they are very helpful and find areas of the XC40 that meat your needs where the Kia wouldn’t. Worth a try rather than settling for something you don’t want as you’ll have it for a long time and pay a lot of money for it

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    I was thinking Stirling Karen but need to see if they pick up and drop off when servicing.

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    That’s the other thing about Taggart’s in Glasgow. I asked about collecting the car for servicing (never been an issue for Vauxhall or Peugeot) only to be told that company policy limit is 10 miles from the dealership & as I live 11 miles away they won’t do it! They really are taking the p…

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    As we all have discovered, it is seemingly impossible to get a deal out of Scottish Volvo dealers. They know they have a good offer on AP vs brand and spec and they know (especially with Covid-19) they have a reasonably captive audience. I tried Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Inverness, all with no joy regarding any sort of deal. So I ended up with my closest dealer which happens to be Arnold Clark, and although they’ve been poor with offers and a wee bit lacking in communication, they are always pleasant to deal with once I’m there. From a servicing perspective they do offer a collection and return service and we are 40 miles away, but they are our nearest dealers. I wonder if they would offer the same when you have other franchises closer to you? On the plus side, if you take your car to Stirling you’ll have a good excuse to visit the Trossachs 😀, which is always a great way to spend an afternoon! Loch Katrine and a jaunt on the SS Sir Walter Scott, awesome! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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    Karen, they pick our car up just now and we are twenty odd miles away.

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    Vw wouldn’t pick my car up because I’m more then 3 miles from them. We are just over 3 miles away.
    I rang motability and a few minutes later the dealer rang saying they would pick the car up and drop it back cleaned and vacuumed.
    So I’d give them a call


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    Thanks all for advice.

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    I should know this but I’ve never had to think about it in the past is it essential to get the car serviced by a Volvo, in this case, garage? There are many garages closer to me that are not Volvo but supply motability cars and obviously carry out the servicing for those cars.

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    Well our choice of XC40 has jumped from a published AP of £1999 in Q3 to £2899 today so very pleased that we ordered in the right quarter for us 👍

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    Same Macca.
    Mine’s jumped from £2,199 to £3,099. 😳

    They obviously don’t want MB sales this quarter!

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Timing or what? 😁

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    The nearest equivalent to mine is now a grand more expensive than I paid a year ago, makes us feel good, but I do feel sorry for Q4 buyers being ripped off

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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