Xc40 R Design Pro auto B4

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    Ok so as this model has dropped in AP by £400 this quarter, and metallic is now included again, it’s got my attention enough to get back to the test drive that I had booked at the beginning of the year, but had to cancel when my wife was unexpectedly hospitalised.

    The encouraging thing is that the motor group that supplied my wife’s current Hyundai, also has a Volvo dealership. On liaising with them we have agreed a discount in return for our loyalty to the group. It’s a family business and service with their Hyundai dealedship over almost 4 years has been spot on, and reviews of the Volvo dealership suggest they operate to the same standard.

    They offer a days test drive but aren’t running them currently due to coronavirus precautions. So whenever that can be arranged we’ll have one out for the day and see what we make of it over that extended drive.

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    Denise, good choice.

    If you look at the Volvo website it confirms metallic is now included again …


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    I know Wayne, But its the fusion red and the black roof on the R-

    Design. Its got to be an auto and the cheaper option would be the Inscription, I would have the rear camera and front senors….but I cant have that black roof….lol.


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    Thanks Macca. I will get in touch with the dealer to double check this. I am glad I went with the R-Design. Love the sporty look/feel. I drove the hybrid version for an hour. I loved how quite it was even though it had the 20 inch alloys. Can’t wait to get the car. Good luck with the test drive.

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    That sounds like a great choice Dennise. The metallic paint is definitely included now we went to tms Volvo and they confirmed it and it also states it on their website price list, the only time you pay for colour is if you go for the more expensive colours like bursting blue and you then have the metallic paint cost deducted so only pay the difference. Was it the b4 you actually test drove? There’s no reviews out there of that engine and they seem to be rare for test drive. You’ve chosen my favourite spec with the lounge pack, did you see the panoramic sunroof in the showroom? Again they seem to be rare, I was surprised they didn’t have at least one in our showroom to see.

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Dennise, there was a move by Volvo last quarter to add £500 for any colour other than the base black. This has now been removed and Volvo are advertising this by stating it in their terms. This screenshot is off Volvo’s page. However, if you want the ‘Premium Metallic’ paint, I think it’s the case again that you make up the difference, so £275. This is usually the case with premium paints. Perhaps someone reading can please confirm this.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Sorry. I read Dennise’s post at the end of page 2 and realise now the question has already been answered. It is Sunday after all. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 😝

    Dennise, that’s a great choice. I bet you can’t wait.  Given your mileage, I honestly don’t think you’ll have an issue with fuel cost and the B4P, if nothing else, should be a punchy set-up. The B4P engine is the T4 with the mild hybrid system with it, so the benefit of the T4 with mild mpg improvements. The P simply stands for petrol as Volvo also use the B4 designation elsewhere but on a diesel engine B4D. 😁

    This is all getting very interesting.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Out of curiosity has anyone ever seen the lava carpet option in person? When I mentioned it to the salesman he screwed his face up and said it’s very bright 😂 I’ve seen some pics online with black floor mats where I thought it looked really good but some times online pics can be deceiving.

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    Each to their own of course, but bright orange carpet ain’t for me Haley ….

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    😂 yes Macca it does look particularly bright there. Some pics make it look more low key. Maybe not worth the risk. Part of me likes the splash of colour and part of me keeps thinking if you throw in some brown it resembles me mums living room in the 80’s 😀

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    What do you all think of the boot size on the XC40? I was expecting it to be bigger

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    I was really happy with the boot size but I guess it depends what your used to

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    We will be checking it out next week when we will be giving it the manual wheelchair challenge.

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    Well I don’t think it’s small, but it just depends what you need to put in it. Gotta remember it’s a compact SUV. If a bigger boot us needed then step up to the likes of the Hyundai Tucson etc.

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    Like others have said, I guess you have to judge the boot size by what you use it for. When I went to view one before ordering, I had a play around with it and found a good solution for my manual wheelchair was to remove the boot floor panel.

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    Boot comparison of similar cars here. Of course actual litre capacity is not the only consideration, shape also matters for what items you want to fit in.


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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Over the three years I’ve had my X1, I’ve memorised the boot size and it’s handy when comparing.😁

    The XC40 is 40L smaller seats up and 160L smaller seats down  That’s quite a difference but I’m ok with that for now, especially given that the X1 has one of the biggest in class. There’ll  come a time when space will be everything so I’m choosing wisely while I can. By that I mean by choice as opposed to necessity.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Haley and Bionic Rusty thank you for your answers. Haley, I have emailed the dealer and asked whether the metallic paint is included or not. He said it should be included if it says so on Volvo’s website so that’s definitely good news for me.
    I test drove the hybrid version in R-Design with 20 inch alloys and panoramic sunroof. I would highly recommend the sunroof.. it was a must for us. I was blown away with the drive and how quite Volvo was compared to my old X1. I don’t think I am ever going back to BMW. They didn’t  have a car with B4 engine for me to test drive purely because it’s a new engine. I have chosen b4 over t3 purely because it’s more power (197bhp) and efficient with mild hybrid engine. Mpg figures close to t3 (150bhp) less powerful engine. Lounge pack is so good value includes panoramic sunroof, 360 camera, park assist pilot, smart phone integration & harman kardon sound system. Lounge pack adds blind spot monitoring automatically. All you need in one package. No need to add rear view camera it was so easy to park with 360 birds eye view camera. I think B4 engine should be good and punchy. Let’s see delivery in October.</p>



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    I have to say when I took an R Design Pro out at the beginning of the year I purposely wanted to see how it rode on the 20’s.

    I thought it was a great ride, i was very impressed

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    Hi I have been reading with interest and thought I would let you know .we have been running a xc40 T4 R Design pro since March and have just covered 4000 miles,this is a T4 not the B4 by all accounts these are very similar and the dealer seems to think that the B4 should achieve 3-4 mpg on average more than the T4.as for our T4 we live in a rather rural part of  Cornwall and average around 35-36 mpg with two 600 hundred mile round trips averaging 41mpg .the car is superb but if mpg is a concern or if at all heavy footed then it’s probably not for you as mpg can be considerably less if driven hard

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    Macca, Agreed. I was worried about the 20inch alloys but during the test drive even on bumpy roads it rode so quite. Compared to Inscription Pro alloys they look so good and sporty.

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    Anyone got a diesel?

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    Maybe its just me but I find it difficult to get excited about alloys.

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    Hi Shed, Thanks for the info on mpg. I think I would be quite happy to get 35-38 mpg with B4 compared to my BMW M sport X1 where I was getting 31-33 so even better. I don’t do many miles so it’s not a huge concern if I get little lower than the actual figures.

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    The XC40 whether the B4 or T3 engine should average about 36mpg, they wont be far off.  I’ve watched tons for reviews on it and they all do say the big 20 inch alloys dont make the ride worse.

    The MPG is an issue and because of that I was thinking about getting the pug 2008, but there are no reliable mpg figures for that, But it uses the same platform and engines as the DS3 and the 1.2 PureTech auto only gets 40 mpg….for me thats too close to call and its the XC40 for me….lol.


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