Xc40 picked up today.

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     I’m praying it’s a bad batch of the seat pads. It’d make sense as mine was built (all three of them, but that’s another very long story) over the lockdown and I know that there was an issue with the Pro seats around the July/August time.


    How do you know this?

    I’ve had to start using my wheelchair cushion on the driver’s seat as it’s so uncomfortable, and even causes me pain sometimes.

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    Was told by my dealer in September you couldn’t order an Inscription pro because there was a problem with the seats in the pro. His children know my grandchildren so we have a connection.

    I did ask if the B4 was liable to come down in January and he laughed and said no.

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    John Orr

    Hey Vinnie ,do you know for sure about the issue with the Inscription Pro ?

    We ordered late Aug ,3 delivery dates have been and gone ,and our local dealer has no idea when it will turn up ,just trying to glean as much info before i start hounding Volvo bigtime when they reopen for business on the 4th Jan,  Thanks

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    Hi John

    As far as I remember, had a lot of sleeps since then, and memory is not too brilliant, brain injury, yes I’m sure they said they couldn’t order an Inscription pro at the time as there was a problem with the seats, but I’m doubting my memory now! I thought they meant supply and because I couldn’t order till December said it wouldn’t be a problem, this was just a little glitch. Mentioned COVID-19 😷 etc. At the time you couldn’t build one either on the Volvo website, which is why I rang him, and he couldn’t either so enquired about it, hope this helps.

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    mpg update – 170 miles completed 25•8 mpg.

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    John Orr

    Thanks Vinnie ,will get cracking at Volvo on the 4th Jan ,will see what happens then

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    Glos Guy

    mpg update – 170 miles completed 25•8 mpg.

    Ouch! Not looking much better is it? It’s still early days but I’d be very disappointed with that. Yes it’s a petrol SUV, but a small one and only 2WD, so I would be expecting mid 30’s as a minimum. I have been a bit disappointed with the mpg on our 2018 Tiguan, yet it has averaged 39.8mpg. Yes it’s a diesel, but the 190PS variant with 4WD and I don’t use eco mode as it results in too much lag. The BMW 5 Series that I used to have, also 190PS Diesel auto – only 2WD but bigger and heavier than the Tiguan / XC40 – averaged 47.9mpg and I drove it ‘keenly’ 😂  My wife is keen that we switch from diesel to petrol next time but I would want at least mid 30’s mpg as I detest having to refuel more than is absolutely necessary. The last car that I had that only delivered 25mpg was a V8 BMW 750i Sport and whilst the XC40 is a nice car it isn’t in that league!

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    mpg update – 170 miles completed 25•8 mpg.

    Brydo have you got the Volvo on call app thing on your phone, it states the miles covered fuel consumption and the average speed.

    Maybe if we all started emailing their own figures from their own app it would prove a point of everyday customer driving.

    Happy New Year by the way..

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    Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a nice festive period.

    I think it’s a good idea to post some of the On Call app details to see how we’re all comparing seeing as there seems to be quite a discrepancy in figures. Here’s one from me that’s from a fairly typical journey for us. I have a 1/2 mile gravel track before I get to a B road which doesn’t allow more than about 15mph, so my track, then a couple of miles of B road, then the rest on an A road with a few speed zones of 40 or 50mph. Car is set to comfort mode and I’m not trying to save fuel. When I set the car to eco I can get to high 30’s but never into the 40’s.



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    @Pillboy, I got this from the Facebook groups. Others were waiting at the same time and were told by their (different) dealers that there was an issue with the seats that was causing the delays to the Inscription Pro cars.
    I’d definitely advise calling your dealer to get it looked at. Mine goes in, in a few days and I’ll be sure to have someone feel the seat before I leave. I appreciate this might be difficult due to social distancing but I’m not going to get a call and being told that there’s nothing wrong.
    I’m loving the car, in general, but even though the suspension is very good, the poor roads means that any bumps are amplified up my spine.

    , when I got mine, I had a couple of trips where I hit 41+MPG, was thinking that it was pretty good and would get slightly better.

    However, now, I’m having to work hard  to get over 35MpG.

    I know most modern ECU’s are programmed to alter the engine characteristics as cars bed-in but honestly thought I’d go the other way. 😂

    This is where the app is great as the driving journal keeps all of your trips, even the stop-offs during each trip. i.e. To the shops, docs, etc.

    I’m just over 1k miles now and thinking I’ll be settling in the 35MPG range. I’m in a pretty rural area and am not often sat in slow moving traffic but it is quite a hilly region.


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    I’m fearing the worst bionic rusty, still early days but it looks like early 30’s at best. It is freezing outside and most of my journeys have been short, but still was expecting better.

    On the seat subject the seats are no where as comfortable as the xc60 we just handed back.

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    I have the D3 and over 6k miles now getting 46mpg average.

    seats are comfy (my20) but agree not as good as old xc60.

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    Morning @Brydo. Yesterday, we drove to the docs, did a little shopping and then home. The journey there was smooth, we are pretty much straight on to main roads but there is a bit of a climb up to the docs.
    that trip averaged 27.9mpg.

    Forgetting the short journey to the shops (the app shows each start-finish), the journey home was all flat and again the traffic was light. This trip managed 38.7mpg.
    I didn’t move it out of Comfort Mode at all.

    What I’m realising is that it doesn’t take much to destroy the mpg figure and going back over the logs, some journeys I’ve done with a reasonable mpg, some days, the exact same journey shows an awful mpg but I don’t recall any issues on the way.

    My driving style means I usually get the same or better out of my cars based on manufacturers ‘Combined’ figures. My overall combined is sitting at 35.3 after 1000 miles. Not as good as I hoped for but it’s ok.
    However, I’m fully aware that this is largely due to where I live. If I lived in a city centre, I honestly think I’d be more in the region of low to mid 20’s.
    And honesty bomb here. Even though I knew exactly what the figures were, it is still a bit of a shock coming from a diesel that could hit 66mpg. But I’ve always been aware that Volvo’s are not best known for their efficiency.

    Interesting point you make about the seats, @Brydo and @Ad1. We’ll see what Volvo says when it’s back with them this week.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    The above is a pretty typical example of what mpg I’m getting, the long term average shown on the central display is currently reading 37.5mpg. I agree with bionic Rusty that with a bit of traffic thrown in or a change in driving style does affect it quite markedly though. A ten minute drive into town and back would be about 27mpg at a guess.

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    Anyone thinking about getting the xc40 t5 recharge??? . I no it’s expensive but would you save in the long run ?

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    28 mpg what one is that for

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    London to Milton Keynes and back today 35mpg, cruise control used adjusting between 70-75

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    260 miles 26.1 mpg.

    Took the xc40 out today for a wee run, 0 degrees outside, mpg dropped to 20 within half a mile. Reset the mpg and drove another 5-6 miles, mpg settled at 31 mpg.

    Not fantastic but certainly an improvement. I believe it will settle in the mid 30’s.

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    Neil Waring

    Hi all, has anyone any experience of mpg with the T3 power unit?

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    John Orr

    Hi everyone ,at last i have had the XC40 delivered ..Yay !

    BUT ,there always seems to be a but ..

    We ordered the XC Inscription Pro ,and was disappointed to find that it does not come with the phone charging pad nor the foldable cargo floor divider,i did see that in some of the YouTube videos that we looked at ,they said that the charging pad was an optional extra ,but i thought it was included in the Pro trim level, also i have never seen [to my knowledge] any of the models that DON’T come with divided cargo floor ,every review i have looked at ,shows this ,i absolutely assumed [ again, rightly or wrongly ! ] that was standard across the range .

    When we ordered the car ,there was not much info offered by the dealer ,and on pick up ,it was basically ,here’s the key , all the best [ Covid regs ]

    Have i [ probably ] made a mistake in the above ?

    To end on a positive ,the car is really ,really top class , cant wait to give it a bit of a run ,again when this Covid malarkey  allows .

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    Hi John,

    Glad you’ve got your new motor! It’s a shame but the two items you’ve mentioned are extras even on the pro trim. The charging pad is a stand alone extra and the folding boot floor is part of the versatility pack. You’re right that the folding floor is mentioned in almost every review but they don’t mention the fact that you’ve got to pay for it! As always, these ‘premium’ cars have those little bits missed off that they want to sting you extra for. The rest of the car is lovely though, so you’ve got plenty to look forward to!

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    Glos Guy

    Also worth remembering that car manufacturers have Press & PR departments that provide demonstrators for reviews and, just as with demonstrators at dealerships, they tend to ‘bling’ up their cars with a lot of optional extras to make the car seem more attractive and to encourage purchasers to opt for the extras. To be fair to Volvo, this isn’t unique to them. They all do it. Always wise to scrutinise the manufacturer price lists and specifications, which are available on websites (although not always easy to find).

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    I took a run down to the local volvo dealer on the 29th Dec to get an idea of colours but the forecourt was full of xc60s and 90s. There was one red xc40 inscription pro with blond leather outside. Someone’s  new car all shiny ready for collection.

    That helped make my mind up there and, inscription  pro in black with blond leather.

    Put in an order on the 30th, glad I did as I didnt know prices go up on the 1st January. By nearly £1k no less…

    Dealer never mentioned about possible price rises.

    Delivery should be some time in March… March 2021 hopefully…

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