Xc40 picked up today.

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    30 miles driven mpg 19 ouch, early days 🤞

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    19 mpg  omg that’s not so good

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    when I picked it up it started at 13mpg.

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    72 dudes

    That includes all the shunting around at the dealer, coming off the transporter, PDI etc.

    You should have reset it before you set off Brydo!

    Won’t be long before you’re getting low 40s on a run 🙂

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    Looking good

    Congratulations on your new car

    Hopefully the mpg will improve as it loosens up

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    Brydo that’s really may me think I do a lot of miles normal 65 plate and done just under 80k miles  I now going from diesel to petrol there’s a difference but  to me that’s not great . But it’s a lovely car , sales mans still not got back to me …

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    Looks fab-enjoy driving it!

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    Welcome to the club.

    enjoy many happy miles of motoring.

    we are both hoping the mpg gets better

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    First impressions fantastic car to drive, getting used to the auto drive as always had manual, but so far looks great drives great. Wife loves it as do my son and daughter.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by Brydo.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Congratulations on your new car, it looks gorgeous, love the interior. Can’t wait to get mine but there is a lot of sleeps yet 😢, enjoy.

    On the xc40 Forum they are averaging around 35 ish mpg, so it will improve.

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    Which Mobility Car

    @Brydo? Does it make the XC60 feel like a tractor? Seriously?


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    If I remember rightly ours was doing 6mpg as we drove away from the dealer but didn’t give it a second thought, it soon changes.

    Enjoy the new ride fella ✊

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    Nice looking car, Brydo. Do love that interior. You’ll soon get used to the automatic. Enjoy.

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    @wmcforum yes it does a bit but still prefer manual cars, much more feel.
    Ive put it on eco mode so let’s see how that effects the mpg 40 miles 19.6mpg as it stands.

    I feel that the auto wouldn’t be as good in the snow no touch or feel.

    Need to sit and look at the bits and bobs of the car so if you have one and want to share your knowledge feel free I would appreciate it.

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    Have no fear Brydo, I’m 553 miles in on a 2wd B4 ….

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    Looking good Mecca, that would do me nicely.

    I haven’t even looked at setting up the car, voice recognition, iPhone etc so will need to get onto that over the next few days.

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    It was hitting 50mpg on the motorway on a trip out this afternoon. I drive in Eco mostly and I like a casual drive.

    Obviously if you knock it into dynamic and wear a lead boot everything will change very rapidly 😂

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    Farid Miah

    That colour combo looks really nice Brydo, Do you think the blonde would look nice with the glacier silver?

    I’m not sure about the crustal white, plus its an extra £275 i think.

    Is that crystal gearknob lit up?

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    Stephanie O’Donnell

    Looks gorgeous!

    We had ours delivered to us on Tuesday evening but haven’t had time to take pictures yet. Hoping to spend the next few days getting to know all the settings, voice control etc.

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    Glos Guy

    Well done Brydo. Looks very smart and I love the interior. Pleased to hear that you got the boot issue sorted and are enjoying the car. I predict two things. Firstly, your mpg will improve markedly and put your mind at rest. Secondly, once you have become used to an auto you will never go back to a manual. Nobody would choose manual windows over electric ones 😂 Enjoy!

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    Farid I like the glacier silver but the wife liked the white and yes I’m sure it will go with the blonde leather. No the crystal thingy doesn’t light up but it looks good.

    Its strange but apart from the boot the white paint and blonde leather makes it feel bigger than our xc60, which was black with cream leather.

    Gloss guy I’m sure your right, I have now travelled 70 miles and getting 22mpg. I have selected eco mode and switched the air con, which I seldom use, off.

    And the seats are great, very comfy.


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    Was the black roof an cost option? (saw one on the motorway today in the white but it had a black roof)

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    72 Dudes

    Maybe it’s another omission on the MY21, but the crystal gear selector definitely lights up in our MY20.

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    Super car, enjoy.

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