XC40 order problems – back to the drawing board

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    Gutted. After endless research and calls to Volvo dealership, we finally placed an order for the T5 rechargeable inscription pro with a couple of extras. There was a problem ordering because the XC40 is changing from MY21 to MY22 and motability wouldn’t guarantee that the AP could be honoured against the MY22 vehicle.
    However the dealership said they had a build slot for a MY21 in the pipeline and that the specification could be changed to the one we would like and they even offered a £200 discount.
    After a lot of negotiating we signed on the dotted line on Saturday and paid a £500 deposit and sat back relieved that a decision had finally been made. Then on Sunday received a phone call from our salesman’s manager to be told that they couldn’t amend their factory order and they did not have anymore MY21 build slots available. They then said they would get back to me with details of an alternative vehicle and this morning the salesman we had been dealing with came back with a revised offer. Unfortunately it was for a vehicle fitted with more extras increasing the price by about £1000 so we have had to cancel the order and are now waiting for our deposit to be refunded.
    I can’t prove it, but my guess is that the build slot I had been given has been sold to a retail customer, because up until placing our order the salesman had been very attentive and had said there was no problem changing the spec on the car they had on order, it was even his idea we did this.

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    Glos Guy

    I think we’ve had this conversation before, but with respect I think some of the confusion may be because you are asking a question that doesn’t need to be asked, namely will the AP remain the same when the 2022 MY is released. Nobody knows, but it is completely irrelevant as the price you pay is the price on the day you order. If the long lead time means that you get the next model year then great, but it makes no difference to the AP you pay, which is not conditional on it being a specific model year. So, in summary, you should be able to place a factory order at any Volvo dealer tomorrow for an XC40 T5 Recharge Inscription Pro with the options that you want at the current AP. No need to have any conversation about which model year it is likely to be. If you have to wait ages for the car and you get a 2022 model year then great. As I say, you pay the AP applicable in the day you order, which is not specified as only being applicable to 2021 model year cars. I can’t help but wonder if the salesperson you are dealing with doesn’t understand the Motability policy as something straightforward has become unnecessarily complicated. Might be worth trying a different Volvo dealer. No reason that you can’t order the car you want at the current AP tomorrow. Good luck.

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    Been to 2 dealers now and both have brought up the problem with ordering MY22 models. Not sure if this is just a Volvo thing or I have just been unlucky.

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    Glos Guy

    Been to 2 dealers now and both have brought up the problem with ordering MY22 models. Not sure if this is just a Volvo thing or I have just been unlucky.

    I am at a complete loss then, unless you are asking questions about which model year you are getting and it’s causing confusion. Are they actually saying that they will not accept an order? If so, Motability should be informed and should be able to contact them and sort it. If the car cannot be ordered it should be removed from the Motability site. On the basis that it is still there (just checked) there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to order one. The XC40 Recharge was my second choice car and when I called our local Volvo dealer just a few weeks ago they raised no issues at all – and they knew it was a Motability order. Something isn’t right here. I would persevere if you want the car!

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    Glos Guy

    Trying to think around this, the only thing that I can think of that could cause the issues that you are mentioning is if Volvo are changing the model descriptions with the 22MY. In other words, if the R-Design and Inscription models were to be replaced with, for example, Sport and Luxury (which would make sense, as the Volvo names don’t really make much sense) and the only orders that can be placed now are for the new variants, then that could explain it. However, I have no idea whether or not that’s the case and if the Inscription Pro model continues then you should be able to order the 22MY Inscription Pro at the current AP, given that the AP is not for any specific model year. Do let us know when you unravel it, even if it is just dealer incompetence! Good luck and I hope you manage to order the car that you want.

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    Went to look at an XC40 T5 Recharge this morning.  Didn’t discuss issues as above as we can’t order until the end of the month and if we go that way, we’ll have to see if it’s still in the scheme then.

    What I did ask about is the nonsense of the second (orange) key Volvo supply which is not  programmable with a driver profile.  They are still asking £75 for a proper second key.

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    That’s a bit cheeky is t it, wigwam!


    What did you think of the car otherwise? Did you have a test drive?

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    I though it was OK in the showroom, Tim. It’s not a car I can get excited about inside or out, for some reason.  We’ll get a test drive later this month in an Inscription Pro we can have for half a day, so hopefully it’ll impress me more then.  MrsW likes it  She’s after electric seats and a sun roof which the current X1 lacks.
    We were considering Denim Blue but felt it’s a bit flat and dark unless the sun hits it, so favourite colour is now Thunder Grey.

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    The orange key thing is a nightmare, wigs, I think you will hate it…🤣

    I’m sure Volvo will never forgive themselves when you turn away from them unimpressed…🥴

    I recon stick with BMW, they always seem to attract an attitude you have…👍


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    David in Suffolk

    I’m really interested in the XC40 T5 PHEV as the AP was dramatically cut for Q2.  I only discovered this forum recently, and have found it very helpful – so thanks to everyone!!

    I contacted a Volvo dealer today – and have been given similar info as Ianfca received.  The dealer was helpful, but did mention that the choice of cars would be the existing models they had here in the UK.  No new factory builds – as that would be the 22 model.

    I attempted to get some clarification w/o being too strong, and the dealer said the reduced AP was set for the actual cars they already had in the UK and it was ‘preferred’ that these were allocated first. I was told that I could not ask for factory options, only dealer fit options. He was unsure what the arrangement with Motability would be when new factory builds (22 model) were required.

    Dealer was not sure what changes the new model may bring.

    We are lucky to have an BMW X1 25d now, and our choice now is the XC40 or play safe and stick with BMW, this time an X2 20i



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    Glos Guy

    I would very much encourage those of you who are getting told this by Volvo dealers to alert Motability to the fact. There is nothing on the Motability website to state that the AP’s for the XC40 only apply to stock models and not factory orders. This is most unusual and I wonder whether this is a decision that has been made unilaterally by Volvo or with agreement from Motability. It doesn’t seem right that Motability customers should be palmed off with whatever is left of the 21MY versions when anyone going in as a retail customer would be placing a factory order for a brand new 22MY version to their exact specification. Hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come, although Volvo do seem to be a law unto themselves when it comes to Motability. If I recall correctly, they tried charging Motability customers for metallic paint not that long ago – the only manufacturer to do so – a decision that they had to reverse due to complaints. Perhaps if enough people complain about this latest dodge they might have to reverse it and let the AP’s apply to factory orders, as they do with other manufacturers.

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    Have just banged off a message to Motability, Glos Guy. Others should do the same please.

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    Volvo dealers in my experience seem to think your some sort fool with know experience in how the human race works..

    With manners explain what you would like, have explained to you what’s on offer, then choose with your own mind what suits you…

    However if for any reason you find yourself only listen to dealer pumping up his sale, simply tell him you’re there for your interests not his…

    I found it strange on pick up day, he had the day off.😂🤣




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    This is the case with the Kona Electric currently on the scheme at a vastly reduced AP, the cars are all the remaining MY 20.5 vehicles, the new Kona Electric isn’t available on the scheme.  In Hyundai’s case though, this is fairly obvious, as the MY 2021 cars have changed the trim names, the old models’ highest trim was Premium SE, the new one is Ultimate, so I guess this is what Volvo is doing, just not making it quite as obvious to the Motability customer?

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    Joking aside the orange key thing for me has proved no different to the black key.

    The height difference between my Wife and I, at first thought would cause a problem, however just just set each key to memory..

    Follow the instructions, to set the key it must be placed in the lift up arm rest compartment, there is an identity mark in there where to place the key to program settings.

    The seat moves to whats programmed like any other..

    As for the speed restrict thing, I just set it to max speed, I think it only restricts if set, don’t set it no problem.

    I use the orange key, always have..



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    Interesting, ajn. My dealer today said the orange key can’t be programmed with personal settings, in particular seat position. In your case it seems he’s wrong. Does it correspond with the door button for a driver profile?

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    I did contact motability and they were no help either. They couldn’t tell me if what Volvo is saying is true or not. The only option they gave me was to try another dealer. I did contact a 3rd dealer yesterday and I am still waiting for a callback. Must say going off Volvo very quickly.

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    Wasn’t it Volvo dealers that recently insisted that Motability customers need to pay for metallic paint?


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    @wigwam, the orange key at first was a concern, we were using the door memory 1-2 buttons…

    However after reading Mrs Ajn discovered the orange key can be programmed for seat memory, so when opened with my orange key my settings are remembered as so hers with the black key…

    I’m sure if it came down to losing a sale and you with your charm you could talk them around to chucking in another black key..👍


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    The key profile setting is under the arm rest, lift arm rest  place key on sensor, program each key separately, don’t take both keys into the car to set up, only the one you’re programming…

    The orange key will remember seat settings, and moves when opened with orange or black to the set profile.


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    I ordered an audi q3 back in january, as they couldn’t provide me with build dates I cancelled it and looked at other makes.

    I spoke to a local volvo dealers regarding the xc40 T5 Recharge and was told they could only order my21 models that had already been placed but not confirmed, they said they couldn’t order my22 as they hadn’t finalised the my22 price with motability and it would probably be towards the end of Q2 but with a higher AP, I ended up ordering and have now got a confirmed delivery date between 28/05 to 06/06

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    Here’s my honest advice on Volvo motability scheme….

    Go elsewhere..🥴

    Everything seems to be cloak & dagger as soon you inquire about motability😳

    My Wife have only ever owned Volvos since passing her driving test in her younger years (apart from a fourtrak 1st car).

    We decided looking into Volvo on motability…

    Personally I would’ve cancelled the deal at any time, reason being the whole process, reason I never the Wife loved the vehicle…

    Salesman simply not or pretending not to have a clue or update info on basic things like keys, dates, discounts available online…

    In fact I’m sure we were dealt with by someone trained to lie, or avoid questions, politician type attitude…

    Many a time I simply couldn’t hold back my laughter, and NO it wasn’t intentional..

    The only update I had was forced by myself, with repeated emails asking for updates…

    However the car it’s self is excellent, shame about the attitude to the process of sale/lease..

    Next time around Volvo again probably…

    Others may disagree, however that’s my experience with Volvo…




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    I see the XC40 Price and Specification for Model Year 2022 is out.  Looks to me unchanged from late 2021 version.

    We have booked a three hour unaccompanied test drive of a T5 Recharge on Thursday.

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    @ianfca, I had a fruitless conversation with Motability just now.  Basically whatever dealers say must be right, because they trust their dealers. Didn’t seem to thing my suggestion that Motability might contact Volvo UK for clarification was necessary.

    Did you get anything from your third dealer?

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    Hi Wigwam, I got the same reply from the 3rd dealer. Nobody seems to be taking responsibility for decision making, they just bounce you back between each other.

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    Glos Guy

    I see the XC40 Price and Specification for Model Year 2022 is out. Looks to me unchanged from late 2021 version.

    In which case the theory that Volvo UK has decided to palm off ‘in stock’ 2021 MY versions onto Motability customers seems to hold water. If so, this is very unfortunate and I hope isn’t the sign of things to come. The only other example of this that I can recall was the Hyundai Kona Electric which was a bargain price for an obsolete model, which is fair enough. As mentioned earlier over the issue re charging for metallic paint, Volvo does seem to treat Motability customers as second class citizens, even more so than the other manufacturers.

    I’ll be interested to hear your feedback following the test drive. Various road tests I have read or watched are generally positive, but the criticisms relate to so-so performance from the petrol engine, awkward braking (due to the regenerative function), real world electric only range being only around 20 miles and the ‘touch screen for everything’ approach which isn’t terribly user friendly. I haven’t driven one as I’m not taken with the looks of the XC40, but on paper it was our second choice after the X1 and if BMW doesn’t progress our order within the next few weeks I might decide to give it a look. We have a test drive in an X1 tomorrow but we haven’t paid any deposit so are free to walk away at any time.

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