Wrote Off Motability Car

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    Northern Lad

    As Topic

    My Relative wrote off his Motability car today 6 months old

    what happens Next


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    Had my car taken outside my house.

    3 weeks later the insurance wrote it off. They sent me back 3/4 of my AP as the car was less than a year old. And then told I’m free to go and get a new car. The service was outstanding!


    *only downside, they don’t cover contents, I had a few bits and bobs in there, tallied up to around Β£600)

    House insurance wouldn’t cover it because it was on the road outside the house, and not on my drive! I don’t even have a drive. But hay ho.


    I only filled it up a few hours before it was taken too πŸ™„

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    Mrs callaghan

    When my car go stolen it was first week of lockdown.Β  RSA offered me 3 options.

    1 a courtesy car

    2 a tax when needed up to X amount

    3 stop payments towards the car.

    I chose option 3 due to lockdown.

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    Many years ago………I had a white van man clip my rear end. RSA sent down a convertible Mercedes Benz sports. I keep it for 2 weeks even tho mine was repaired within a week ! Fantastic service

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    2. A taxi not tax 🀣

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    @Mrs Callaghan

    why have you left it so long without ringing RSA or motability to ask what is happening

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    Neil Reid

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Last night my toyota prius plus went up in flames luckily nobody was hurt. A witness said he seen flames coming from the centre console area what holds the batteries for the hybrid system. Cant fault the insurance so far they have been extremely helpful. But they have told me it could be some time before they get to the bottom of it all. As the fire service said it’s a electrical fault and the car is only 19 months old.</p>

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