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    i was delivered a car which isn’t on the scheme.


    Dealer is pressuring me to return the vehicle and I’m currently waiting a call back from motability to find out what happens from here.


    Has anyone had anything similar happen and what was the outcome?

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    Thanks for your post Rico.

    The sales sheet does indeed have a vin and the registration of the car.

    I have taken the complaint to motability, the dealers and seat uk also but all I got from seat uk was acknowledgment of complaint received.


    Phil thanks for your post. I wish it was a case of just keeping looking, I sold our previous car so I’m not sure that’s an option.

    I must admit the tarraco is a great car and I   think it’ll be hard to find a car which ticks as many boxes.

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    It wasn’t that we wanted to know the specific car you had ordered, more like the difference between what you had ordered and what you had been given that’s all.

    Out of interest, was the phantom car of a much higher spec than your order?

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    Usually so called specialist dealers BS you that models are on the scheme then are put right by someone. One told us if we pay the full AP now we can drive away now in the car they showed us. Turned out it wasn’t on the scheme like I’d already told the guy, I was sure it wasn’t

    But to get right to this stage is unusual? Did you px your old car with this dealer.

    The least they can do is swap you with a car with spec on the scheme and sharpish.

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    Wow I got a video of my car showing it all registered abs ready to collect. I originally wanted them to put private plate on, but they gave me the dealer plates made up and said they weren’t allowed to do it, I had to do it myself? Luckily as I wouldn’t have noticed an earlier registered car if it had the private plates on. What at will you do now? Just keep looking round? Till you find what you want.

    Ref private plates, when ever you get a new car on the scheme ask the dealer as they are not registering the car on the private plates can they make a set of your private plates ready to go on when done, Also the way the DVLA work now is if you pick up the car in the afternoon (for example i picked mine up at 12 in the afternoon) by 12 the next day motability had an electronic copy of the log book that DVLA now issue to lease based companies via email. So within 24 hours of picking car up my plate was on.

    Thanks for your post Rico. The sales sheet does indeed have a vin and the registration of the car. I have taken the complaint to motability, the dealers and seat uk also but all I got from seat uk was acknowledgment of complaint received. Phil thanks for your post. I wish it was a case of just keeping looking, I sold our previous car so I’m not sure that’s an option. I must admit the tarraco is a great car and I think it’ll be hard to find a car which ticks as many boxes.

    100 percent that was registered, but for example if you ordered a xlence and they gave you the lux they would have to take it back regardless of situation, if however  the xlence had a few more paid extras, you rather than being the lux version then you would of been in your right to keep the car.

    But due to the pricing and the discounts manufactures offer to motability, it would of been very hard for motability to enforce you kept the next model up as seat would of probably wanted a non discounted price on it… Still with the amount of money they got in reserves they could of let this one go…. gits 😛

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    My thinking on this is, if the car was registered then taken back it is now a second-hand car and would have lost thousands on its original showroom price.

    Or its another private customers car who’s waiting for delivery but unsuspecting the mileage on the clock is not delivery mileage and if they knew what’s gone on there will be a lot more poo hitting the fan. ?

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    So if you’re driving a courtesy car that is not what you ordered do you still have to give up your pip as you wouldn’t have sold your own car and all they have done is replace the car you’ve sold, also, does the 3 year lease start now or when you eventually get the car you ordered?

    I would be unhappy paying out every month for a car I didn’t want that’s not even new!

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    Noticed a couple of posts which mentioned private plates and dealers saying they couldn’t put them on.

    When I ordered my Mazda, I asked the dealer to put my private plate on it. Gave him the retention document so when I picked up the car, it was registered with my plates.

    In 33 months time, when I get notification to order a new car, I contact him, he will put regular plates on the car and give me retention document for my next car.

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    Our first scheme car more dealer BS.

    Said they asked dvla and I had to do it as the form is in my name, even though t gave it them.  Yes I picked it up about 5pm.

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    Thanks to everyone who posted and offered advice. I can confirm that this has now been concluded.

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    That’s very good to hear Mrblah, and in about a week too!

    Hope you are happy with your car, and you have miles of trouble free, enjoyable motoring ahead.

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Good to hear that too, I hope they allowed you to keep said car and it caused you as little hassle as possible. ??

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    I will update this with all the information.


    I ordered a seat tarraco xcellence TDI 190  I paid the advance payment but managed to negotiate a discount of £300. I took the brochure home with me but was told that the brochure had an error in it.

    I was kept informed about my car and shown videos of the car during my wait for the handover to happen. The vehicle I picked up was the one in the videos, everything matched including the registration plate.

    I picked the vehicle up on Monday and on Thursday morning I received a call and a voicemail telling me I need to call the dealer right away and informed the car isn’t taxed or insured due to it not being on the scheme, it was now I was told I had the xcellence lux which is the next model up.

    At first the dealer wanted to collect the car and give me a Skoda Kodiaq while I waited for the correct vehicle to be delivered but this wasn’t an option for me. Credit to the dealer as they collected the car and gave me one of their demonstrators in the exact configuration and colour and even sent my partner some flowers.

    May this point I had spoken to motability, Seat and the dealer and they were all claiming the same thing that Seat wouldn’t allow me to keep the car delivered even if I paid the difference myself! The difference was around £1800 or so.


    In the end someone senior in the accounts team at motability took it up and then things started to happen. I was told that they would look in to me keeping the original car which is what happened in the end.

    So I picked up the original car yesterday with a full tank of fuel.

    Im also meant to be receiving a gift from seat uk.

    Vinalspin I would like to thank you, I brought it up with motability about me paying for a car I didn’t order and they have refunded those payments.


    So in the end it turned out okay but I could have done without all the stress. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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    Magic, seems to have worked out for the best and at least you’re not out of pocket, unfortunately it seems that stress comes with getting a new car these days, even when things go pretty smoothly.

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    this is what I love about this forum, having the confidence to step into that situation and knowledge passed on by our members and your feed back really does set us apart from most social media. I really can’t say it enough!

    Thank  You Everyone

    it’s you all and your input that not only makes this a fantastic forum but a pleasure to be part of it! thank You.

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    Only just found this forum and this particular thread seemed the right one to tell my Motability story in….

    So here goes:-

    We went to the local VW dealer and picked the Tiguan R Line that would be ready for collection on September 1st 2018 (so a ’68 plate car). With a couple of extras we were looking at an AP of around £3k.

    Kept in touch with the dealer and all seemed to be ok until I started asking for confirmation that the car would be ready on Sept 1st. Eventually, I wrote a letter to the dealer manager and he told me that the car would be ready for Sept 1st but that it would be an ’18 plate car and not a ’68 plate car. I told VW that that was not what I ordered and had Motability on my side but VW said some rubbish about the car having to be scrapped if it was not registered as an ’18 plate. I kept asking for the ’68 plate that I had ordered but was told NO! So I cancelled the entire order, even though the car was practically built by then and went to Skoda instead and got a great deal on the Karoq which we are very happy with.


    Has anybody else encountered this sort of thing with their local VW or any dealer?

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    Why on earth would the car have to be scrapped if it was not registered as an ’18 plate. ???????

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    Dragonfly, I have no idea. This is from an email from the salesman

    Your new Tiguan is arriving Monday so will be ready for Sep

    I have spoken to Motability and your new car has to be registered by Aug
    15th as it’s been built in June /July 2018 I can then handover th3 car on the due date
    There is nothing for you to worry about it’s just Government

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    This is his reply to my initial response asking what the heck was happening?

    Hi Jason,

    Because of the Government rule on these cars built in June and July
    2018 all manufactures have to register them or they have to be scraped.

    Please understand this is not us at Sinclair volkswagen or Volkswagen Uk
    Demanding this Ts the Government.as I said in my previous email I have spoken
    To Motability and they have agreed this must be done on the given date stated
    And I am to handover the Tiguan on the 1st of September 2018.

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    I too have heard that very same story, what did motability say to it?

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    Winston – this is the email that I sent back to the salesman-

    Without Prejudice


    I write to you after you confirmed on Sunday July 29th 2018, that my Motability order of a Tiguan R Line 150PS 2.0 TDi will actually be an 18 plate registration and not the 68 plate registration that was agreed up upon when the original order form was signed.

    I am really not at all happy with this situation as the stress that this has brought me has exacerbated my illnesses. I do wonder when I would have found out this information, had I not emailed you asking for an update about the Tiguan.

    I have spoken to Motability this morning and they have told me that I have three options available to me. These are in no particular order:-

    1)      Accept the Tiguan on the 18 plate but negotiate a significant discount on the advance payment as a compensation for not having a 68 plate as was agreed.

    2)      Cancel the order completely and find another make of car from another dealer, thereby ensuring a 68 plate car will arrive.

    3)      Cancel the order with VW, but re-order the Tiguan and wait the extra few months, again ensuring that a 68 plate car will arrive.

    Upon discussing option 3 with Motability, it was felt that the increase in the advance payment of £400, be covered by VW as a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience.

    You know how happy we were with the Tiguan. We liked it so much that we ordered it straight after our first test drive and you said that the car would likely not be ready until mid-September.  We have been counting down and looking forward to September 1st when we would pick up our brand new 68 plate Tiguan but instead you tell me that it will now be an 18 plate.

    I really am struggling to decide how to progress with this situation but I do feel that your reply to this email will determine how we move forward. I would also like Gareth Lloyd to be informed of this situation.


    I look forward to your response and reply by email please.

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    Not the best eh? But I guess they don’t have a magic wand to give you the outcome you wanted

    But like you say, if you hadn’t chased it up when would you have been told about the 18 plate? The day you picked it up?

    I can see why that really P’d you off! After the excitement of ordering a new car

    What car did you end up getting then?


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    I went to the local Skoda dealer (Same group and same parent firm) and told them what had happened at their VW counterparts and I got a really good deal on a Karoq which we love.

    As you say, something seemed off and had I not asked the question, I guess that I would have turned up at handover time and then saw that I had a ’18 plate and not a ’68 plate as ordered.

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    I think it was probably something to do with the new WLTP testing that all been a pain in buk over the past couple of years, the new legislation has been put in place every September for the past couple of years, and that’s adds up with your timing and the Vw Story you were given

    Although by the sounds of things it could have been explained a lot better to you

    Not a great experience for you but by the sounds of it you’ve got a great deal on the Skoda and you’re happy as Larry with it, so I guess it all worked out in the end eh ??

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    This is just a link to the VW WLTP timetable which fits in with your 18 plate fiasco


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    Because of the Government rule on these cars built in June and July 2018 all manufactures have to register them or they have to be scraped.

    I think the above is more to do with meeting dealer sales targets than Government Legislation

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