Wrong car supplied

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    i was delivered a car which isn’t on the scheme.


    Dealer is pressuring me to return the vehicle and I’m currently waiting a call back from motability to find out what happens from here.


    Has anyone had anything similar happen and what was the outcome?

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    What they give you?

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    Now this is interesting…..

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    I certainly wouldn’t go with what the dealer says, you are a Motability customer so only carry out their instructions. If the vehicle is to be returned ensure you get assurances of a suitable replacement vehicle until the situation is resolved.

    Care to tell us more?

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    Menorca Mike

    Please tell us what car it is ???

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    I’ll add more when the situation is resolved but it’s only a higher spec of a car that is on  the scheme.


    Apparently the car isn’t registered to motability yet so still belongs to the dealer and apparently isn’t taxed or insured either…

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    Is that what Motability are saying?

    You are paying for the lease of a vehicle, so they must provide you with a suitable one.

    Did you pay an AP? Adaptions?

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    Our XC60 was the wrong model but we held onto it until the right one was delivered, this was with the dealers and motabilities agreement.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    That’s what the dealer is saying, I’ve just spoken to motability and she’s going to contact the dealership and see what can be done.

    Yes I paid and advance payment of £2500 and no adaptions.

    As things stand it looks looks like the dealer will take back this vehicle and supply me with another vehicle while I was for the correct vehicle to be delivered.


    I actually had numerous calls, voicemails and emails from the dealer all before 11:30! To be honest I feel a little hounded by the dealer so I called motability myself to see where I stand.

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    A few years ago I helped my daughter order an Audi TT coupe. On the day we were due to pick it up, the dealer rang me to say the car had arrived but whilst it was the exact spec and colour, it was the Roadster rather than the Coupe. Someone had put the wrong order code in.

    ‘He was very apologetic and said we could wait for the right car or take the Roadster and they would swallow the difference which was about 2K.

    My daughter left the showroom very happy with the wind in her hair!

    possibly  the difference between buying privately and through Motobility.

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    Cmon spill the beans what type of car did you order and which one did they provide you? Lol
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    Menorca Mike

    Winston I cannot understand why he won’t name the car and the dealer ? What on Earth is he scared off ?

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    He ordered a Renault Zoe but because of the £4,000 AP they sent him a Tesla by mistake.?

    East Yorkshire.
    Still looking for an EV I can get my wheelchair in or has not got a ridiculous AP!

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    My dealer got me a MY18 KIA Caren’s and not the MY19 model I was promised, can I demand they change it.

    Thought not, works both ways as far as I would be concerned. ?

    When they say “it not registered or insured” have you not done the PIN procedure at the dealer and what was the reg of the car they did register.

    It sounds like a simple case of a mix up but has serious implications.

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    without sounding to negative did you not know once you picked the car up it was the wrong spec before driving off? or was you hoping to get away with it lol, as if it was a lower spec I think you may have noticed it. and brought it to their attention.

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    And don’t worry we are not dealers or the motability Police, I’m all for someone getting more than what they expected! Makes a change believe me

    But you can’t start a story and miss out the punchline lol

    Don’t leave us hanging here ?

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    Why post about this if you never intended giving info about what car you got and what you were supposed to get?

    If you were afraid it might make a difference to the outcome if someone involved discovered that you had given out this info then why did you post about it in the first place?

    Hey, I’ve got a secret! No, I’m not going to tell you!! ???

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    Perhaps he’s driving the width and breadth of the country, enjoying the new car before he hands it back – incidentally depreciating the value at the same time. lol

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    Menorca Mike

    Totally agree vinalspin well said we all agree with you

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    Back in December 2016 I ordered a black BMW X1 25D auto with a lot of options, because it was in stock locally and could be on the road in ten days. A few days later my dealer phoned to say that they couldn’t supply it as it had been allocated to their finance division (the most profitable division of a car manufacturer’s business), and could therefore not be supplied to a Motability customer.

    Mistakes of all kinds do happen, but they are normally rectified before the pin number stage.

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    I posted here to see if anyone had been through a similar situation and could offer some advice.

    This is my first time using the scheme and when I ordered the car I was told that there has been some wrong information printed in the car brochure.

    I was sent photos and videos of the car and the car provided matched the ones in the video and pictures, what was I supposed to question? If the car dealer doesn’t know the cars they’re selling how am I expected to know?

    The car is a seat tarraco but the fact I didn’t mention it didn’t really seem important and the same advice should be valid no matter what the car is.


    The car car has gone now anyway and it turns out the car wasn’t registered, insured or taxed because of the mistakes made! I offered to pay the difference and was willing to enter discussions to keep the car but apparently Seat UK refused.

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    Hope you’re getting some answers on this.

    Take care though, if the dealer is still saying it is theirs’, as well as it not being registered to Motability yet. Then you saying it is not taxed or insured. If there is one or more of the following, no tax, insurance or the car is not registered, then it potentially should not even be on the road.

    Yes there are exceptions, such as dealer stock being used for test drives, where they may be short term exempt from having individual tax, insurance for a specific car. But they have supplied you a car, for your own use. Though I imagine Motability would have brought that up and would not let you be in a car that shouldn’t be on the road.


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    Thank you for your response mzmps

    I believe it wasn’t registered as I tried it’s details online and it hasn’t shown up and the dealer sent someone to pick it up and drops me of a demonstrator until the correct car is delivered, the employee drove it back on trade plates.

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    Sorry they couldn’t be more accommodating. Just hope they get it right next time. I’m considering which car to get myself at the minute, whichever one I go with hope goes a bit smoother.

    (Didn’t see your comment, it wasn’t showing when put mine in. Doesn’t help, computer not playing ball half the time and we’re getting blips in the power supply.)

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    Did the car have a number plate? if so they registered it :O DVLA do need specifics to give a registration over and the most important one of those is the vin! on your sales sheet was there a VIN number with registration, if so it was registered as the dealers will only get that reg with said VIN.

    When you checked the reg was it on dvla website? if not then details wont show up on other pages anyway from anything to 2 weeks to 2 months.

    On a second note I would of took the complaint to seat hq not motability, on dealers using trade plates, under new laws unless the car is a demo registered to them they have to use trade plates now, even if the car is registered if its not a car registered to them.

    But still no harm no foul, they have give you a replacement 😉

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    Wow I got a video of my car showing it all registered abs ready to collect.

    I originally wanted them to put private plate on, but they gave me the dealer plates made up and said they weren’t allowed to  do it, I had to do it myself?

    Luckily as I wouldn’t have noticed an earlier registered car if it had the private plates on.


    What at will you do now? Just keep looking round? Till you find what you want.

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