Would you lease a second hand car from motability

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Would you lease a second hand car from motability if you could?</p>
    The idea being a second hand car with better spec, larger, more space for families and equipment ie volvo XC 60, a lot of people seem to be keen on having them on the scheme, maximum of two years old and only from a main dealer and a maximum lease of three years.

    I haven’t done any price comparisons yet but let’s say a volvo XC 60 second hand must be well under the price cap.




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    Ive got a volvo xc60 in its 4th year now ,wouldn’t swap it for anything on the scheme currently ,so a 2 year old car that ticks all the boxes over a new one that falls short on requirements,it wouldnt bother me one bit so yes i would ..

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    to answer your question i done it twice iand i dont know if your any better off , unless they change it ..

    My first car on motability back  in 1983 i was 17 then you could buy cars using motability finance , wanted to keep a car after paying for it i didnt want to renew a car every three years , i think the criterior was car had to be under 3years old with i think max 30k miles .so my very first car a three year old white Datsun cherry with 30k on the clock. i paid the same amount of money every month my full mobility payment. but i also have to pay for servicing maintenance tiers insurance(omg the insurance was a lot )  i think i still got free road tax.

    After the three years were up  my car was done , so i got another car, same again bought it with motability finance three year old white vauxhall cavalier with 30k again i had to pay all the above again. i loved my cavalier,

    Then i meet my wife had a child and my wife said your not putting our son in that death trap (my cavalier) ,   I want a new car , so i leased my first motability lease which was a Peugeot 205 and iv leased a car every three years or so since then.

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    I had wonderd if motability had ever allowed you to buy a second hand car, I’ve only been had five years experience with the scheme.

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    Craig T

    They used to have a HP scheme where you could buy a 3/4/5 year old car, using your DLA.

    They stopped this years ago as not many took this option up.

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    Ye I would be a lot more interested in a second hand I’ve been on the scheme a year and can’t wait for the 3 years to be over I very much doubt I will stay on it i would prefer to buy a second hand car

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    Provided all was covered as it is now, yes definitely. @landyman A two year old new Defender? Yes please! 😁👍

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    Andrew Milay

    I think with the increase in price and ap costsany people would look at a second hand car as a motability car. Motability is about helping a disabled person fiend transport suitable to their needs and able to give them some freedom back. Just because it wasn’t popular doesn’t seem a reason to not offer it. They are an incredibly profitable company.

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    If these cars were Checked over first and classed as dealer standard then yes I’d consider one.
    But there’s no way I could or would want to take any chances on reliability or safety.

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    And they’d have to offer a fairly big saving over leasing a new one.

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    how much do we think we might save on a 2 year old car.

    a penny saved is a penny earned

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    Maybe a daft idea but what if someone who gets dropped from high to low rate pip could use that allowance to fund a 2nd hand vehicle and not have to go without a car.

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    If your not on higher rate for mobility then in theory you shouldn’t need a motability car at all.


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    What rate of interest did they charge.

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    I’ve only ever brought one new car not counting company or motability the rest have been second, third or even more hand, so I would have one.

    @ Bandit, I think unfortunately a two year old Defender will be well over the price cap, have you seen how much folk’s are asking for them.


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    If you Google bmw used and enter the mobility price cap it’s a surprise what comes up.

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    there’s some great deals here.

    brand new fiesta st line £139 per month.

    anyone looking for a 3 series it is also cheaper adding the ap into the monthly cost. and its the m sport


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