would you consider your mileage too low to warrant a car on the scheme

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    i would like some views on this.

    i do very low mileage as i work from home mostly but need to do a regular journey thats impossible by public transport,or at least totally rediculous in that by car its 30-50 minutes depending on traffic and at best 3hrs by public transport door to door each way. likewise with doctors/hospital theres no functional public transport.

    typically i do between 2 and 3 thousand miles a year. i live alone so theres no need for a large vehicle but with dodgy knees bad back and other issues i need to be able to get in and out so small stuff doesnt work,also i am not small lol. of vehicles on the scheme i only really like mini countryman,toyota hcr,and now the ds3 crossback.

    but whist i like the conveniance of the scheme wouldnt a second hand good runner be a cheaper option? but would it be a better option lets face it how can you guarentee a 2nd hand car is a good runner etc?


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    The scheme is there to help you and get out and about when you can.

    I thought for a long time I could make do with a used car, but I got too bad to even check the levels, let alone try basic things  like wheel changing etc and the RAC  ripped me off twice on tyre prices and out of ours ( So they say ) charges.

    £237 for a 15” tyre because it was after 6 on a Friday.

    Then similar when we picked up a nail on the M20 on a Saturday afternoon?

    plus my kids can drive the car as they are over 25 and share the driving if one has time off work.

    I to work from home btw. 👍🏻

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    The value of the car, to you, probably lies in the peace of mind the car provides. No MOTs, Insurance, Maintenance, Depreciation, Breakdown cover.

    If you purchased a second hand car where would you post!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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    oh i would still come and bug you dragonfly lol.

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