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    Is it possible for the key master to e mail Winston to make sure he is OK.

    Missing his banter lol

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    Which Mobility Car

    Missing Winston too.

    The problem is he never registered so we don’t have a record of his email.

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    Which Mobility Car


    Just an idea, if you reply to one of Winston’s old comments (such as your hilarious Lottery chat) he may get an alert. Just an idea.

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    Will do good idea, he had hurt his back so may be he’s struggling.

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    Think you may just have to accept facts Brydo, he’s avoiding you lol

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    Hello Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaadies… ?

    its so nice to feel wanted lol

    ive just been nursing my little dog back to health after a couple of ops he’s had in the past few weeks,Got all his stitches out yesterday and  he looks like a shark attack victim but fingers crossed he is cancer free ??

    Scary saying the big C word and I don’t mean the one starting CU.. which is one of Scotland’s most popular words ??

    So what have I missed? Who’s been arrested? Mike perhaps? Lol

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    Welcome back Winston, you missed the lottery, we didn’t win, and Trev was posting in the wrong place and got a talking too lol. Good to hear all is well with your wee pal.

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    Trev he won’t be the first or the last lol.

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    Haha , well I’ve not won the lotto either ?? not a sausage with my numbers!


    but there’s always tomorow ??


    Yeah fingers crossed he’s out the vets for a while!


    im still using the same numbers as a few weeks ago?

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    That’s your ocd my wife is the same,  only its not numbers she keeps using …………..its my money lol.

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    Haha.. ???

    There are benefits of being single eh? Lol


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    There are many benefits to being single, too many to list tonight lol.

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    I prefer being married….. at least then i’ve got the dream of being single, i mean what else is there to dream about! lol

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    I’ve had enough wummin to last me a life time ? I’m content enough with the quiet/simple life

    never thought I’d hear myself say that, but I guess over time you get used to it then the whole thought of “dating” becomes about  as appealing as that dreaded prostate examination by your GP who has hands like Geoff’ Capes ????

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