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    i still have a year till i choose new car but i had my rear windows tinted has anyone else done this and did you have to remove when returning.when i got my new tiggy begging of 2018 i booked it strait in to a local window tinter 😆awsome job makes the car so much more.will be doing same next year😆😂at this moment tiguan allspace is top contender😆

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    @ Winston got out today but the tint shop was closed boooooo lol 😝 but defo can’t wait for more privacy I’ve always have tints on the back of my cars so this one just feels a little too bright and out there without them lol.

    @steve and Smallcar I did say at the start of the week I think it was that I had found the same link as Smallcar but the forum wouldn’t allow me to post details as it came ascross to the site that I was adding spam lol 😝 it’s good that u can save vat but a lot of local tint shops I doubt will say ok we will do it vat free but Im going to ask mine lol guess all they can say is no

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    ive never got the tint thing dont know why, although i did chuckle the other week when in a tailback that turned out to be caused by traffic slowing to watch a pc make a young herbert remove his excessive tints from his front windows and remove some illegal plates and put on the ones that came with the car.

    i assume he had just left a detailers that was some distance behind us as his rear screen had their details splashed on it. i did wonder if he had just had it done. in which case it must rate as one of the shortest times a tint had been on a car.

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    @mitch I think it’s a little like marmite u love or hate it lool

    i dnt know why people try to do the front to get them ripped off especially if the person had just got them done I would of been driving past smh thinking what a waist of money but yet he decided to take the risk I don’t like to lose money so I wouldn’t do the front only what is allowed which nowadays comes standard on the front anyway

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    What about this @mitch

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    you had me worried there noel i take it the top one is the after and youve had that done yourself.

    i had visions of me being made to look a hyporcrite if its standard on the car ive just ordered.

    not something that was even on my radar.

    i seem to remember the citroen c4 grand piccasso not only had darkened rear windows but interior blinds as well which i thought was total overkill.

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