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    i still have a year till i choose new car but i had my rear windows tinted has anyone else done this and did you have to remove when returning.when i got my new tiggy begging of 2018 i booked it strait in to a local window tinter 😆awsome job makes the car so much more.will be doing same next year😆😂at this moment tiguan allspace is top contender😆

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    If it’s a professional job then I can’t see it being a problem.

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    so long as the tinting was approved by motability then you shouldnt have a problem.

    did you ask before tinting as it could invalidate your insurance.

    modifications should be approved by motability.

    dont forget in a sense it aint your car.

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    Technically its still a mod and should be cleared with Motability and for insurance purposes declared to RSA…. Fair enough its not the most extreme modification going but there are plenty of stories of people having insurance voided for similar things, also ultimately Motability own the car and may not want anything that changes the car from factory spec being done without their say so.

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    @mitch you are of course technically correct, but when the car gets handed back, it’ll be subject to a cursory examination by the car dealer who is supplying the new car. Even if they notice the rear windows are tinted they probably won’t have a clue whether rear tints were standard on that model/spec 3 years ago.

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    I wouldn’t worry about , I tinted my first Motability’s car windows , it looked crap without them! and I’m about to tint my current cars windows

    most sales rep wouldn’t have a Scooby if it came standard or not , nor would they care

    it’s going to make the car a lot more desirable sitting on a forecourt

    I also enabled the boot to be closed using the remote fob, and the wing mirrors to automatically fold again with the fob using OBD11 this was about 5 years ago and Audi would have charged over a grand to unlock these features , so whoever got my first car got a few extras chucked in for free!

    i can understand removing them if they were bright metallic pink or you had powder coated the alloys screaming green!

    but standard black tints? No chance , like you say they make the car look nicer

    it’s not the 90s anymore where tinted windows were only found on drug dealers cars lol

    On my first car I did say to the dealer that I had tinted the windows and his response was something along the lines of “Great it saves us doing it”

    so I wouldn’t give it a second thought mate

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    I always read comments like , it’s not your car etc …

    it’s as much as your car as any other lease , pcp, HP, kfc , mfi deal 🙈 Motability are a  great bunch who will try to bend over backwards to help you!

    They are not the Dark aside of the Force!

    They aren’t going to lock you up or  ban you because you didn’t ask permission to clip on a magic tree air freshener

    the way I look at it is very few things actually belong to people whether it’s a mortgage or car

    so until I hand it back, it’s mines 🙌🏻 So I’ll enjoy it like it’s mine and I’ll look after it like it’s mines and it will go back pristine 👍🏻

    when the sales rep gives the car a once over  for your Good condition they’ll check the exterior body work, 2 keys and make sure there is no damage to the interior and they are very lenient

    I’m very grateful that Motability exists and I’m on the scheme , but you’re allowed to enjoy it and not be petrified of Motability quite the opposite 😎




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    @Winston, fair point re Motability being the bad guys, they are usually pretty flexible and to be honest I’d not bother telling them about activating something like auto folding mirrors but something as seemingly simple as windows tints could lead to issues.

    The factory will only tint to whatever meets the regs but what’s stopping someone going to a shady back street place and putting limo black tints on all the windows?  They might drive for years without issue or could get 100 yards down the road, pull out of a junction in front of a biker and cause serious injury – could open a big can of worms from an insurance / T&C of the lease point of view.

    Maybe a little far fetched but given the blame culture we seem to live in its got to be worth checking with Motability before changing or adding anything that could cause problems down the line.

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    When it comes to the rear half of the car there is no legal limitations on the tint % you can have , so you can go as dark as you like without fear of the Po Po etc I got Limo ( or as I called them Stevie Wonder ) tints on my 1st Mota car , I was quite surprised how much it affected visibility in the rear , but they were legal and I still had mirrors and a reverse camera

    I’m about to tint my current car , as they are already tinted I’m going for about 50/60%  , probably 60% at the sides and 50% at the back

    But I’ll decide once I pop into the shop and see some examples

    but im not disagreeing with you that technically you are changing something that does make a difference when looking behind you and it is a blame culture out there

    crazy unexpected situations do arise will happen to some poor bugger

    so I guess it’s just a decision that the individual has to make and what they are comfy with

    I’m pretty sure if we called Mota to ask permission it would be granted and they would probably add that they would like them removed at the end of the lease , again they would never know or question if they were actually removed at the end of the lease

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    Surely it is simple ask Motability. If they say yes, fine and get it in writing. If they say no then you are invalidating the lease and therefore the insurance.

    I can’t think why you wouldn’t ask and want to risk it , it’s obviously up to you. However driving a possibly uninsured car could have more implications for others than you.


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    By the way, even if you owned the car I would have thought that you would need to declare to your insurance. Insurance for each model of car is based on its specifification leaving the factory not taking into account reduced visibility with unauthorised tints.

    ( now waiting to hear your very different views!!!)

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    You’ve already read my opinion , no need to repeat myself

    we are talking about the back half of the car , not the front

    I don’t feel the need to call Motability or in days gone by my insurance company  every time I want to scratch my bum , have a McDonald’s or wear dark sunglasses ( which also affect visibility )  in the car

    its as simple as that 😎

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    Agree with Winston.

    I have tinted every car i have had on the scheme with no problems at all and one of them got hit by an idiot in a lorry one snowy December and went away to the insurers with no issues at all. i think these kind of modifications are expected and only serve to improve the look and value of the car second hand.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    Mine has pretty dark tints from the factory.

    No need to get extra done.

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    Exactly Stuart!

    It’s personal choice , if you feel the need to ask Mota then no harm done and if you’ve done it before and will do it again without asking then same goes

    I’m happy with my choice 👍🏻

    yours are def dark enough Vinalspin! Looks great 😎

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    found this link motability don’t have a issue with you having the rear windows tinted it’s at your own cost or as added extras just like my dealer offered to do it once the car came in etc so I’ll definitely be doing mine.

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    Good call mrs, it’s just the Finishibf touch the car needs 😎🙌🏻

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    I’m going to try to go in tomorrow morning to the tint place and decide on what exact % I want 👍🏻

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    i payed £200 so not cheap tint job they look awsome.ive been intouch with dealer and they will be happy taking it back the way it is as it will sell its rear windows are within the law there is no need to contact mobility or insurance.thankyou everyone for your feed back .But as staited i agree i dont own the car but for 3 years its mine and i care for my baby.

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    Great to hear Jane 🙌🏻

    feel free to add a few pics of the new tints 😎

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    Sorry it wouldn’t allow me to attach the actual link as the page thinks it’s spam lol but as everyone keeps going on about it. I thought i will make a call to motability today but didn’t need to once looking through the actual website has a full link under privacy glass etc.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>my tints where done begging of 2018 winston when i got the car .im a year away from new car but already looking😆😂</p>

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    Ah right lol

    well you can still stick some pics up, better late than never 🤣🤣

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    will do when i have time just got out of surgery week ago

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    found one

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    Thanks for that Jane! Looks so much better eh

    do you know what % of tint they used?

    hope the recovery is going as well as possible 🙌🏻

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