wind mirror has been taken off

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    Came out to my car this morning and my wing mirror is hanging another car has clipped it over the night do ring motability or Volkswagen and will I have to pay excess? I can’t afford to pay the excess at the moment so if they do try to charge me do I have to pay it right away or can I pay later.

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    Sorry to hear about your news, I can think of two options :

    1) if car is due a service they will then note that car has a busted wing mirror, if service isn’t for a long time then you could put off replacement until service.

    2) go on eBay, or google car breakers and see if you can pick up a good one in the same colour and fit it yourself, will save you money than having to pay 100 excess, and if it has a couple of minor scratches on it you shouldn’t lose your good condition bonus come the end of the lease.

    do you have cctv or do any of your neighbours have cctv that caught the little sod swipe it off?

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    It could have been worse, it could have been your WING mirror.

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    What car do you have jimmy ? are your wing mirrors auto folding ? If you would be struggling to afford the £100 excess let motability/RSAM know, and see what they suggest.

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    A few years ago I knocked my wing mirror off on a gate post, reversing on driveway at night, The replacement was £95 and I replaced it myself. Maybe £100 excess is worth paying. I’m sure it would be more than that to replace one now.

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    Exactly Crispy, especially so if auto folding

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    If the glass isn’t broke, then gaffer tape or similar will usually hold it securely enough in place.

    Until you get enough time to save up for the excess.

    Worked for me for several months on a Renault Scenic I once had.

    Just wrapped the tape around the stem bracket

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    what car is it and colour

    As others have said just get one from a car breakers

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    As others have said…   getting one from a breakers is not a practical solution because even if one could be found it’s likely to cost more than the £100 excess the OP is trying to avoid, the OP would need the tools and knowledge to fit it, and I suspect Motability if they knew wouldn’t approve of the OP replacing parts on their car.

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