Will Motability still exist in ten years?

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    The automobile industry is changing so quickly that i wonder if Motability can exist in its present form. EVs, BEVs in particular, together with autonomous capability, will make owning a car an expensive luxury.

    Motability charity is set up to serve the disabled, Motability Operations is a business, will they be able to compete with company’s like Tesla who reckon they can run fleets of BEVs with no driver with each car charging pennies a mile.

    I predict Motability will be swamped by these larger companies, and i expect to see the likes of Apple and Amazon jumping on the electrification bandwagon also.

    Would you be happy to call up a car, like a taxi, rather than own one. Obviously the car/van would cater for your particular disability but would allow you, depending on how many times you use it, to keep some of your weekly payment.

    I see huge benefits for those who are blind or partially sighted, those who don’t or cant drive and those who travel less than 5000 miles a year.

    What do you think?

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    The technology will happen at some point, I’ve no doubt. I think the tech would need a quantum leap though. I mean I know it can be done but can it be done reliably. Look at the self driving cars that were in the news over the past twelve months and Amazon’s great plan to have drone deliveries.

    It’s a Jetson world, the future, and we have the minds who will eventually figure it out. It’s one small step creating the technology but it’s one giant leap making it reliable. 😂🤣

    With regards to Motability, I’d like to think that the business side of it will want to get on board at the right time and maybe, yes, we’ll be ordering a Motability robo-car. And they should all be blue as a nod to the origin!


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Yes, Motability will still exist.

    EVs will get cheaper as production ramps up. They are still very much a small part of total car production at the moment, but economies of scale will apply.

    Motability is a business, but it pays no dividends to its shareholders, the four big banks,  so I don’t see why increasing competition will affect it.

    i would not be happy to call up a taxi instead of running my own vehicle. I want to go where I want, when I want, at the time I want. If I need to get something I’ve forgotten, I want it now, not when convenient for a taxi company. It would be impossible for taxi firms to cater for the vastly different needs of disabled customers. You only have to look at the enormous number of variations produced to cater for people to realise that it would an impossible task.

    As for totally autonomous cars being conducted by the blind, it would take a lot to convince me that it would ever be totally safe. There is no technology that is 100% totally reliable and I certainly don’t see autonomous cars being the exemplar in this respect.


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    Who know’s what will happen in the future, I personally will own a car, till they say we cannot anymore or they take away my ability to do so or i’m dead , but then your freedom to move about freely, when you want at a time you want is gone. Plus how do you know the last person didn’t drop one in the back, leave a dose of the covid 30 or worse at least if it’s yours you know it’s clean and what about the tyres etc and safety companies will cut corners to make money. Someones gotta always make money from it or we’d run cars on water etc

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    Wayne the technology is here and being trialled all over the world including England. It is very much up to speed, although nothing is 100% safe or accurate, and will be rolled out in parts of America within a couple of years.

    It is said the insurance companies can’t wait for it to be rolled out as the majority of accidents are down to human error.

    Dave motability is tiny compared to the companies I mentioned and even with the VAT holiday they receive in the purchase price and insurance they just could not compete. They have no expertise in this area and would need to spend £millions to get anywhere near their competitors.

    I believe they will bleed thousands of customers to these companies making it difficult to survive and/or compete.

    With regard to a company not being able to send a suitable vehicle to a person with disabilities, so they can use technology to drive a car but can’t use technology to put you on a list that details your disability and needs?

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    The tech maybe heading towards a perfect World of automation but where not in that boat yet and the problem of rouge states and hackers are yet to resolved, if ever they can be.

    Only this morning I read about Russia testing a Star Wars type weapon in space last week so there goes your GPS tracking up the Swanny and God knows what else the North Koreans, Russians, China etc. are up to right now never mind in the future.

    This is a big problem that has not hit the fan yet but forget fully automated cars for the next decade though one day it will become safe for sure but not in the 20’s or 30’s that I can see.

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    Regardless of the economics and technology of self-piloting vehicles, I do not think Motability will exist in ten years because our government(s) seems determined to do away with it. The introduction of the mindless PIP thuggery, I reckon, is only the start. Many thousands of Motability users have already been forced out; Boris (a Motability Patron, remember!) will find more ways to stop us spongers driving around in Bentleys and Porsches so he can keep his masters at the Daily Mail happy. Be lucky to get another five years of Motability.

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    Chris there will always be a worry with regard to “rouge states” and hackers in general but the risk won’t be any worse than it is to planes or trains. There is the possibility of hacking anything electronic and that will never change.

    The drive to full autonomy is cost driven, for a taxi to run 24/7 two drivers are required, no more, lorry drivers need to rest every so often, no more, bus drivers similarly, no more. I could go on but you can see the cost savings right away.

    Thousands of people out of work, almost certainly but that’s a problem for others not for Tesla, Apple Amazon, uber etc.

    If motability charity identify an alternative model that better serves the people it was set up to serve surely, they would have a morel duty to offer it to us?

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    Mike 700

    Motability is a business, and like any other successful business will have built up reserves over the years ,the greater the reserves the stronger the business and the greater the protection from unplanned future eventualities such as the rapid demise of deisel engines, and the additional costs of EV’s

    Not only is it prudent to have reserves, it sometimes is a legal requirement, and in the case of Motability Operations, we should all be aware that it faces the possibility of huge losses over the next decade, as the resale value of diesel cars falls through the floor – as we already know, electric vehicles come ‘ at a price’?

    Motability Operations which run’s the ‘vehicle scheme ‘is a stand alone organisation, owned by four banks, & funded by a variety of sources such as the resale of vehicles on the scheme ( most funding up to now) issuing of bonds etc .etc ., and significantly, it does not receive any funding from the Government / tax payer, other than the receipt of the mobility allowance directly from the DWP, and which is the disabled customer’s choice to spend on a vehicle rather than anything else.

    I quote directly from the annual report;

    “We do not receive any grant or funding from government”.

    There are bound to be skewed political opinions , from both sides of the political
    divide, expressed in a topic such as this, where so much is reliant on politicians, and government input, but no government would want /dare to scrap the scheme purely for political reasons, so it is more than likely that as higher production reduces costs of EV’s just as it did with computers ,tv’s etc , Motability will still be operating.

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    Mike I don’t think motability will be disbanded I think they will be priced out of the marked as very cheap alternatives persuade customers  to move away from it.

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    Exactly which firm is going to tailor a vehicle catering to the very precise needs of a disabled person, for the relatively few occasions it will be needed? The most taxi firms do is to use a Mercedes Vito for ease of access.

    How many car hire firms have even the slightest amount of equipment available to help a disabled person?

    Economic suicide to attempt it.

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    I think Motability will continue as long as car ownership (inc leasing) remains the majority, obviously as it swings  in other directions? Although I think all inc hire will be more likely as cheaper EVs come online, which would lend itself well to an organisation like Motability.

    As for ordering a robotaxi to my door? Yes, in some instances. It would allow me to keep a tiny runaround for local trips, shopping etc and then have a robotaxi to take us plus our luggage to the cruise terminal  and home again etc. As long as it is pence per mile as suggested!

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    I might end up being related to where you live:

    Private car ownership could fade away of its own accord in cities and major towns, where there will always be a big enough demand for transport that businesses would be able to make a profit running fleets of ‘Taxies’ – If there’s enough demand to support a bus/tram service, there’s enough demand for hire cars.  Probably still self-driving/autonomous driving, though – hiring a driver as well would be pretty pricey.

    Out in the sticks we’ll be more dependent on our own transport, as we are now.

    Would we all be expected to travel by train for long journeys, instead of driving?

    Would we Hire by the day?  Or per journey?

    Cor – It’s like being on an episode of Tomorrow’s World.  “Computers – Could there really be a computer in every town, one day?  Back to James Burke for a Report . . . “

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    Littledave not sure I have ever come across the “very precise needs” of the disabled, we have very many different types of disabled on the scheme, from wheelchair bound to able bodied with mental health issues so It isn’t necessarily a one size fits all situation.

    As with all businesses if the demand is not there they will not spend money, unless they are required to via guidelines from the government. My father in law was a taxi driver for a few decades and every week  he picked up disabled adults and kids, taking them to hospital, school etc. So if a hackney taxi can cater for disabled then I’m sure with a bit of inventiveness they could cater for all.

    The way things are it is likely an app would be produced where you can enter your specific needs and they could provide a vehicle to meet those needs and keep your details on file. They could have a series of vehicles on the app and you choose which one fits your needs.

    You could book it like a taxi for a night out, with a time to come back for you, or book it for a fortnights holiday in Devon, or wherever lol.

    You would be able to talk to the car or speak to a human in the control room. With no driver it would be extremely safe for female passengers not comfortable getting into a car with a stranger.

    The benefits are many.

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    Just watch Series03 of Westworld! The transportation in it pretty much sets the scene 😁

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    Craig T

    I never want to be in an automated car.

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    Craig what are you driving just now? if it relatively new you could find some degree of automation already in it.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Mike 700

    Mike I don’t think motability will be disbanded I think they will be priced out of the marked as very cheap alternatives persuade customers to move away from it.


    That is always a possibility of course Brydo, if and when competition becomes ‘real’ competition, which is unlikely to happen frankly

    – what everyone tends to forget about Motability is ‘that there is no credit check,search, assessment’, whereas,every other lease ie competition, is likely to require one .

    This lack of a credit search is a tremendous advantage for a great many ‘ lower income’ families , some of whom could be ‘amongst the disabled ‘?

    Frankly, without Motability, it could mean a much lesser / cheaper vehicle being available to the disabled , which will have a knock on effect on the manufacturers, sales outlets etc. etc., so, for this reason alone, I foresee a continued role for Motability.

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    Mike 700

    The biggest problem with ev’s and even taxi’s I think is uncertainty over ongoing subsidies, tax breaks etc., and whether or not this or a future Government, irrespective of political party, will keep them , either at the current level , or go to a lower level, or perhaps even cancel them, and how it will affect resale values?

    I have family in Denmark, and visit regularly, and EV’s ((Teslas mainly ) were extremely popular, selling some 2738 cars in 2015, ( mostly in Copenhagen ) including official government cars, but, after confirming that subsidies were being cancelled , and the 180% car tax ( that petrol & diesel cars suffer ) was to be imposed on electric cars, sales dropped to 176 in 2016, and resale values have gone thru the floor, apparently?.

    However, Copenhagen does have a car hire scheme, Ev’s, where you pay an hourly fee and pick up a car off the street, drive it to your destination, leave it for someone else to use and pick up another for your next journey and so on, and they did have at one time, some 400 BMW i3 cars in the scheme –

    ( Drive Now advert –

    Use one of our cars, when you need to roam in Copenhagen. You find the nearest car in the smart phone or tablet app, get in, and drive. You only pay for the minutes you drive, and there are no recurring costs such as subscripition fees or parking. When your rental is over, you leave the car anywhere in our business areas)

    In neighbouring Sweden electric cars sales are booming, due to ongoing decent subsidies!

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    Mike I’m not suggesting that we get another vehicle quite the reverse. There would be no need for us to have a vehicle as all what would be needed is to call a vehicle when you need one.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    I have actually been in an autonomous vehicle, a buddy who’s into ex-forces transport of every kind purchased a modified Unimog with the full Lidar system installed (inc remote takeover) and he drove around the countryside in auto mode and I have to say I was impressed, never once strayed out of lane (apart from the fact it’s huge and almost straddles the centre line anyway). He did say he had already run that route before as part of the “mapping” procedure but it still coped well when we went off route.

    Can’t say how cars would cope but it was great fun especially when you don’t have to worry about running into anything that could harm you as it’s almost a tank! 😁

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    Vinalspin, SPACE X/ Elon Musk are placing satellites, in space, to give worldwide access to the internet and allow the adaptation of save autonomous driving all around the world.

    Its coming and its coming soon.

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    There will always be a place for Motability the charity however Motability Operations may not fare so well in the next 10 years. We could either see competition or the car manufacturers cut out the middle man, I think it should be taken over by the government that way with profits going back into the purse would at least silence a few.

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    Craig T

    Are you sponsored by Eton Musk Brydo?

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    Craig T

    @ Brydo I drive a Rolls Royce Dawn and a Range Rover so would never need to use the scheme anyway.

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    Haha Craig if I was I would be driving a model X, an woman has one near me and it looks great.

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