Why you shouldn’t buy an EV

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    Well we have had our EV for 4 days now, and it’s time to reflect back to all the reasons why we shouldn’t buy one.

    I must stress I am the carer not recipient of Motability but the sole driver and we have been in this situation some  38 years so a bit of experience. Anyway I digress firstly we live rurally so everything led us to believe that an EV was wrong we need heaps of space in boot so an EV was wrong, we need a huge range so an EV was wrong. But we find running an ice extremely expensive, so much we could just about afford to keep it parked outside that’s around £30 per week to cover shopping doctors hospitals etc but no leisure miles.

    our previous vehicle was 180 Bhp diesel dsg with a 0 to 60 of 9 seconds and a fuel tank that would take you 750 miles. We now have a 135 bhp electric with a 0 to 60 of 13 seconds and a range of 140 miles. So we took it with absolute fear and in-trepidation, how will we manage how do you even pull out of a turning at that speed will we survive oh I should mention it has a top speed of 84 imagine that back to 2cv days.

    well we needed not worry it has 3 modes Power standard and eco. I am only driving it in eco we are already getting 3 miles per kWh it seats 8 holds a massive wheelchair and is like driving an armchair including the armrests, we have no range anxiety as the sat nav continuously tells us where the chargers are even though as yet we haven’t used one, 0 to 60 may be slow but even in eco mode 0 to 40 shows any following vehicle your dust so no danger of being in the way. But more importantly the cost allows us to go out without concern we have travelled 400 miles so far this week whereas we averaged only 119 miles per week in the last vehicle due to money anxiety.

    so if you have doubts about EV don’t. I am not a subscriber to it saving the planet however it definitely is clean from an emissions point of view, (after it’s been through the manufacturing process) which means the air in our cities and streets will become fresher over time and kids may be healthier it’s a least something. If we all do nothing then nothing is the result so may as well try something.

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    file 28 it seems most NT in Wales have the free charging We will tackle a trip to Rhyl in the next couple of weeks with dogs probably have to pick up a little charge in Holywell but old mate from RAF lives there so should be good trip just on  Our range limit return trip

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