Why Does Motability Fit Summer Tires and Not All Weather Tires as Standard

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    We live in UK the weather for the best part of the year is rain ,rain, and rain , then snow and few weeks, or months of summer even in summer it still rains .

    So why do motability fit summer tires and not all weather tires as standard on all their cars

    is it just a money saving exercise.

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    The manufacturers fit the tyres, not Motability. I have rarely experienced the need for all weather tyres, nor would I want them as standard. I do, however, live on the south coast where snow is a rarity.

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    After 3 sets of crappy summer tyres and not being able to use my car in bad weather once they had worn down to 3mm (kwik fit won’t replace until 2mm) I bought a full set of 4 All Season tyres for about 20% less than kwik fit charge for summer ones, I had them through one winter and swapped front to back the next autumn so they did a 2nd winter, good value but Motability wouldn’t pay for all season even though they were cheaper than summer tyres, blind stubborn stupidity on their part!

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    I’ll get the three years (~20k mls) out of the original set so long as I don’t have a problem with one. 😁


    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    After suffering the VW factory fit Hankook tyres, and then at 12k miles a replacement pair of Bridgestone on the front axle, I’m delighted that at 24k miles Kwik Fit have fitted a full set of Michelin Primacy tyres.

    Wet grip, road noise and general handling are far superior to both the Hankook and Bridgestone tyres at any point.

    Which has got me thinking – when you take your cars to Kwik Fit to get tyres replaced under the Motability contract, do you ever get offered a choice of tyre brand, or do you always have to accept whatever Kwik Fit choose? And therefore, could you choose an All-Season tyre if you wanted them?

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    This time on my current car the front tyres had to bechanged half way threw the 3 years(because of acc it braakes more than i would) normally it’s been in the last 6 months of 3rd year that they dropped below 2mm and i guess that is over the legal limit.. so acceptable.

    Guess maybe the fact the road surface is a lot hotter in the summer than now, which has an effect on softer compound tyres wear, not just all about tread /  type of tyre and i guess as has been said the car makers put on the tires that best overall for that car for most conditions to handle how they intended. but any tyre is not perfect in all conditions. so if you live up in the mountains it maybe a real problem but for most of us we not seen any snow this winter, or the gritters out much.. yep there been alot of rain but personally in 30 years of driving not had them and tyre tech has come along way from when i first started driving.. So i can see why it is the way it is… It would be worse if mb wouldn’t allow you to change the tyres at your own expense and also is it classed as a mod to the car, so insurance gotta be told, like changing size of the wheels.

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    some people probable will disagree with this,  I have been using Motablity since i was a teenager now over 50  i have used it a lot and in that time Iv seen a lot of changes over the years , like other big corporate company’s  Motablity its all about money.

    We use our PIP to pay motability but we really don’t have any say about much if anything they make the decisions and we need to say thanks.

    I’m in scotland just outside Glasgow and the winters are usually bad especial when it snows a lot of the time we cant use the car because the car is bad in the snow and ice so if you’v got doctors or hospital appointments or need food you cant go so the car becomes useless.

    i think i’m becoming very cynical in my old age

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    Yes you are lol

    Our Winters last 9/10 months per year – every year 😭😭😭 but apart from the beast from the east 2 years ago which lasted 4 or 5 days I’ve always been able to drive my car , it might not have always been enjoyable or pleasant but always possible and by the sounds of things we don’t live too far away from each other

    what do you drive just now?

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    Winston at the moment i drive 65 xc60 which is great but about November or so, the car was at Volvo in Hillington for MOT  they said it needed 2 front tires so kwick fit went to volvo and changed the tires from pirelli scorpion verde all weather tires to Michelin Latitude Sport summer tires .

    question is why .

    not very happy , the difference in performance is quite a bit , just to save money



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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve never had any dealing with Volvo but unfortunately had to deal with KF ( like we all do )</p>
    on my old car the 2 fronts were needing changed and I called KF to make an apt , I asked if they had the exact same tyres in stock as my car , they said No but had a similar one , I said no I want the exact same that was on the car – anyways after a bit of him bumping his gums, he said he would need to check with Motability , I called them too and she said she would put on my file that the same ones were to get fitted if KF actually put a request through

    Motability said it wasn’t an issue getting the exact same tyre as it was a 4WD car , even if it wasn’t I would still have demanded the same ones ( OCD )

    anyways 2 days later , car booked in and the tyres I wanted fitted

    on another occasion my car was in at Audi in Hillington for its first MOT , they said the 2 front tyres were touch n go and 1 had a nail in it ( I didn’t know this ) so they replaced the tyres themselves there and then ( I’m sure they still charged Motability )

    so it shows what different service we get from branch to branch or dealership to dealership

    so is your current car on 2 completely different rating/typesof tyre?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Just to back up Winston’s point. I drive past the two closest Kwik Fits to one that offers fantastic service. The good ones are out there.

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