Why do you suffer this treatment?

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    Oh you won’t get that car it will be too popular, normal people will get first choice!

    We are on Motability we only get the stuff they can not shift or is out of date!

    Dealer gave me wrong car and won’t do anything about it!

    Dealer took a deposit and is now messing me around.

    No cars on the scheme that are any good having to extend a further 2 years!

    You need to adjust your thinking it is YOUR MONEY and if as it looks Motability is becoming a poor choice you should go elsewhere.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Shawn, we are not here to bash Motability. You are taking all the other users of this forum for fools as they choose the join the Scheme. Myself included. We have all weighed up what the scheme is, who it serves and we are then all able to make the decision to join or not join. Ultimately we make the decision if it is in our favour. The fact that you want an electric car through the scheme that is either too expensive, not available or not manufactured yet is fine, but you have made your point(s) and we have all logged them, so let’s move the conversation on.

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    Fair enough!

    One thread I posted Brydo style was taken down it was not an attack by me but a reporter saying the prices of Vauxhalls and Peugeot’s were too expensive in comparison to the British built MINI. I think POPS did not read it and got carried away.

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    Which Mobility Car

    I binned it.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Brydo has earned the right to do what he does.

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    I’m sure Brydo will catch it tomorrow?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Last word.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Shawn, take some time away and come back as the funny, leftfield thinker that initially made us all chuckle. Posting as someone else is below you (I like to see the best in people). Only 14 hours ago I was trying to help you with your mg ev quest.

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    Oh dear not again?

    When will the scheme bashing end. ?

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    Brighton Steve

    I’d like to add my voice to those who are championing the scheme. Without Motability I would be a hermit. My car gives me the freedom to go where I like and when I like. I could not afford anything like the new cars I have had on the scheme and the worry free motoring is a big seller for me. If you put together the cost of the car, insurance, servicing, tyres and breakdown, it comes to a tidy penny. I know it’s horses for courses, but with 1900 cars to choose from, most of us will find one that suits.

    69 reg Ford Kuga ST-Line 1.5 Ecoboost in Chrome Blue.

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    Yes there are some motability flaws, and yes they could operate better, they could simplify the process by just laying down some ground rules to manufactures (for example breaking deals were they say right this is the maximum we will pay for a car including discounts, its up to you guys if you let a customer take xxxx car/van/suv for that price) it would also give us some fun trying to haggle :P.

    But the big point here though if it was like this I would not have even  thought to go for my tiguan R line, which I have had since april, which in my eyes at current AP quite a steal with its AP, car is great for me and family, good MPG, excellent comfort and the tech extras as std, well let me just say the std kit in the r line tech would cost another 5000-8000 on top of AP at BMW, Merc ect.

    Best car on the scheme imho.

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    Hi guys, I would just like to say picked up my Golf GTD 2 months ago and it’s gorgeous……….Thanks Motability.

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    Still alive!

    I did not use a different ID it was that Shaine character.

    Looks a bit thin in here and I see some took exception to a member being banned due to a disability. Thanks

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    Disability is horrendously expensive and I as a carer with my disabled wife could not afford a vehicle in any other way we would not get nor could afford another method of finance. We may with time be able to afford a knackered runabout that won’t take my wife’s wheelchair and I doubt much enthusiasm would be in keeping it if that was the case. What changed and hurt Motability was what I call the jealousy cap when the government took note of the FREE car scandal bullshit that was readily put about by people and media who decided they didn’t like disabled people in BMW’s or probably just don’t like disabled people. This was the changing point because prior to this Motability negotiations could often get us into the best top of range Vauxhall or Ford Nissan or Renault with very low deposits even a sneaky top Volvo but the 1 series BMW convertible ended it all. This causes problems for all of us.

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