Why Cant Motability Leave Good Cars On , Why is it a Lucky /Unlucky Dip

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    Why Cant Motability Leave Good Cars On Why is it a Lucky /Unlucky Dip

    every time a new price list comes out we have know idea whats going to be on , i wait with anticipation the night before waiting to go through the list even on new years eve .

    For a lot of people using Motability to lease there car (life line)  it can take use a long time to try and save the deposit, then when you eventually get the deposit the cars either off the scheme of the advance payment have increased, THANKS Motability.

    Any Thoughts

    thanks martin




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    It’s always been a case of what’s available per quarter, manufacturers have mostly been pulling cars due to emissions and upcoming new models.


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    Perhaps they need to look at keeping a car on the scheme for a minimum period, say at least 6 months.

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    mostly its down to manufacturers pulling models or increasing prices nothing to do with motability.

    if motability can get a vehicle within the price cap and a reasonable ap i think they put them on.

    most of the removals over the last year have been due to manufacturers ceasing production of models or them failing new emissions tests. or pricing increases exceeding the cap.

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    James will be very busy on November the 1st I think ?

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    All Q4 will do is increase the AP’s on about 60% of the cars.

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    It can be frustrating but if you have a lease car that you love you can avoid the frustrations by extending your lease.

    I have a 17 reg X1 which is totally perfect for me, so in January when I should be looking for the “next” vehicle I will instead be extending my lease by another two years.

    It’s not always about the next new thing, it’s also about looking after yourself in the best way possible.

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    Pops. that’s that’s all fine and good, at the end of the 3 years, allowing that Motability are happy with your millage and agree to extend the lease, as there is no automatic right for the customer to make that decision.

    However it is a different kettle of fish, if you have already extended your car for the full five years.

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    There are a few qualifying factors including adaptations and options that you’ve had to put on at your own expense. I checked with Motability and I am able to extend the lease having spent a lot of money to make my vehicle suitable for me.

    As regards your second point about reaching the end of a five year lease, I will have two more years in which to identify a suitable replacement. The chances are that this vehicle will become available at some point and I can cancel my extension at any time.

    That is what I call a good deal.


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    Sorry POPS, on my first point, I didn’t mean your personal circumstances, I was more talking in general, how it effects every body on the scheme.

    On my second point, some may be like me and need the full five years to be in a financial position to meat the necessary (high) AP charged. It is great that Motability has changed the rules to let people change cars within the extended frame. But not everybody is in a financial situation to utilize the flexibility and be ready to step in when they see a good offer, almost like playing the stock exchange.

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    You make a good point callmejohn, I’m fortunate that my finances allow me to take advantage of good offers.

    I was suggesting that there’s an opportunity there if you’re in a position to take advantage off it.


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