Why are posted price lists beibg removed

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    Ive seen 2 lists posted over past few days and they then by magic are removed. I re posted mini as someone was asking and today its gone. Was the list wrong or what. I’m confused thought we was here to help and share info. It’s the .uk not north Korea lol

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    Glos Guy

    Hi Nick – It doesn’t help that many threads are almost impossible to follow at present as our posts are continually appearing out of sequence, but I believe that I read that the original provider of the Mini list had asked for it to be removed from the forum. The moderators have said that you can write out the models and prices in your own post, but must not ‘copy’ the original info you were given as it contains the name and contact details of the originator. Hope that helps. As an aside, at least you have got some info, which is more than the rest of us have been able to find!

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    Thanks glos guy, WMC KeyMaster is working on the threads issues, nick unfortunately I had to delete your copy as the original  Mini thread as like glos guy says it was requested for removal by Megan. There seems to be a media blank out this Quarter, but I’m sure most lists will be out today due to Easter.

    as suggested you can use the ommited info you find, wink wink

    but in the same way if you requested the Forum to delete one of your threads/posts and another member re posted it, we would have to delete it, if someone reworded it and made no reference to yourself, then that simply becomes their post.

    Q2 is strange I cant believe all manufacturers and dealers would of stuck together Motability must be behind the blank out.

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    Thought here would be a good place for the question to be asked seeing as it’s been mentioned, that is the flow of the threads.

    In the Brexit thread, Littledave & Britishbulldogs posts have remained at the bottom of the thread – now i thought the reason for this happening on previous threads is when posts were being merged, but nothing was merged here that i’m aware of…… is the problem more widespread than 1st anticipated?

    Oh, and my opinion on removal of posts is that unless they contradict the code of conduct, posts should remain for the good of the forum and the flow of conversation. If i were to have a tizzy and ask for all my posts to be removed i know what i would get told! We’re all adults and by posting on a public forum, we should be aware that once posted ownership belongs to the keymaster, not us.

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    Glos Guy

    Trev – I agree. Driving me nuts. You are correct that it’s more than just threads being merged. I have posted new comments at the end of merged threads, not in reply to earlier posts and yet it has landed mid way up the thread. It’s causing no end of issues, causing the threads not to make sense and resulting in yet more repetition. Might be wise for you to repost your comments above on the main forum so it’s noticed. If you go to the 4th page you will see a thread that I started ‘Mods – why are my posts appearing out of sequence’. If you post in it you will ‘bump’ it back to the top.

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    Consider it done Glos, certainly some gremlins at work somewhere.

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    The KeyMaster is aware guys and it is an ongoing issue, at present we are not merging threads and some issues still arise but hopefully it doesn’t mean we have to resort back to every post being at the bottom, I like people being able too answer individual posts, but we will have to see how the KeyMaster gets around it.

    trev you have asked for previous posts to be removed and they were, if someone was to copy and repost then we would remove them too. Megan posted in haste and got herself into trouble for it, we are an open forum but we also wouldn’t want to cause or be responsible for anyone’s further anguish or someone losing face or their livelihood through not deleting a post they requested to be removed. At some point after Q2 we will be doing a thread for ideas and the way forward for the forum as an open discussion but for now the deleting of requested removal of individuals own post will remain. I know PM option will be a popular talking point but get your thinking heads on for more ideas.

    i vote members stickers for our cars lol


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    I understand justsaying. We mention ideas willy nilly, here and there, so would be good to have a ‘sounding board’ for ideas. Just need to sort the basics out first on getting the thread posts in order… easier said than done for sure.

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    nick gray

    the 1 thing that really gets on my nerves is when you go to read a post and the letters are all in a line going down the right hand side of the page making it impossible to read, get this on my mobile and laptop grrrr.

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    Nick it happens when we reply to individual posts. Each time a reply moves over a couple of spaces to the right so by the tenth reply to the same post it all on one line if your on a phone device or some tablets.

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    learn chinese Nick, that’s how they write lol

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    Glos Guy

    I know what you mean Nick. On my iPhone, when I see a post like that if I turn my phone ‘landscape’ it tends to correct it.

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    Got it. I’l try turning my phone around if that fails I’ll learn chinise lol

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