Who to complain to?

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    Keith S

    Does anyone have any names or contact details for higher management, directors etc in Motability? The highest I can speak with is a customer solutions manager and she’s no help and says her desision is final and I can’t appeal any higher.

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    ceoemail.com   ??


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    I think thats as high as you can go. Good luck

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    Until Andrew Miller takes on the permanent mantle of CEO of Motability Operations on 1st January 2021, Matthew Hamiliton-James is acting as Interim CEO (since Mike Betts stood down earlier in 2020).

    Matthew Hamilton-James can be contacted at:

    Matthew Hamilton-James,

    Interim CEO,

    Motability Operastions Ltd,

    City Gate House,

    22 Southwark Bridge Road,


    SE1 9HB

    (copied from a letter sent to me by Motability Operations on 3rd September 2020)

    Confirmation from Motability Operations website:



    Re Andrew Miller taking over on 1st January 2021:


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    Menorca Mike

    What’s the problem Keith ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, VW Golf driver.

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    Keith S

    That’s brilliant everyone, thanks so much for your help.

    @menocamike it’s a very long story mate but if you look on the forum under this post and see

    “horrendous experience” title, it’s all in there.

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    Keith S

    Hi everyone, just an update. I got my appeal through to Ian Goswell and the executive team, unfortunately they were no help, telling me no exceptions could be made for me to keep the car and it was definitely not coming onto the scheme. Shocked and angry today to see it has been added!!

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    Get back in contact and tell them it’s on the scheme so why can’t you keep it. Clearly they don’t speak to each other

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    Keith S

    Good news, after another complaint to them, I got a free upgrade to a premium plus model, that’s in stock and a full tank of fuel.

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