Who the heck are M0taclarity?

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    There About Us page is very unclear. They seem to be representing all the information – albeit in a prettier format – that is already available on the Motability website. They also seem to be ‘scraping’ road test reviews from other sites.

    How are they making any money? This all looks very odd.

    Hmm, they do link to “Enhanced special offers” – maybe they’re taking a cut from the dealer.


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    Donkey Oatie

    I would guess that it would be illegal for motability to try to enforce a no discount rule on independent dealers.


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    JS (justsaying)

    Not really they could simply strike the dealership off for breach of their rules.

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    Donkey Oatie

    There have been many cases of manufacturers in various industries trying to control sales usually via the internet and it has proved almost impossible to do legally without falling foul of legislation designed to prohibit restriction of trade.

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    I’ve known about this website for sometime, but there are a large number of inaccuracies and there doesn’t seem to be a system in place to identify, and rectify these. We know how motability like to take vehicles on and off the scheme at a snap of fingers, and whilst the website feels very slick, personally i would go for accuracy any day of the week. To be honest it was weeks ago i last looked, and have just revisited now to see the inaccuracies still there.

    These views are my own, and i will add that the inaccuracies are perhaps not a priority to rectify, the aim is to get potential customers enquiring to dealers, to make money. The dealer list is also inaccurate as i noticed a dealer listed as near to me, has since changed hands twice and now is a Co-Op… all before this website went live!

    So for me i would rather stick to motability’s website in connection with manufacturers websites for pricing and specifications, and http://www.whichmobilitycar.co.uk and this forum for genuine, impartial advice.

    Again, this is my own view and I of course respect differing views.

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    I would guess that it would be illegal for motability to try to enforce a no discount rule on independent dealers.

    Not really each dealership can get around £300 in MDP payments from motability over the 3 year lease for providing and servicing the car. Theirs already a large list of financial adjustments Motability can make to a dealership if it fails to follower the procedures put in place often resulting in a -£100 charge being levied against the dealer for each mistake it makes. They could easily levy an adjustment against the dealership for failing to follow advice on discounts or like has already been said they could be removed from motability altogether.

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    If  motability are getting a new search  website   and it is as good  or better than some others  then there isnt a problem   that site is full of inaccuracies regarding cars on scheme  regards  cars coming on and off the scheme  we are kept  up to date  every day   but if we want discount    might have to look at other site  Audi  £45  off  never seen that before Local   BMW   £400   off selected  cars   never got a bean off them  last twice

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    If motability are getting a new search website and it is as good or better than some others then there isnt a problem that site is full of inaccuracies regarding cars on scheme regards cars coming on and off the scheme we are kept up to date every day but if we want discount might have to look at other site Audi £45 off never seen that before Local BMW £400 off selected cars never got a bean off them last twice

    Last two BMWs I have had 500, and 800 of the latter, it all depends when you order with some dealers two, best time is really near end of a quarter as it ups the dealers numbers so you have more haggle power, previously had 699 off a merc, and got 470 worth of extra free on current vw.

    there are deals to be found from dealers, you just need to be prepared to travel and call around and just ask. They can only say no, also ask for any cashback offer to be put in email too to ensure you get it.

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    Thanks  for advice   Rico   that is good discount   i do need to shop around change in 6 months

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    That is some discounting you’ve managed, Rico!

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    its only because I know someone who is a car salesman (unfortunate for me a jag one) all dealers get discounted prices from hq if they meet certain targets each quarter, if you find one that’s low on numbers they will give you cash back deals to make the numbers up as the discounts are far larger than 10 cashbacks of 500 say 🙂

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    Although there are good details of the cars on that website, it is no good at all for War Pensioners as nowhere do they show the WPMS advance payments. As much use as a chocolate teapot in that respect.




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    Donkey Oatie

    I suppose if a dealer does a “cashback” deal with a customer then motability would never need to know about it.

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    Keith King

    I have to say that the website is very informative, the deals are extremely helpful when deciding a dealer (especially as nobody in the South East is offering nothing, including customer service). The search facility is superior, the categories are better explained. All in all it is far far superior than the Motability website which could be better based on the fact they are holding funds of over £2.5 billion

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