Who the heck are M0taclarity?

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    There About Us page is very unclear. They seem to be representing all the information – albeit in a prettier format – that is already available on the Motability website. They also seem to be ‘scraping’ road test reviews from other sites.

    How are they making any money? This all looks very odd.

    Hmm, they do link to “Enhanced special offers” – maybe they’re taking a cut from the dealer.


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    Having looked at the site I see they provide the Names of dealers who are offering AP cash back.

    If motorclarity make money from introducing buyers to the dealer what stop the buyer reading the site information and going direct to the dealer.

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    Searching on the Companies House website gives the follwing:


    Digging about a bit further, a person with the exact same full name and month/year D.O.B. as the one and only director of Autoclarity, was a former director of Pentagon Motor Holdings Limited (Pentagon Motor Group).




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    handy for us all


    good find

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    It’s slick and pretty – But if you search all cars and models it comes up with 1798 – Motability search has 2062. As an example only 2 BMW i3’s listed, Motability 7 listed.

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    i was thinking listing the deals was handy, didnt try the search

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    Somebody has put a lot of work into that, not a bad effort either. If they can keep it up to date it could prove to be a valuable resource.

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    £400 saving on all BMWs……….


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    JS (justsaying)

    As a Forum we have been aware of this site and for now will allow this thread to continue as it may help an individual, however we can’t as a none profit Forum with our members and users in mind indorse corporate companies.

    basically the site is only open to dealerships etc if they are willing to pay, we as a Forum are all for people with a common interest helping and giving real life experiences and answering genuine questions and concerns with no monetary value attached, it’s our posters that make this the site it is.

    On a personal note as Me not a Moderator. I can sort of understand they see a gap in the market, but Motability have just this year advised and sent out memo’s to All its dealerships not to offer discounts etc, I wish them well but the format (which is inaccurate with regards to numbers of cars available and models, as I searched my vehichle and would love to order the vehichle they have available , yet doesn’t exist on  Motability) Motability its self have confirmed they are looking into the web site and have no affiliation with it.

    As a forum for now we will allow this thread to continue but all other links to it on other threads will be deleted, (our members and users are our priority not monetary gain from select 3rd parties)

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    Just to clarify my earlier posting above about Companies House and the fact the link relates to ‘Autoclarity’ and not ‘Motaclarity’:

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the pages on the ‘Motaclarity’ website, you get the following statement:

    ”© Autoclarity Ltd. 43a Market Place, Bawtry, Doncaster. DN10 6JL. MotaClarity is the trading name of Autoclarity Ltd”

    So, ‘Autoclarity Ltd’ trades as ‘Motaclarity’.

    It is often the case that companies have a seperate trading name to their registered company name.

    The reason for posting this is someone I know who uses this site, sent me an e-mail saying I had posted a Companies’ House link to the wrong company!


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    Thanks for that JS.

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    JS  the site that we are talking about  is  impressive   and the car search  page  is IMO  is better   than Motabilitys    it has got bhp   model year   so you dont have to  check   60  Ford Focus ,s    to get the  bhp the pictures  of the cars are better  yes it is not accurate   but it is only Motabilitys    site that is   as you know  cars cannot  be ordered  with out  Motabilitys   refrence  number      as for cash  back  or  money off  i think every body  will be intrested in    it should  hopfully get Motability to spend some money and take some tips  on how to do a better car search website   was upset when first saw it but  dont worry im not redundant  yet

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    Fair comment JS, I can understand why WMC would be wary of endorsing a thus far unknown company but every dealer ever mentioned within this forum has a monetary interest and however Motaclarity are managing to make financial gain from their site it isn’t costing forum members anything. The fact that all known deals are collated on one place may actually increase dealer competition and possibly make it easier to persuade other dealers to match, more competition is (usually) better for the consumer.

    I too have noticed a couple of errors in their pricing information along with the many scheme vehicles missing altogether.

    BigDave, ultimately it doesn’t really matter who they are or where they came from as a company. We as end users cannot enter into any type of contract with them and are merely using them as an information resource. It was certainly an eye opener for me to see just how many deals were out there and just how geographically disadvantaged I am being in the north west as there a precious few dealers doing deals near me.

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    I can sort of understand they see a gap in the market, but Motability have just this year advised and sent out memo’s to All its dealerships not to offer discounts etc,

    That nice of Moblity putting us first again?

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    With  the  Aps  at £ 3750   most of us will need as much discount  as we can get

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    Which Mobility Car

    I kept away from promoting dealer discounts and always turned down the opportunity to profit from these on http://www.whichmobilitycar.co.uk for the simple reason that I share Motability’s fixed pricing ideology. But it is increasingly becoming just that, an ideology, the dealerships are fighting for their lives, a report said that 50% will be forced out of business by 2025, so in order to keep the sales flowing the larger groups are able to steal sales from the smaller ones by offering discounts. It is difficult one, I would, like anyone, jump at the chance to save money on Advance Payments but I would prefer a level playing field.

    I also assumed that Motability would be able to police the situation. Perhaps they still can.


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    Hi  wmcforum    read  all your posts  and   respect  your views   and opinions   but dont always agree with  them  are you saying that  we should not benefit from  the dealerships hard times when on countless times ive been treated like a piece  crap  or ignored   in same dealerships   there are good ones   but they should  all be good that is what motability  should   be policeing  i love the scheme    without it  i  would be stuck looking  at four walls  till my times up    also  what i have encountered    is that there is no such thing  as a level  playing field  more like avery large roller coaster full of ups and downs  where  at the end some  one allways profits   utopia  has not arrived yet     with  the greatest   of respect   jamesg

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    I was about to respond to a post from James at Motaclarity, but it’s gone.


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    Which Mobility Car


    I simply loathe going into a car dealership, it is one of the most uncomfortable experiences and I would be at the front of any queue when discounts are available.

    I have always supported the fixed pricing as it appeared the fairest way, I would prefer that £300 or £600 was taken off the AP for everyone not only those able to order from that particular dealership, I know i’m a dreamer and it does not work out like this but it’s what I would prefer.

    The point I was making, probably not very well, was that dealerships are going against Motability’s wishes and offering discounts due to the the pressure they are under.

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    I really wanted to ask him some questions.

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    Which Mobility Car

    I really wanted to ask him some questions.

    43a Market Place
    DN10 6JL

    e: info@motaclarity.co.uk
    t: 01302 460330

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    Thanks, I got that.

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    The search on that site is a country mile ahead of Motability with its links to models and what is and is not in the car in the way of auto box and number of seats ect.

    The trouble I’ve had in the past with the Motability search is when you click the “What Car Review” button at the bottom of the page more often than not it returns a blank page or a review of a car that’s 5 or 6 years out of date.

    There are always mistakes in supplying this sort of information and lets face it, even the dealers and manufactures print misleading info in their brochures but with Motabilities finances I’m sure there search system could be improved on and this site shows what can be done even if it has got a few things wrong.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Motability are building a new search engine and website.  The existing one is well over a decade old and as we all know has been creaking for a while. As you say @chrisk with their resources it really should be something special.

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    That  is good news  they need to be looking at what others are doing and improve on it  as we all know money should be no problem

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    How can they be frowned upon for letting customers know about dealer specific offers but, this forum has basically the same opportunity in the discount thread?

    I don’t want to imply that Motability customers are financially restricted but, when on a limited budget we all look to save wherever we can; I know I do.

    Just my views; I do not mean any offence to anyone..

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