Who arranges EV Home Charger installation?

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    Ive decided to join the electric vehicle club.  I ordered a Renault Zoe at the weekend, which is already in the country so can have it in about a month (when my current lease is due to end).

    I was offered either a home charge point or a charge card for chargers around the country during the application.  I was told to expect an email or phone call about arranging the installation and that I need the home charge point before I can have the car.

    The Renault Zeo has only just joined the scheme, the dealership said, and was not entirely sure how the charger is handled, but then the application process mentioned the two options, so I chose the charge point.

    Being eagerly excited, I was hoping for the call today, after motability had a chance to process the request, but no call.

    Has anyone ordered an EV recently and know how the charger works and a timeframe?

    Is it motability that asks BP Chargemaster to get in touch, or should it have been the dealer?

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Hi GizmoMax</p>
    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I ordered a e208 last Thursday. BP Chargemaster rang me to arrange installation today, so you probably won’t have to wait too long.</p>

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    Hi FordMax,

    Fantastic, thanks for letting me know.   Do you have long to wait for your installation date?

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    Gizmomac you have made a wise choice going electric and the Zoe, by all accounts, is a cracking choice. Just need to get the best electricity provider deal to make the most of the hundreds of pounds you will be saving.

    You are also, and more importantly, doing your bit to stop climate change so big thumbs up.

    Let us know how you get on with the charger process and a bit of a review would be great when you get it.

    Best of luck.

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    Thanks, I am on a fairly decent dual fuel (non-ev) tariff at the moment with electric costing 13p per kWh including 5% VAT.

    Since ordering the Zoe, I have taken a look at EV tariffs, but the ones I have seen need a Smart meter first.  My supplier (Avro) are not installing smart meters at the moment, so I would need to change to a more expensive provider initially to get a smart meter.

    Does anyone know of a comparison site that has a filter for EV tarriffs?

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    you could try uswitch i find them one of the better sites but never looked at ev’s tbh

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    Menorca Mike

    Is the Peugeot and Renault automatic ? What mile range do they have ?

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    The Renault Zoe is automatic.

    I have been advised by the dealer that the mileage in the summer is around 220 miles and in the winter is around 180 miles

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    GizmoMac I use Octopus energy to charge my Ev. I’m on the Agile tariff which varies every 30mins and on average is 7p a Kw hr with a daily standing charge of 20p it makes cheap motoring even cheaper. Their Ev tariff is Octopus Go and its overnight charging for 5p per Kw with normal rates outside of overnight.

    Use my link below if you do decide to switch it puts £50 into your energy account.






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    EV energy tariffs

    EV Driver 3
    Three tariffs depending on meter set-up
    Standard, Economy 7 & Economy 10 available
    From 13.06p/kWh

    Standard: 18.79p/kWh
    Off-peak: 13.06p/kWh
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    We love electric vehicles and we realised that we tend to do most of our charging at home, not on the road. Because of this we created a tariff designed to make charging your EV more affordable. If you’re anything like us then this tariff has been designed with you in mind. This is as good for the environment as it is your pocket, saving you £ 80* a year when compared to our Standard Variable Tariff.
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    Standard: 15.89p/kWh
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    With EV Everywhere, you’ll enjoy 100% green electricity to power both your home and your vehicle. Thanks to the 2-year free Polar Plus membership you’ll have more than 7,000 charge points to choose from across the UK. Ready to hit the road?
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    100% Renewable

    GoElectric Aug 21
    5,000 free miles when you also lease an electric vehicle through EDF
    Save up to £370 on the single rate version (No Smart meter required)
    Half-Price off-peak charging 21:00-07:00 Mon-Fri, and all day Sat-Sun (with a compatible smart meter)
    From 8p/kWh

    Standard: 12.09p/kWh
    Off-peak: 8p/kWh
    Peak: 17.84p/kWh
    With more off-peak hours than any other electric vehicle tariff, EDF are supporting drivers looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle. Specifically designed for EV drivers, you’ll rest easy knowing that the GoElectric tariff provides half-price off-peak electricity for both your home and your car. No smart meter? No problem…There’s also a competitive single rate version available for customers who’re looking to switch to an EV and don’t have a compatible smart meter. With 100% renewable electricity, you’ll drive with zero carbon emissions, improving local and nationwide air quality.
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    Scottish Power smart charger app
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    Good work Brydo!

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    Octopus Agile

    Perfect for electric vehicles, storage heaters, or anyone who can shift their electricity use outside of the 4pm – 7pm peak.

    Even pays you use electricity at certain times!

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    Agree smallcar I’m on Octopus Agile and I’ve never had electricity soooo cheap and you are right there are occasions you get paid to consume electricity

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    Well, I’ve still not heard anything yet.

    It’s now been just over a week.  Last week I did a online chat with Motability and they said it would be up to 2 weeks for someone to contact me.

    As @fordmax was contact the Monday after ordering, I was hoping for today, in case they bulk send on Monday or something, but no luck.

    I can have my new car from 17th August (3 weeks today) provided I have the charger installed.


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    I am at a stand-off with bp Chargemaster. You have to submit several photos to them of your electricity meter, fuse box, etc. When they first made contact, they gave me a provisional installation date of Aug 10th, but said once pics were recieved they generally brought it forward by a week.

    Then, a couple of days ago, they emailed me, demanding some sort of car “order” form. When you have the charger installed, they take the VIN number of your car to stop you ordering multiple chargers, or something.

    I already gave them a pic of my dealer order; admittedly it’s very vague, basically saying I’ve ordered a car, not much else.

    When bp Chargemaster first rang, they already KNEW I’d been refered to them as a motability order, AND what I’d ordered. Surely that tells them something. So, I have spent the last two days, sulking at their demands. At some point I will contact motability to ‘magic up’ some paperwork that will satisfy BP.


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    I wonder how long it will be before overnight becomes peak time because everyone is charging their car? 😁

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    A few years yet but we really need V2G chargers to make this whole green energy thingy work.

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    I got the call today.

    They asked questions about appliances, and because I have electric oven, hob, microwave, dishwasher, tumble dryer, and washing machine, they need to write to someone (i think distribution network) to check they are happy before they can arrange a date.  They said because it takes me over 60 (kWh?)

    I replied to the email with the photo’s, PDF copy of the Mobility pre-agreement, and they asked for order form, but I don’t have one, so didn’t include.

    I went to do the online sign thing, and it asked for the VIN number, so put N/A for that.

    Anyone else had the issue with the 60kWh limit?  Do the people they write to usually just say “okay”, as a tick box exercise?

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    Maybe it was 60amp, not kWh.

    She did also ask if I had an electric fireplace, which I said yes, but it’s not used.  It’s actually unplugged.

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    A brief update.

    Motability sent me my new car pack, which includes the ‘pin’ number. There is a detailed lease page specifying my name address, car model etc. I took a photo and sent it off to BP Chargemaster. They have just got back to me. It’s been refused again. This because there is no “lease commencement date”. OF COURSE THERE ISN’T. THE BLOODY CAR IS STILL ON ORDER! I HAVE NOT GOT IT, THEREFORE, ITS NOT BEEN LEASED YET!

    The joke is, the lease cannot commence without the charging point, *rolls eyes*.

    I have now been asked to get the dealer I ordered it from to write write some kind of “detailed note” which they may/may not, accept…

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    Also having BP Chargemaster problems, they want things like a copy of the V5, I can’t believe Motability hasn’t made it clear that they have these things, not us, BP Chargemaster appears to be run by Luton’s cretins.

    I have the car but not the home charger, thinking of just installing my own as I can’t deal with the threatening tone from BP Chargemaster’s side, they seem to think it’s OK to bully the disabled.


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    I contacted BP Chargemaster for a home charger you are right they are absolute cretins I just put the phone down and contacted Podpoint  ours is a PHEV so we to had to contribute toward the home charger (£290 for a 7kWh unit with a dedicated lead with Podpoint).

    Just filled in the online forms along with some photos of my iPhone and payment, the Podpoint has some clever electronics it can measure the current being drawn adjust the charge rate accordingly.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Just wanted to say, BP Chargemaster sent an email at nearly midnight last night, saying they have (finally)  accepted the dealership form.  So anyone thinking of going electric can probably save themselves a lot of hassle by asking the dealer for it and sending it off with the paperwork you have to send BP Chargemaster when you first order.

    They have also moved my installation to this week on Friday without even asking me about it. I had an entire afternoon out already booked so now I have to rearrange that. They really are a frustrating company to deal with.

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    ….adding more info, which might be helpful for people considering electric/hybrid.

    As soon as I ordered the car, I set about swapping to Octopus, with the intention of using the Octopus Go tariff, specifically aimed at people with electric cars.

    I initially made contact with them mid-july. They have officially made me a new customer today, which seems to coincide with my first D.D payment to them. However, right back when I first started looking to move to them, I explained I wanted new smart meters.

    I rang them again, today, now that I am an ‘official’ customer, to see how this was progressing, and to explain my car is coming in next 3 weeks. They said they don’t prioritise for car deliveries, they simply work on the premise that they will offer you a slot when their engineers are in your specific area. She gave me an installation date of 28th August, and said after that point, I could apply for the Octopus Go tariff. She said it would take another 2 weeks whilst they established my smart meter was working correctly and if everything was running smoothly, at that point I could be on the Go tariff.

    From start to finish, it will have been about 2 months, to swap elec companies and have the correct meter and tariff. So if you are thinking of swapping, it might be worth looking into this as soon as you’ve ordered the car, as it seems to take a little while.

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    Update from me…. BP Chargemaster needed a order form from the dealer, they were kind enough to contact the dealer on my behalf, and on Friday last week at the end of the day, I received it via email and then forwarded it to BP Chargemaster as they had requested.

    I have heard nothing since and no communication this week.

    I called them at lunch time today for an update.  The person dealing with my application was on the phone, so the person I spoke to said they would email them asking to give me a call back.  No call back yet.

    They said last week that they needed to contact the energy network to get approval and that could take 5 – 7 days, so whether they are waiting for their response, I am not sure.

    I am thinking of getting Octopus agile as well, but I want to make sure i get the car first.  I can take delivery of the car in 12 or so days time, but I have doubts the charger will be in place by then

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    So the BP Chargemaster man came……and left again.

    Neither motability, nor Chargemaster warned me that if your electricity meter is not outside the house, this becomes a very difficult thing to fix. Mine is in the kitchen, at the back of my house. The most direct way would be straight forwards to the front door via the hallway. My house is old, and has 70’s swirly  artex on the walls. He said it generally contains low levels of asbestos and he can’t touch it. The alternative route is out the side of the house, BUT it can only go that way through the ceiling. He isn’t authorised to go through ceilings, and he can’t put trunking up (something to do with the stairs).

    So…..I now have to find my own electrician, and pay to have the wiring installed, and only then will BP Chargemaster come back to put the car charger on.


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