Which system or app do you use most for navigation in your car?

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    Mostly I use the Interactive Road Sign-Eyeballs system, which comes free of charge with pretty much every vehicle.

    Relying on that I have yet to drive into a river, get wedged down a narrow lane in the middle of a West Sussex Market Town or end up in Lille, Belgium instead of Lille, France (which actually happened to a Coach Driver taking shoppers from Gloucestershire on a day trip).


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    Apple car play (google maps or Waze) >>
    better than Audi’s and they’re at the top

    i hope that Apple and manufactures can make it Thay if you have a digital display the car play can show up there

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    I use Apple Carplay

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    Sorry I mean I use google maps through Apple carplay or Apple maps

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    Dave h

    Someone mentioned waze on a post a few weeks ago so I downloaded it for new car I think it’s great it gives you voice updates of road works and speed camera’s  better than built in sat nav

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    Usually use the in-built satnav as I find it entertaining when it tells me to do u-turns whenever I take a short cut or use a more efficient route.

    If I didn’t have the satnav in the car I wouldn’t miss it, I have a vast geographic knowledge that seems to work for all but the last couple of hundred yards of a journey.


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    Dave I mentioned Waze a wee while back in a thread, I agree it is very good. The directions around major tail backs is really good.

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    Mostly it’s like Georgie, use my own built in navigation! But if required, usually in big urban areas I’ve no knowledge of, then if it’s got one I just use the inbuilt manufacturers one.

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    The built in manufactures own to be honest, if I require a certain place it doesn’t recognise I have the phone plugged in a ask android thingy “OK Google’.

    It’s great if your feeling low too just ask” do I look handsome’ and the reply is complimentary lol.

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    I use google maps on my phone as the radio is not interrupted by the cars sat nav. I have a bracket on the lower right of the window screen. this set u is better than the Tucson as:

    1. It responds quicker & stops me missing junctions

    2. gives audible indication of speed cameras

    3. displays the actual speed you are driving & not the one on the speedo

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    I use Google maps but if you download velociraptor in addition, it overlays the speed limit for each road so it bleeps if you go over

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    I put the destination into the built in one but only so it can show any traffic jams as it constantly changes arrival time, runs about 20 yards behind where you are so you would always miss your junction/turning etc and it has as much detail as a blank piece of paper(really, it’s the worst system I have ever known).

    Luckily I spent years driving a truck to all 4 corners of the UK and even 2 years in Northern Ireland so have a pretty good idea where I’m going most of the time and I use the 6′ screen in front of me to warn of problems.

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    I’ve used a Tom-Tom PND with Live Traffic for 6 years but 95% of the time I don’t have it navigating anywhere but keep an eye on the home screen just to see where all the traffic jams around me are and glad to see that my KIA uses Tom-Tom LT too so continue to use the in-car one in the same fashion.

    Over the 7 years I’ve used TT live traffic I bet I have saved at least a week of my valuable life not sitting in traffic but needless to say not all traffic jams are avoidable.

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    I use the built in system with a redundant back-up…my Wife often enters the destination on her iPhone then argues with the sat-nag, me, the iPhone and herself…not necessarily in that order.

    I always use sat-nav with the voice/beeps off*, years of being on a motorcycle means I am not worried about hearing an instruction, seeing it is all I need.

    * My first sat-nav was a German unit, it had very precise instructions “Turn Right NOW” & I liked that. I hate the “turnrightintobreadslicestreetin450yardsturnrightintobreadslicestreetin400yards” nonsense they all seem to do now, its just an avalanche of noise when all you need is a simple instruction.

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Totally with Georgie on this: mark 1 eyeballs; roadsigns; plus road atlas (printed, not electronic).

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    I like The Waze app 👍

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    I use Waze through my Apple CarPlay. I find it reacts better with up to the minute traffic delays, accidents and warnings of mobile speed cameras

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