which stars have you met and what were they like?

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    Glos Guy has been name dropping on another thread lol, got me thinking have you met any stars and if so what were they like. Glos Guy has met Joanna lumley and she was very nice, I have met Sir Alex Ferguson and he was very knowledgeable and funny.

    Who have you met and what were they like and if there’s a bit of a story to go with it tell us about it.

    Glos Guy spill the beans how did you meet her and are you her one that got away lol?

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    Tom Jones, Douglas Bader Mike I was going to make up a list but why don’t you tell us two or three of your favourite or most interesting for starters. I would really love to hear them.

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    The little taffia

    I don’t take much notice of famous people. I’ve met Barry John and Neil Jenkins, Neil worked in a TV rental shop and I knew the manager. My cousin Mel was a footballer who played for Spurs and was a Welsh international who played in the 1958 World Cup. Howard Winston was the landlord of a pub I used to frequent. Actors Susan George and the late Simon Maccorkindale had Irish Setters and we would often talk to them at dog shows as we had Irish ourselves. I once had a nice conversation with Iolo Williams whilst I was waiting for the wife to return to the car after she had walked our dog.


    The greatest person I ever knew whom I respected and admired, my father.

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    Let’s win this lottery and have a WMCF meet on a cruise… a round-the-world one so get time to know each other! lmao imagine that 145 days with nowhere to run! lol

    Sorry to hear about your pain Winston, they say laughter is the best medicine, but not sure it it applies in your case., you silly fool lol

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    Mine is mixed bag!

    Gary Numan – Fabulous guy, so friendly, sociable and down to earth

    Julio Iglesias – Polite

    Roy Kinnear – very friendly RIP

    Nicholas Cage – He was filming in NY, very arrogant, bad mannered

    Peter Davidson – Old Dr Who – very bad mannered, no time for anyone

    Leroy – The guy who was in Fame, really friendly, nice chap RIP

    Simon Cowell – Super friendly, very polite, down to eart


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    Brydo – I’ve no idea why my discs rupture so often.. just lucky I guess ??

    i have prolapsed discs at the bottom , it happens just doing light mundane tasks,  but yesterday I fell on my arse in the snow ?? wasn’t sore at the time, and I quickly checked my neighbours windows incase anyone had spotted me lol, but it was 7am so I was in luck

    made it home but 40 mins later I couldn’t stand up, move, do anything but bar lay on the phone like a giant crippled beetle who couldn’t get up ???

    but I can laugh about it ?

    Trev- im up for that cruise! Let’s hope it’s not like the Poseidon adventure ( the original ) ?

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    I’ve met God himself and he was sober…bumped into George Best in the Sheraton in Edinburgh and he was with King Denis Law and that twit rodney marsh.

    couldnt speak and he just laughed. my late mum worked there and had got me into meet/see him and i knew nothing about it totally gobsmacked.

    he signed a programme for me and so did Mr Law(he called me young man) marsh just kept walking…as i said Twit!

    met quite a few at the hotel as i did the night shift to help out when short staffed.

    Tom Jones (nice man)

    Gabriella Sabatini(absolute stunner and very nice)

    F.Y.C.(party boys)


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    I met shakira in my dreams the other night, but i’m not the type to kiss n tell lol

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    The North star!

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