Which is the best Car for carrying a Pride Go Go Mobility Scooter.

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    Gordon Catherall

    I am a n old person with limited strenth  The Cargo area needs to be flat when the rear seats are  I am looking for advise on which car would be best for me to carry a Pride Go Go ,  Tne Cargo area needs to be flat when the rear seats are  folded down  and step ups,  also no raised theshold.

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    Guess no here has a clue Gordon, however not the end of the World try elsewhere online maybe…

    GOOD LUCK, also sorry for being one of the many clueless here😐

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    I would get a hoist fitted if i were you. It makes it all much more manageable. If your putting down one back seat it can then go long ways. Not many cars will allow it to go width wise until you get into big motors. The old boy who bought my old scooter(a bit like yours size and shape) had an older honda that had a big space at rea and it went in width wise no bother but it was size of a discovery.

    I used to fit mine in with a big hoist into a toyota ch-r with the wider back seat folded, and its a fairly small boot. I currently got a folding one and a smaller hoist in back of a kona and there is plenty room left

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    John Newton

    Excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject but I would say this is where an estate would be perfect.

    Current car Mercedes B200 AMG premium plus without anything removed

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    My husband used to fit his in the back of my Leon Estate. It used to go in sideways with just the seat and battery removed. All fitted in the load area without putting the back seats down. He has bought a smaller scooter since to fit my next car. So now we have loads of room in the back; at least untill I get my MINI.

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    Andy Wood

    We previously had a gogo and had a peugoet 3008. If you remove the arms from the seat then the seat fits in the area under the car boot, and the scooter fits complete width ways in the boot, no need to fold seats and the parcel shelf even stayed in place, we used to take the battery off and place at the back of the boot as that made up nearly half the weight of the scooter. If you need the arms on the scooter you would have to place the scooter seat on the back seat of the car.

    this was a previous model 3008, so you should definetly check on the new model in case anything has changed boot wise although I don’t think it has

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    My husband used to have a very similar scooter. He used to get it in the back of my SEAT Leon ST without folding the seats down. He did not even have to take the back wheels/motor off. He used to remove the seat and battery put them in the front of the load area and then put the scooter in sideways, just folding the tiller down. I would imagine the Golf and Octavia estates would also do the job.

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    Have you had a look at the MG5 EV as it’s an estate car.

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    Hopefully some info there @Gordon Catherall, Thanks for the replies on Gordon’s behalf if he’s still here I’m not sure..

    Posted April 25   22

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    We have a pride I go as a fallback chair because our last car would not take the big chair.

    it’s an excellent chair but lately as the carer I struggle to lift it sometimes. My advice would be not an suv but a small estate like the Leon or Mg5 although they have a lip or an MPV like a berlingo Caddy

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    chris morris

    hi ihave the same scooter at present it goes in a vw tiguan with a hoist and the 60%rear seat folded

    i have a peugeot 5008 on order the hoist company says my scooter will fit in boot with car rear seats not folded hope this helps

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