Which Honda?

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    Steven Gibbs

    Hello my disabled partner had her Car taken away from her when they moved her over from DLA to PIP because they lied about the interview she had to have so she did a mandatory reconsideration letter and they have now decided to award her the higher rate so she can now get a new car.

    She previously had a Ford Focus on the mobility scheme but was not happy with the size of the boot. We have been looking at lots of cars and have narrowed it down to either a Honda Jazz Or Honda Civic. She needs the car to be Automatic and have Automatic Lights / Wipers etc.

    The Honda Jazz you can get with no advance payment but it still has all the tech even has reversing camera,

    The Auto Civic is £449 upfront but it has a even bigger boot and still has the magic seats etc, Most of the time the car will just be used for driving around our local town to shops and family etc but occasionally we go on holiday or for a weekend away maybe a couple of times a year.

    Does anyone think the extra £450 spent on the Civic is worth it for the larger boot and extra power for the motorways etc or Would it be better to save that money and go for the jazz ? And also which one do you think it would be easier to get a car seat in the back for our 5 year old daughter cheers

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    Steven Gibbs

    This can now been deleted cheers

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