Which fast premium car to get

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    So new to mobility and been looking at the list of cars available. I am after something that is the best looking with OKish engine and from the Audi, BMW, Mercedes range with top range styling

    I have seen the below models but wanted to hear other opinions

    Merc CLA AMG Line 1.6 – However i drove the 1.6 and it is so slow and has a significant lack of power.
    I know you can get a bigger engine model in Sport but the sport styling is so basic looks like a SE model.

    Audi A3 Sport 1.4TSI – Good power from the engine but the car is pretty standard.

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    Joe London

    The MB CLA looks fab, but if you are not happy with a test drive, then dont look back, BMW 3 series is on, what about the VW GTD, or Scirocco, upgraded models due soon, unfortunately a lot of premium models vanished at the start of the year, also have a look at some of the fast Skodas or seat, very nice too.

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    Have a look at Skoda Superb 2.0TSi 220 bhp Or Octavia VRS

    Cars On Motability
    Citroen C4 Grand Picasso
    Vauxhall Antara
    Skoda Superb Estate
    Seat Alhambra
    Seat Tarraco
    Ford Kuga

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    I’ve got a feeling the badge is the draw here, so try the 320 from BMW. I tried a C class Merc when it was on last quarter, lovely car but very poor engine, and they wanted 3k AP for it! Each to their own of course, but you can get so much more for your money if you look at other models.

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    I’ve got a VW Golf GTD and it’s a great car as its fast when you it to be,frugal on fuel well made and comes with everything without raiding the options list.

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    Also forgot to mention the DSG gearbox is as good as any BMW/Mercedes offer plus when we ordered we got £300 off the advance payment.

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    Joe London

    The new Mini countryman, is very nice, fab handling, go cart style, premium build, its shares its chassis which the BMW X1. worth a look.

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    Yep think i am going to wait till April.

    Went to VW they have told me the new Golf GTD should be on the list.

    Does this new car list come out on 1st April?

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    Rav, the GTD is already on the list and if possible you should be able to order the new one as you choose the colour and what ever the options you want by doing that it would make it a factory order and it would be the new face lifted model as they are on building the version I have anymore.

    Hope that helps.

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    I’m in a bit of a predicament, in that I have ordered a Seat Leon FR 184 5dr (2017) and now after reading Dave’s comment saying the new Golf GTD should also be available I’m wondering if I should cancel my Seat order and get the Golf.

    After reading comparison reviews of both cars, the VW has the edge in the build quality and the new car has a few extra toys that quite nice to look at (active display)

    Anyway, here I ask you the experts what would you do in my situation?

    Please help me decide!

    I will contact VW to confirm the above too!

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    My VW dealer said they do not have prices for the new GTD therefore i cannot order it and i would need to wait till 1st April?

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    The  Bmw  torque convertor gearbox is far superior in everyway and i have the stronic audi q3 184 and a bmw

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    Rav,its on the Motability web site and still available I would give them a ring just to confirm that you can order it as it could be just the dealer trying to pull a fast one.

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    voovoodoojoo far superior to what.???????

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    Manny,the Seat Leon FR is a nice car same mechanicals as the Golf however the thing I disliked about the Seat were the front seats as I thought they were to small and it had a high boot lip to get the wheel chair in plus you could not stand it up as the roof line was to low,but in golf it’s fine.


    also don’t forget your saving a lot on the advance payment


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