Which brand do you miss the most?

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    As a LR fan and hobbyist greenlaner, I still really mourn the loss of their products from the scheme (though I’ve never had one on the scheme either, only privately)

    Rumours abound currently of plans for a small  sub30k small LR so who knows, maybe we will see a return of A model!

    What other makes do people miss or would like to see a debut of?

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    Not one I have any experience with but Since my time on here one that has cropped up as much loved and hard to replace and will be sorely missed is the Skoda Yeti

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    dave h

    the invacar…..NOT

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    @Bandit & Landyman.

    I was lucky enough to have a Discovery 300 tdi auto for five years and loved every minute of it.  For a while it was the only reason I kept my sanity as I could nip out and tinker away with it.  Sadly the rust became too much for me to deal with and my condition worsened to the extent that I had to sell it.  That was a sad day.

    I miss Lada believe it or not.  Had 4 of them; Lada  Riva 1500 estate and 3 Niva’s (4×4).  Would have another Niva in a minute but Mrs Carmad wouldn’t be too pleased, lol.  Good to reminisce?


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    Carmad, yeah I had a 300 Tdi auto, 2″ lift 235/85s etc. Let her go because I wasn’t doing enough to justify keeping her really (jap import too and rustproofed soon as I got her). Nowadays it’s a td4 hippo, 50mm lift and taller tyres. Goes pretty much everywhere I took the disco!

    Landyman, can’t go too big on the wheels and tyres, can’t get in these days! Lol.

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    the car i miss that i had years ago dont know if it was on the scheme was an mg zt 180+ sport auto 2.5 v6, black full leather etc.

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