Which brand do you miss the most?

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    As a LR fan and hobbyist greenlaner, I still really mourn the loss of their products from the scheme (though I’ve never had one on the scheme either, only privately)

    Rumours abound currently of plans for a small  sub30k small LR so who knows, maybe we will see a return of A model!

    What other makes do people miss or would like to see a debut of?

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    Without question SUBARU, disappeared and took the chance of us having a Forester with it.


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    Gotta 2nd Subaru, would have loved an Outback or Levorg.

    Had an old Forester and an even older Impreza and they were the most fun ever!

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    We even test drove the Forester auto at a big event and loved it, but they didn’t add the diesel premium to the scheme, and i was concerned about fuel consumption on the petrol. I thought they might add the diesel over time but instead they left the scheme. I’ve asked them since if they will return but sadly it was a definite no.

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    Not a Brand but a style. I would like to see a Pick Up/Crew Cab style vehicle on the scheme. The practicalities for many disabilities goes without saying.

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    Why is the MINI Clubman not on the scheme? 3 and 5 door hatch / convertible and the Countryman are all on, so why not the Clubman?

    And yes JS would love the Navara / L200 / Amarok to be on!

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    Hilux/dmax/ranger/the fiat one

    loads of them that would come under Caps

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    Weren’t Isuzu on the scheme at some point?

    I think it was the ‘Trooper’ or other SUV type vehicle, but think they now only market Pick-up type vehicles in UK. They always seem to be rugged 4×4 type vehicles, very popular in rural areas.

    Agree with JS, a pick-up or crew cab style of vehicle could well have a use for disabled people.



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    Best car I ever had was a SAAB 95.

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    VW Scirocco.  I really REALLY REALLY wanted a white one, but AP was too high.

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    I’m feeling old so I’m going to wish Lexus were on the scheme.

    I don’t think they make a car that’s not  comfortable to drive in town.

    Even the $375,000 supercar the LFA.



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    Like you bandit I’m a LR fan and I’m lucky enough to still own a Defender 300tdi and a series 2a.

    I still can’t understand why Jag/LR didn’t come on to the motability scheme 18/24 months ago, when with a fanfare they were supposed to be joining the scheme.

    Let’s hope the new defender will be joining mobility but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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    Excluding ‘prestige’ cars, a few brands which were on the scheme but have disappeared (probably as no longer made or imported into UK/Europe):




    I guess out of these, it is a case of which do you miss the least!

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    Menorca Mike

    Yes Lexus the luxury division of Toyota wish they had a hybrid on

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    A Lexus RXL would be a nice addition,  my neighbour has one. looks wise it’s like a fruggly transformer a bit like the Peugeot’s and the new Rav 4. Not my cup of tea .

    But the comfort is on another level.

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    I miss the much maligned Rover make, I had seven BL/Rover cars, 2 second hand and five new, all Auto’s

    Vanden Plas 1300, mechanically an Austin 1300, but made to look like a mini limo, inside and out.

    A Triumph Dolomite 1850. Nice car but I always had problems aligning the twin carb’s.

    An Austen Maestro 1600 Auto. Again a nice car but I had one of the early ones with the old Maxi engine which didn’t match up too well with the electronic ignition box.

    The first Rover 200 1600 GSi based on the Honda. A big difference in quality from the previous BL cars.

    Rover 400 SLi 1600. Same as the 200 hatch, but with a boot and a Rover grill.

    Rover 45 Conissuer  1800. One of my best deals, came with everything including leather seats for £1600 AP

    Rover 75 Conissuer 2.0. CDTi. Pure luxury for the time and What Car reckoned that the ride quality was better than a Rolls.

    I was always a succor for the feel of wood and leather (if that doesn’t sound to kinky) and not one bit of bother did I have from the last five cars, the only time they were in a garage, was for servicing (apart from the 75 diesel, when my father helpfully filled it up with petrol). Also they were good to drive, had a luxury feel and finish and came with more toys than the other makes, for your money. At that time Rover, Ford and Vauxhall, was where you got good value for your AP’s.

    It was terrible what was allowed to happen to Rover. Unlike the three over grown public school boy racer’s on Amazon, who have bad mouthed Rover, I actually had plenty of experience of driving them in the real world and have fond memories of Rover’s.

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    Agreed Rover 75 was a car worthy of the Rover badge – first since the real Rovers, the 90 and 110.  The 2000 was being made while I was at Solihull. I remember seeing the rear pillar being clouted with a rubber mallet to get the glass to fit…

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    Menorca Mike

    I’m sure the Rover 75 engine was in with BMW ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    I second crew cab style pickups, so much space in back, obviously they would all need fitting with a lockable cover, but still with this a lot would fit into pricing.

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    Landyman, I doubt the new Defender will able to get under any current or even near future cap. Unfortunately I’ve only ever been able to drive auto so Series and Defs not an option (though I did flirt with a 50th anniversary V8 auto). Discos and Hippos, standard and tweaked for me. But if I ever have funds to spare then I’d build a 2a 109 hicab on galv with V8 auto drivetrain.

    As others have said, I also would like to see pick-ups on the scheme.

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    Yes Mike, the Rover engine was a modified BMW (their parent company at that time) engine, modified to a transverse configuration for the front drive 75.

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    Ssanyong Rexton. A real SUV 4×4. Nothing beats it.

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    I see a Rover 75 drive past my window every day, morning and night. I’ve no clue who owns it and I’ve looked hard.

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    Menorca Mike

    Rover 75 going for peanuts on eBay but still look lovely I liked the 600 in British racing green of course the Rover vitesse was Alan partridges car made famous in the Christmas Yuletide special which is so funny

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Bandit, like your style with the 109 especially if you fit 900 wheels and tyres off a 101..

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