Which Benefits are we entitled to?

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      WMC highlighted that in Scotland we carers get additional monies from the Scottish Government. As i read it, it dawned on me that there could be benefits out there that we don`t claim.

      Without giving any personnel details, which benefits are available for the disabled and those with low income?

      Any info would be appreciated.

      WMC if this should be on the “off Topic” section feel free to move it.

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        This will require updating very soon.  I postd a thread with the news below, but Admin didnt like it.

        But these incumbent losers in Westminster will do what they did in 2012 and hit the poorest the hardest.

        Half a million set to lose out when DWP scraps ‘fit for work’ test, figures show



          I think admin and the mods on here are very good and very lenient, I think the reason your thread was deleted is that you were possibly going to cause distress by falsely claiming half a million people were going to lose there motability cars.

          It may also be better if you stopped using capital letters to reinforce your points, and be aware that adding FACT at the end of your sentences does not make you correct.

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            Its about time you read the forum rules, just to help you out,here they are

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              Winson in ans and for others that may also have concerns

              My personal understanding of things and suggest going forward you seek updated expert advice

              ESA paid all the time you qualify for it (working age being one of these)

              My ltd understanding is that ALL esa is NOW being replaced by UC

              ££ transitional Protections are in place and £ will remain unchanged unless there is a change of circumstances ( Of which there are many )

              ESA to UC  current £ss will overtime be allowed to stagnate/until  the same as a new UC equivalent claiment that was not already getting ESA  (use google for clearer detail)

              PIP will contine past retirment age and expect any further reviews to be light touch

              Mixed aged couples example (me) I was getting ESA

              Then became 66 last June and thus no longer qualified for ESA as that is a working age benefit

              My wife is 18 months younger so is still working age ( although my full time carer)

              So because of this we must both in the first instance claim UC individually in our own right once done the claims are joined together as a couple ( whole process done online when all docs/info completed your claims payment become one but our commitments remain separate .

              So (if your still with me lol) although I claim full SP and my wife still claims carers allowance these two things are then deducted from our UC payment ( the rent if applicable is inc in UC so unlike before we now have to now pay that yourself directly ) I add about £48 month from my SP to make up for the short fall in UC monthly Payments these payments are paid in arrears (so suggest pre-budgeting for such events)

              Good news all this faff will be over in about 10 months as wife will also be  SP age.

              UC Portal quite straight forward with help from advisor if/when needed

              We ended up a little better off ££ than before.

              Hope this is help to others





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                This is a link for concessions on toll roads, bridges and tunnels for people who have a motability car that some may find useful.

                Daughters motability car Vauxhall Grandland 1.5 diesel automatic Ultimate.
                My car SEAT Ibiza SE Tec 1.2 petrol TSI 2017.

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