Where Are Ford Kugas Built?

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    Hi guys,

    I wanted to know where Ford’s are built and how long does it take from it being built to delivery to the UK?

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    Which Mobility Car

    Valencia, Spain.

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    How long do they usually take to get to the UK? After being built

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    guessing 2 to 5 days once at sea but it might take a while to load/unload, then it can easily take 10 days to get to dealership. a further 4 days before you sniff it. so maybe 2/3 weeks in total

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    Mark, not long off the phone to my local dealer (where I got my current car from) and she says if we are ordering this month, she would expect it to be delivered May/ June 2022 at the dealer. That’s for an ST Line X 1.5 Petrol or a 2.5 Petrol FHEV. Hope that helps.

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    Did anyone find out how long this takes? From dispatch to arriving at the dealership?


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    Ordered a Kuga St Line X AWD Diesel on August 6th, 2021. Built last week of May with expected delivery  last week of July 2022.

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    This sounds exactly the same as mine, ours was shipped on 16th June I believe so I wasn’t sure how long it takes from being shipped to arriving at the dealership. Really hoping it’s sooner than the end of the month, it feels like I’ve waited forever 🤣

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