when does that new car smell leave?

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    There is nothing quite like the smell of a brand new car but how long does it last?

    We have had ours two months now and every time I open the door and smell it I smile.

    How long have you had your car and does it still smell new?

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    Had our PHEV for 8 months now, still love it, I lost my sense of smell and taste when I had my head injury, wife not complained so far so should be ok.

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    The new car smell leaves just as the first scratch arrives, in my experience…

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    Meguiars make a cleaner for the inside of your car and it smells just like a new car, i had my Audi Q3 for 4 years and the guy in the showroom could not believe it still smelt like a new car. Im sure i still have it in the shed somewhere but it comes in a spray bottle and its light brown in colour, stinks awful out of the bottle very similar to cat pee lol, but once you apply it inside it smells just like a brand new car. Will see if i can find it, sure its called P40 or something like that.

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    Just had my BMW valeted the other day and back to smelling and looking like a new car

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    For us it was about 3 minutes…it was raining hard on collection, the dog hopped in the back and that lovely wet dog smell came with her. She proceeded to sleep on the carpet as we drove 150 miles to Edinburgh. And, since she is still in the car just about every day, then eau le chienne is here to stay.


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    Immaculate joss.

    Really sunny here today and forecast is for a dry week ahead, will head out and get the car washed and remove the road salt from the carpets.

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    Myself and my good lady do not smoke and no one ever smokes in my car so the new car smells keeps for a year or more but her in doors never tells me what she really thinks of a car until after It’s gone.

    She hasn’t said a word about my current Motability KIA but the first new car I’d ever bought myself was a KIA and after getting my next car that was a VW she said “I didn’t like the KIA because when it was new it smelt like someone had eaten a curry in it” and I said “well it was built in Asia what do you expect”.😁



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    Menorca Mike

    Not long if you break wind

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