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    Hi folks, I am due to order my next car for March 1st delivery (there abouts) from November 24th 2021.

    However, I have been reading this forum for a couple of years now (first time post) and read about lead times/ delivery times etc regarding the chip shortages. With this in mind and the loss of vehicles available and a price update in December, I am not sure which way to go. Do I start test driving new cars just now and then depending on AP do I whittle it down on December 1st or what do I do.

    I need a Kuga size SUV for access and my wheelchair and I cannot have an EV due to the parking layout at home and because I only do 4-5k miles a year, I do not feel it warrants an EV.

    I have been on the scheme since 2008. Any help or guidance would be appreciated, thanks.

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    3 months prior you get your pin etc so wont be able to order before then really so beginning of dec.

    however i reckon a lot is going to change before march, hopefully some vehicles will come back on the scheme.

    theres not a lot of choice in kuga size at the moment nothing i would call a bargain anyway.

    personally i do start going to showrooms and doing homework at least 6 months before.

    it can be a pain getting test drives and my pain limits the wandering i can do in showrooms although fortunately in chesterfield about 10 dealers are on one road which helps.

    i think the popular alternative at the moment is to extend your current lease until something reappears that you like. you can extend for 2 years but at any time in that 2 years you can swap without penalty. its what i would do at the moment the way the chip situation is.

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    Hi Sean. I am in a similar position to you, the only difference is that I am looking to go electric. I will wait until October 1st and see what is available and make a shortlist.  I will the arrange test drives as soon as I can. For two reasons. First to make sure I am happy with the car and secondly to mitigate the possibility of covid restrictions in the autumn. Once I have decided it will be a question of waiting until late November until I can order but I will keep in regular contact with my chosen dealer to monitor delivery times etc and during this time I will also monitor comings and goings on Motability’s price list. I will then review my decision again on Jan 1st depending on availability at that point. I  expect the process to be a little trickier than usual with Covid, shortages, lack of choice and long lead times and if all else fails a lease extension is the fall back position. Hope this is of some help.

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    Thanks Mitch.

    I can order from November 24th this year but you are correct, there is not a lot of choice just now. I just hate going around dealers too as where I stay, they are all in various town and cities around me (about 1 hour away at the worst) as I do get quite sore very quickly in and out of cars. Just now I have the Kugu Titanium X Edition which I ordered due to not wanting to test drive anymore cars at the time.

    I must confess, I also try to do my homework from around the 6 month period but just now.

    I think I will just forget about it until 1st October, see the AP’s, shortlist a couple of cars and take it from there.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Thanks fwippers, yes I agree with your philosophy and I think I will follow you in what you said. You are right, I just extend the lease if need be as I have only done 11500 miles, so nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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    Hey, mines due to expire in February I’ve had mine nearly 5 years now (Kia Sportage) it’s been good but waiting to see if any changes as I know new Sportage coming out and I’m not needing an ev as I have to park on road and cannot guarantee parking outside my home. Also I’m looking to move as I really now need a bungalow due to my health. I test drove a fair few cars in summer so I could rule out any I don’t like driving. The kuga I didn’t bother at time as all were diesel and I don’t do enough miles to warrant it. Plus the ap is stupid for the kuga at present. So go test drive now no harm in it and you can rule out any you don’t like just in case the kuga doesn’t come down much. The Volvo xc40, vw Tiguan are a nice drive and I could fit my wheelchair on both. So just have a look no harm

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    Thanks Laura. I think I will wait until October 1st to see new AP and then possibly test drive a few of them then, maybe one or two a week unless the AP is ridiculously expensive. I have around £2000-£2500 to spend on an AP for the right vehicle but I would like it to be closer to £0.00.

    It has to be high enough to get into and comfortably accomodate the wheelchair and bags for shopping!

    Thank you for your input 🙂

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    Already decided on the probable car for change next June! We going EV so decided early to give us time to get the home electrics sorted and look at public charging options on the long-distance route we use regularly. That way we can make a proper choice.

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