When can I Order?

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    Due to a bit of confusion I experienced Wednesday with a dealership l apologise if this is a silly question – I’m hoping with the friendly experience you guys have yous can help us.

    So Wednesday i nipped in for a “quick” grab of a brochure at my local ford dealers why my wife waited in the car outside (she usually helps with all things that need a little concentration and working out) but I decided il go in on my own.

    The motorbility salesman bloke come over and asked me to follow him to where his desk was and he started firing a load of information at me about different models and this and that he seemed a nice bloke but I just told him I’m only after a brochure and we can’t get our new car until March to which he replied…..

    ”but you can order now”

    Im confused, I thought it was 3 months in advance only ?

    My wife thinks our due date is 28th March which would give us the 28th of December to order from,

    what was the motorbility sales rep taking about ? is it even possible to order now for March?

    Many thanks



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    It was my understanding that you had to wait until until you got the renewal letter from mobility

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    That is the case officially but some will offer to fix you up early and if the AP goes down when you OFFICIALLY order then they will honour the lower price.

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    I was just reading there that they need my personal code in order to be able to process my application,

    I did always think it was 3 months he just confused me and had me thinking like you say Brydo is there a legal away that they can do a pre, pre order type of thing in order to get business.

    maybe I should call them tomorrow, I  just thought it wouldn’t be any harm to ask and see if anyone had any similar experience like this,


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    Hi Efc84

    Officially the renewal period is 3 months – or 90 days – prior to the 3 year anniversary (or 5 if you in a WAV) of your lease ending. There is no ‘way around this’ per se, from a Motability standpoint – not without an early cancellation, anyway.

    Some dealers may offer you a deal and secure you a vehicle as if you were a retail customer, but then creating the order on the Motability system once within your renewal window. Of course, this is a risky business for them and outside of any support from Motability.

    As for placing a new application (on Motability’s system), the dealer needs your full name, date of birth, postcode and national insurance number to start an application.

    Hope this helps.


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    JS (justsaying)

    EFC84  there are no silly questions just those that are not asked.

    you can officially order 12 weeks before your renewal date, however please shop around and not stick to a certain dealership, I may be wrong but feel the salesperson may be trying to get you to order to add to thier 2018 end of year targets. Unfortunately although some will do this to get your business there is no guarantee, as they will sit on your order and either put it through when your able to order or when they have a slot. This is risky as the vehicle of choice may disappear. Just my opinion but In your shoes I would be inclined to wait till Q1 (January 1st onwards) you’ve not stated which model your interested in but you don’t have to rush or feel pressurised into it as any delay in your new car, your present car will be extended until handover, or you are able to extend your lease if you don’t feel an appropriate vehicle is available at present.

    we have a abundance of knowledge and suggestions between our Forum members so ask away. The key thing is not to get pressurised you have time on your side, enjoy looking around and test drive as many as you can.

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    Thank you all very much for your help and advice –  I usually don’t like to rush things but I went in to the dealership to look at the KUGA ST X and apparently the motorbility salesman was just told by email they are taking it off soon as a new model is due out next early next year – how true that is I’m not sure, But I do really like this model.

    ive seen a promotion that ford are offering the STX for £1045 AP so if we get our £500 back it’s not much more we would have to put towards it.

    He said if a new model does come out between December and March it’s likeky to be a really high AP, again how true this is I can’t say he might just be using scare tactics.

    Regarding the start of the first quarter what’s everbodies experience in regards to prices? Do they tend to drop or go up?

    Thank you all again.


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    Ford are going to introduce the new Ford Kuga next year apparently it has  more rear legroom and a larger boot, as for high AP the motor industry sales figures are down, plus they up against tough competition.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Typically the ap on a really new car comes out and then drops if they dont get much in the way of take up or others are perceived to be better value ,( at least thats what i have seen)

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    Cheers guys,

    Wish I was due to order now because I think i would go with this offer for the Kuga from ford,

    suppose il just have to wait and see what happens new year.

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    The other thing to consider is , if ford bring out the new kuga you might get a bit of a sell off on the old ones.

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    That would be great if this new kuga restyle come on to the sceme and the AP also dropped new year as well –

    that would be a double Bobby bonus! 😎

    Our other option is the bmw X1 so it’s between the X1 & The KUGA ST X or what ever they are naming it, I think it’s going to be called….

    “ST Line Edition”

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    Mr P
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    Hi Efc84

    Another option to consider is, if your renewal date is the 28th of March  and you really want the Kuga and fear you might miss out on it.

    The 28th 29th and 30th of December are normal working days for car dealerships. So you could go in and order the Kuga on one of those days at the current price and then check the new Q1 prices on the 1st of January, if you’re lucky they may already have appeared on this forum  around the 28th.

    You could go in and cancel that order on the 1st of Jan if a better deal on the Kuga comes up or you spot something else on the scheme at Q1.

    (I would only do this if they don’t ask for an upfront deposit or you really want to secure the current Kuga price)

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    Which Mobility Car

    Ford are notorious at keeping information around new releases really tightly under wraps. Particulary when the outgoing car is still performing well as the Kuga is.

    The info we have is patchy, the 2020 car will be released in 2019 but the best indication we have is that it will be much later in the year with first deliveries not due for almost a year.

    If the Ford dealership are already talking about it then they are either:

    1. Desperate for end of year bonus.

    2 Have knowledge that production will be stopped on the outgoing car in order to ‘tool up’ the plant for the new car.

    3. The release is earlier than expected.

    I would ask for more information, particularly when the new car will be available for a test drive.

    Picture of new Ford Escape – American for Ford Kuga.

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    Which Mobility Car

    The Kuga is produced in Valencia, Spain. It accounts for 50% of the plants output. The factory was closed for 3 days in October, 9 days in November and plans a further 13 days shutdown due to decrease in demand.

    Ford invested heavy in this plant last year and the new Kuga will secure 8000 jobs, perhaps they are bringing production of the new Kuga forward as much as they feasibly can.


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    Ok so I know a little more about the new release from ford….

    they are taking the ST-X model away and they plan to release a model called

    ST Edition, witch is basically the ST kuga with upgraded 19” rock alloys, rear tinted windows, large spoiler, large red break callipers, electric tail gate, apparently possibly ready for March time,

    like you say Gary in December if we order we can always cancel,

    (there is no rule to cancelling is there once orderd?)

    This change in model isn’t the new 2019 release new model it’s more of just a image change on the current kuga so I’m told, apparently the brand new 2019/20 model is going to look more like the CX-5 according to the motorbility salesman at ford Speke Liverpool.

    Fingers crossed it all works out as i really like the style and the size of the kuga it feel more higher up and bigger more room than the nissan we have and I can stretch my legs out a bit more in the passenger seat which is great and a lot more comfortable.


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    I suppose it makes sense as a business to try to upgrade the current kuga in some way if sales and demand has dropped on the current model. sort of like pimping the current model up to move on what’s left in the factory. Basically to sell more of current stock off and like you mention possibly start early constructing the new 19/20 model,

    hopfully it might work in my favour if this is the case the AP might stay the same or even better lower due to wanting to get rid of what they can so they can move on,


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    Thank you Mr P I shall read that shortly.

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