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    Hi tia for reading and a newbie here, hope your all well and good, well as good as you can be 👍😊.

    I ordered my first motability vehicle from Volkswagen on the 3rd of august, and on the 7th of august it changed to with the factory, well that’s now where it’s stayed.

    How have you guys experienced with wait times from Volkswagen, good and bad opinions will all be very welcomed.

    anyway people stay safe and well

    (sharan 1.4 se nav manual).

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    Davie hoods

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Ordered a golf rline on 20th March and apart from the confirmation and paying the deposit not heard a thing</p>

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    Do they still have the car order tracker, as long as you have the order number you can see what stage the car is at, mind you that tracker was useless you had to keep deleting the car order number and re do all over again to see if it changed, also try Volkswagen live chat I kept on at them to see what was happening anyways overall took 6 months to get in the end.

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    Sadly, VW has stopped the order tracking service. Presumably run out of the chips it needs!

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    Sadly, VW has stopped the order tracking service. Presumably run out of the chips it needs!

    Reading VW forums of private buyers orders I think your right, there is no order tracking for your VW’s and VW says to contact your dealer for any information about your order and as we all know that’s a complete waste of your time.

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    My brother ordered a Golf on April 1st and, according to the Motab agent at his dealership, it’s currently sitting in a field in Germany waiting for a single ‘chip’ to be fitted before it can be sent over, and he has absolutely no idea when that will be.

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    Must be lucky with my dealer – Caffyns Worthing – my contact there sends me updates every fortnight. As said here, latest bulletin said car will be made second week October. Hope it doesn’t go on to sit in field awaiting chippery. Hear that some car makers are having trouble with “stored” cars – rats eating cables!

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    Ordered a MINI Countryman Cooper S All 4 Sport at the end of February but the order wasn’t placed until 8th March by the dealer. The car was due at the end of April/early May but was delayed due to chip shortages and finally left the factory at the end of July. Unfortunately not all of the parts for the upgraded stereo I ordered were available and the car has been sat firstly at the UK distribution centre and now at the dealership waiting for the harmon/kardon amplifier still. There is no update from MINI other than it’s imminent but they’ve been saying that for months. The car has a temporary amp in but Motability have advised I don’t collect the car until the issue has been resolved. The dealership have been very good and have supplied a brand new BMW 218i Gran Coupe that I’ve had the use of since May.

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    In case nobody has linked to this before, this article was in ‘What Car’ on September 2nd and might provide a clue or two.

    VW: A spokesperson stated: “The Volkswagen Group’s task force has been working intensely to minimise the effects of the semiconductor bottleneck. Despite the chip shortage, the Group was actually able to deliver more cars in the first half of 2021 than in the same period of the previous year: the VW Passenger Cars brand delivered half a million vehicles, and Audi recorded the best half-year in its history.  New outbreaks of Covid-19 in Asia, for example in Malaysia and Taiwan, are leading to renewed shuttering of key semiconductor manufacturing facilities. We therefore expect the supply of chips to remain very volatile and strained in the third quarter of 2021, but that the supply crisis will bottom out after this time. Further adjustments to production cannot be ruled out, but we expect to see an improvement in the supply of semiconductors by the end of the year.”

    Some manufacturers are now also removing features from various models to save on ‘chips.



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    Mike 700

    Just checked on a Mocca e Ultimate for a disabled friend ‘s wife/ carer!

    Their Grandland is now 3 years old-


    Dear Mike,


    Thank you for the e-mail regarding the Mokka-e Ultimate edition, unfortunately we do not have this vehicle in stock for immediate delivery but we can order one for you at the factory for Mid/Late November?

    Mid /Late November is not too bad at all these days, I think?

    VW Tiguan SEL in Silver White.

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