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    Hi tia for reading and a newbie here, hope your all well and good, well as good as you can be 👍😊.

    I ordered my first motability vehicle from Volkswagen on the 3rd of august, and on the 7th of august it changed to with the factory, well that’s now where it’s stayed.

    How have you guys experienced with wait times from Volkswagen, good and bad opinions will all be very welcomed.

    anyway people stay safe and well

    (sharan 1.4 se nav manual).

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    what does this mean as quoted from VW uk this morning :

    we are sorry that there has been a delay with your choice of VW, VW uk are currently in talks with the factory to see if we have any news on your type of vehicle.


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    That seems rather vague, I wonder if it could be something to do with allocation of cars for the UK market perhaps, probably not much consolation but I’m having no luck with VW UK myself with my car, even though it’s been built.

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    Last week of Sept the wait time for my Mercedes A200 AMG Line was initially two weeks but that was then extended by another few weeks and quickly thereafter a few more weeks. So i cancelled and was refunded my £1000 advance payment.

    This week all models above the entry level ‘Titanium’ model for a Ford Puma will have to be ordered and then built at the factory with a December delivery date according to my local Ford dealer. I decided to go with the two week delivery option for an in stock titanium model. I would have preferred the ST line, ST Line X, or the Vignale but waiting until christmas without any form of transport thus making me effectively housebound was simply not doable for me.

    I have enquired about ‘lead times’ with a number of dealerships recently and the responses have pretty much been the same. Many weeks for delivery unless one accepts an in stock vehicle.


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    A couple of weeks ago my local Mini dealer informed me that motability have their own seperate allocation of vehicles from each manufacturer therefore wait times should / could be shorter than for the general public. Personally i have no idea if that was an accurate comment from Mini though.

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    ade harley

    Have ordered a new Seat Ateca xclusive lux today, was given a 8 to 12 week lead time, salesman only extended my present car til 30th November so may know something more than he is stating.

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    Just come back from Seat Dealer ordered a Black metallic Seat Ateca 2.0tsi 190bhp DSG  4 Drive on leaving he told us that he just checked the delivery time and the 190’s are delayed and looking at a March 2021 delivery.I have to say I was taken aback.5 months !!!

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    Forgot to say it was the X perience lux trim.Should have ordered a Bentley ,would  get it quicker.

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    Just come back from Seat Dealer ordered a Black metallic Seat Ateca 2.0tsi 190bhp DSG 4 Drive on leaving he told us that he just checked the delivery time and the 190’s are delayed and looking at a March 2021 delivery.I have to say I was taken aback.5 months !!!

    Seems very common at the moment – we are picking up our new car on Monday which we have waited 3 months for but if it was ordered now it would be at least 6 months.

    Surprised they did not check stock and delivery times at the start rather than just as you were leaving.

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    The salesman as we were leaving ran into the car park to tell me that the SalesManager who had to approve the process had an update on her desk that the petrol 190s had serious delays.Shame she didn’t do her job ,read it and tell her staff that before selling them.I can get the diesel before Christmas though.

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    Came across this interesting article, published a few months ago, on delays to car orders.




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    Clipped wings

    Had an update on Allspace SEL dsg ordered early July. Build week end of November so estimated Christmas Eve delivery most unlikely. Not too bothered as the Touran remains an excellent vehicle and a return to shielded lockdown looks imminent.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Ordered 9th of sept. Update on 13th of Oct to say it has not been built yet. Theres been no movement on the order at the factory. Peugeot e2008gt.</p>
    Oddly the Peugeot website lets you order online for hangovers ranging from 2 weeks (my model) to for example the 3008 hybrid4 quoted at 24 weeks… Take from that what u will.

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    Hangovers lol ment to type handover. 😉

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    Dealer rang this morning to say the car was with the. Ordered 6th June, delivered 13th October. Just had to go look for myself and confirm its a MY21 Tarraco 190 TSi DSG 4Drive and it looks really smart even with all its transit protection on. Handover promised for 20th October

    SEAT Tarraco 2.0TSi 190 4Drive Excellence with Pano Roof and leather seats!

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    Stephen Roberts

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi there I order my seat Ateca September how long have I got to wait thankyou</p>

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    Ordered a Seat Tarraco in early June, delivered on the 13th October, and driving it a week later. Dealer was poor at communication, every contact with one exception was made by me. The only time the dealer rang me was to tell me the car was at the dealership.

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    Jamie C

    Called in my local BMW today and was told that a 1 Series could be here for Christmas but if you wanted a 2 Series Gran Coupe you are probably looking at least 6 months. On a good note he told me about a 10/15% discount on all options,  as that is their profit but they pass it on their customers.

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    Same here C2clo, the dealer (Marshalls) have been useless. Maybe if I had been a private buyer things would have been different.

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    I have been updated not by the sales of vw but vw customer services who say your car will be built in 2021, never heard from sales at all now all I can see happening is that for her sheer ignorance I am cancelling my order, and will now order a Ford galaxy at least they can get that here in 3 weeks.

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    For information.

    I ordered a new SEAT Ateca 1.5 150ps  XPERIENCE Lux on 30th  June 21 ( Not Mobility ) .Just been informed estimated delivery to the dealer 31/12/2021 so will be next year before its delivered to myself.

    To be fair to Seat  there’s a shortage of microchips around the globe at the moment and production of every car manufacture is being severely affected .

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    Well today we ordered the Seat Leon FR E-Hybrid from them today, and they advised that it will be the end of march being optimistic. So, guess have a wait..

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    Toyota CHR design in metal stream 4 weeks

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    Coral Winship

    Ordered a vw id3 tour s 1st of aug and still waiting for a build date

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    Toyota CHR design in metal stream 4 weeks


    nice cars… they are usually quite prompt toyota

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    Ordered a VW T-ROC 2.0L SEL 4motion on 5 June. Build date confirmed last week as w/c 4 October. Don’t have much faith that the build will happen then. Moreover, once it’s been stuck together, no idea how long it’ll take to get from factory in Portugal to here.

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